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16th June 2017 – Year 4 visit to Grafham

29th June 2017

On Monday, we had an excellent trip to Grafham water to learn about looking after our natural habitat. The children made bird feeders, planted seeds in pots made out of newspaper, bug houses and played a game to help them realise just how hard it is for seeds to germinate in the wild with birds ready to comsume them. We are very grateful to Anglian water to providing the day of activities free of charge and also for giving the children an icecream. The children learnt alot and had a really good time. Thank you to Mrs Squire for joining us on our trip too.

We had a very reflective lesson in R.E. on Tuesday. We have been asking the question Why pray? So on Tuesday we took time to think about why we as individuals pray and reflect, if and why it helps us and if it is important to us. The children are excellent at reflecting and are very good at being thankful and thinking about others.


Sadly, On Thursday it was time to say our goodbyes to Logan who is going back to America. Logan’s mum very kindly brought in cake and ice lollies for all of year 4. It was a lovely opportunity to say goodbye to Logan and to wish him and his family the very best for the future.


Next…..transition week. I hope all of year 4 enjoy their week with their new year 5 teachers next week-have a great time 🙂

23rd June 2017

Talk homework:Discuss with your parents, ‘what makes you feel safe’.


Well yet another busy week in Afremov class. This week, the children have worked really hard-even in the really hot temperatures we have experienced. We have been busy problem solving and converting the time between 12 and 24 hour times. On Wednesday the whole class wrote really impressive character descriptions about the Artful Dodger. Today they wrote recounts about their residential trip to Hilltop to enter a competition that has a first prize of £1,500, so fingers crossed!

In science we split the class into two, to debate the pros and cons of development. Some children supported building new towns, factories, more cars on the roads, cutting down rainforests whilst the rest of the class had to argue the damage that these developments cause to animal habitats. They debated really well. Infact the effort that the children have put in this week has been impressive-well done Afremov!


Blog: 16th June 2017

Talk homework talk about the spelling rules that you have taken home for the words ending in the ‘shun’ sound

William enjoyed maths this week when we have learnt how to do long division and word problems. In topic, Archie has liked learning about volcanoes. He now knows that magma from the core of the Earth leaves the volcano as lava and turns into igneous rock. Poppy loved making ‘Lassi’ which is a refreshing, mango, Indian drink. It was made by mixing 0% fat natural yoghurt, water, lemon and sugar (to take the sourness of the lemon away). To make it cool and refreshing ice cubes are added. Harry has enjoyed science (Harvey did too!) when he had to make a classification key to identify 6 different types of Liquorice Allsorts. Charlie thought they tasted lovely however Harvey and Josh thought they were disgusting.


9th June 2017

We had a fantastic week and concentrated on enjoying our science. On Monday, in science we did an investigation into invertebrates. We had to collect our own data and then had to present it. Some of us made posters, some made a PowerPoint, some of us made a booklet and some of us acted out an interview to present what we had found. Year 3, year 5 and some year 6 children watched our presentations.

In PE we have been doing Karate. Harvey enjoyed the counting game we played and Jack enjoyed having Pat with us for the day – he was very good at Karate.

Harry enjoyed researching rivers in our topic lesson and recording the facts that he found about the river Nene. Joe enjoyed learning about the river Wye, whose source is in the Cambrian mountains in Wales (where apparently there is a sleeping giant).

In maths we have been estimating, Jack enjoyed estimating how many of each item there was in a box. Josh liked it when we went outside and estimated the number of leaves of a tree.

Before half-term, we wrote a Big-write about the journey of a water droplet. Olivia liked writing her story because she was able to be creative and imaginative in her writing.


19th May 2017

Talk homework: Discuss what you know about States of Matter with your adults.

We have had a great week in Afremov class.

