Buckden School celebrates best results for 12 years

Buckden’s pupils have achieved their best results in over twelve years

  • Key Stage Two SATs:
    Every attainment result this year is higher than anything else achieved in the past twelve years.   The progress results, which measure how well the school has enabled children to achieve their potential, are even better.  Every child achieved the required two levels of progress, and half of our pupils achieved three.  This places the school in the top 5% for Maths and the top 10% for Reading in the county.
    Key Stage One SATs:
  • These have always been a strength here, which makes it all the more impressive that the pupils have achieved the best set of results in twelve years.
    Year One:
  • In phonics we have moved from 79% of pupils meeting the required standard last year (which was itself above national average) to an excellent 96%.
    Early Learning Foundation Stage:
  • Progress has been consistently above national expectations.
    Meeting the needs of all:  
  • The number of KS2 pupils attaining Level 5, and KS1 pupils attaining Level 3 results, demonstrate the strength of the progress made by the more able students.  Those children identified as vulnerable to underachievement have all progressed in line with their peers and many have exceeded expectations in this regard.

This achievement is the result of the effective leadership of the school, the commitment and quality of the staff, the engagement and hard work of the children and the support of their parents/carers.  We will maintain the approach that created this success and have plans in place for further improvement as we set out to establish the excellence of the school over time.

Across every year group individual pupils and their parents know how they are doing.  Each teacher knows how their class is doing.  School leaders and governors know how the whole school is doing.  Behind the headlines is a consistent pattern of good attainment and excellent progress.  We are confident that these results can be repeated and bettered in the years ahead.

The Governors would like to thank the pupils for their commitment to learning, the staff for the quality of their teaching, and the school’s managers for their leadership.  Above all, we would like to thank Miss Anderson for her vision, expertise, determination and willingness to take on difficult issues.