Tuesday was a very exciting day because we had a visitor from Anglian water in for the whole day. We discussed the Water Cycle in detail which built on what we had already leraned in science. A main theme of the day was to appreciate how important it is to not waste water. The children learned that the water we use has to be cleaned which uses a lot of energy. The day was full of great activities such as,  washing paint pots with the least amount of water and finding out what happens to substances going down our drains. The children had to decide if breakfast cereal, toilet roll, wipes, oil, washing powder, wee (yellow water) and poo (weetabix! but it looked like poo!) dissolved, disintegrated or dilute.

In P.E. we continued our River dance. This week we incorporated a dam which crumbled when our River danced hit against the dam.

We had a fab maths lesson with Miss Swinburne which involved a treasure hunt to solve word problems. The word problems helped us to practise all the calculations we have learned already. Even though it was raining the children didn’t seem to mind.

In French our new topic is pets. Ask your children if they know the French word for your pet.

We completed our explanation texts all about the structure and formation of a river and in Grammar we have been editing a text on the computers.


12th May 2017

Talk homework: Tell somebody about the water cycle

Harry enjoyed our topic lessons this week because we have been learning about rivers and we have learnt about how rivers are part of the water cycle. This has linked in well with our science lessons where we have also been looking at the water cycle.

Erin enjoyed talk for writing in English. We had to translate words into pictures to help us remember the explanation text.

At the start of the week we looked at fractions in maths. In the middle of the week we were translating and at the end of the week we were using negative numbers. Emilia liked working with negative numbers to see where different sea creatures were positioned under the sea.

Jess has enjoyed our river dancing in PE, she liked creating a mini-dance with Kylie and Erin.

Jack enjoyed creating our own water cycle experiment in science this week.


5th May 2017

Talk homework: Talk at home about the structure of a river

In maths this week we have been converting fractions into decimals. For instance what is 2/10 as a decimal. Ask your child if they can explain how to do this. We have also revisited fractions of a shape and fractions of an amount. So the children have shaded 1/4 or 2/4 of a shape and found a 1/5 of an amount e.g. 1/5 of 25 and 4/5 of 25.

In English the children have added the correct punctuation to direct speech, planned and written their own Aesop Fable and learned about the states of matter in a reading comprehension.

During our Topic lesson, the children made their own rivers, which they then labelled with all of the vocabulary associated with the structure of a river. It was an active fun way to learn how a river forms. Here are some pictures.

In science we are learning about the properties of the states of matter. In the week coming up we will learn about the changing states of matter in The Water Cycle.

Miss Swinburne has been teaching the children about Judaism in R.E. and this week they made a Torah scroll and learned that they are handwritten in Hebrew.

Indoor P.E. this week was a continuation of our dance lessons. This week the children were really brilliant at moving like a river. They practised suspending, falling and rolling movements.

In French we are learning the months of the year. Ask your child if they can tell you all 12!

Have a great weekend

4th May 2017 – Afremov Newsletter


Residential 2017

The trip to Hilltop was a huge success. The children were exceptionally well behaved and really enjoyed every aspect of the trip. Here are some pictures from the week.

River study

Yep they really did go in the river up to their middles to measure the width, depth and flow of the river.

The next day the children completed a low ropes course, an assault course and team work activities.

Then after lunch, it was time for The Air Jump!

On the last day we tackled the Tree Top Trail.

BLOG 21.4.17

Erin loves our River dancing in P.E.

Our new Topic-Rivers is offering a huge variety of learning opportunities and this week Jack loved to create a poster researching the structure and features of rivers.

Poppy enjoyed Miss Swinburne’s maths lessons where she learnt how to round decimal numbers to the nearest whole number.

Harry is enjoying science this term as we are learning about the different states of matter.

In English we are learning about stories with a meaning and a moral. This week we studied two different Aesop’s Fables.

We are all getting really excited about our trip to Hilltop!!

Blog 31.3.17

We have had a great Spring term and the children have worked really hard.

We really hope you enjoyed the year 3/4 play. Here are some pictures.

Blog 17.3.17

TALK HOMEWORK: Learn your 7 x tables

That was a busy week!

In maths the children have been converting measures, including: grams to kilograms, millilitres to litres, centimetres to millimetres and metres to kilometres. Next week we will be looking at word problems to practise these skills and our bar modelling.

In English we have been looking at different types of poetry and preparing to write a narrative poem based on the Easter Story.

We have been rehearsing the play and it’s going really well. Most children have tried really hard to learn their lines and are now perfecting their acting skills!

During R.E. we have been studying the sacrifices Jesus made for us and the story of the Last Supper.

All through Lent, we having been taking part in Bishop Stephen’s Lent Challenge. Afremov have focussed on how refugees would not be fortunate enough to have everything that we have. We discussed how refugees would obtain clothing that they need. Then we wondered, if it would be possible to make much needed items. We looked at a website where people had made bottle shoes and another one where a man-made sandals out of tyres. So the children used their design and technology skills to plan and make shoes out of items we might discard. Here are some pictures of the shoes the children made. I think by the end of this activity the children appreciated their own shoes and understood what it might be like to not have such comfortable shoes.

Science Day was a fantastic day. Thank you so much for supporting the children to dress up and to contribute a pound for our 2 day Science event in June. As you can see from this picture, from Charles Darwin to Mary Anning, they looked brilliant.


Here is our agenda for Science Day with some photos to show what it was like:

  • Set up an extended Mpemba Effect investigation including deionised water, mineral water and tap water. Which we recorded results every half hour through the day on a huge class results table.
  • A reading comprehension to learn about Isaac Newton.


  • Model making to show the structure of the ear.
  • Describing sound waves
  • Making gloop to explore the changing states of matter (messy!)
  • Drawing line graphs in our maths books to show our Mpemba investigation results

We had a really good day

Happy Week End!

Blog 3.3.17

We have had a great week and play rehearsals are going very well! Thank you for helping the children to learn their lines. Today a costume letter has gone home and we really appreciate the time and effort that you you invest in helping the children to put together a costume.

In science we have been concentrating on our ‘Working Scientifically’ skills. To help us practise our ability to report results and conclude on our results we conducted  BBC Terrific Scientific investigation. We investigated The Mpemba Effect, which is when under certain conditions hot water freezes more quickly than cold water! Before we carried out our experiment the children made a prediction whether the hot or cold water would freeze first.

Here are two photos of the children who voted for hot and those that voted for cold.

Our results showed that our water, which we tested and found to be hard, actually froze more quickly from cold. The children have written up their observations as  a Big Write.

We are now left wondering what would happen if we used soft water or mineral water??

Have a great weekend


Blog 10.2.17

Wow we have worked really hard this half term! Year 4 are complete superstars when it comes to taking a quiz! They are so relaxed and completely understand how not to get anxious and to have a go and do their best.

The preparation and planning of the 500 word stories was really enjoyable and I hope when you read their stories you will be able to tell which country they are set in. The stories sound very interesting for example, a tale about a naked, pink penguin taking a vacation in Australia!!

This week as part of our R.E. topic this term we had a visit from Rev Jes to discuss the role of a vicar. The children questioned Rev Jes with some really rather deep and thoughtful questions ranging from What is the typical day for  you like? To.. If God is infinite in size are we just specs to him? Rev Jes answered all of the questions with a huge amount of thought and care ad we are very grateful  for his visit.


This afternoon we spent the afternoon sharing, discussing and reviewing some sample books which was a lovely end to this half term.

Have a great holiday

Afremov class


Blog 13.1.17

Talk homework: Discuss with an adult how sound travels to your ears.

During maths lessons we have been learning how to tell the time. Please take a few minutes to determine if your child can confidently tell the time to the nearest minute. If they are finding it hard then please spend a little time each day to help them to become confident with telling the time, thank you.

In R.E. today Maria really enjoyed researching facts about a leader, she chose The Queen whilst other children researched The Pope.

Science this term is ‘Sound’ and Archie enjoyed learning related scientific vocabulary by playing Articulate.

To explain vibrate Archie said, “To move quickly to and fro.”

Here are some pictures of the children presenting their explanations of how sound travels to our ears.

William B enjoyed Karate in P.E. because it is good to return to school and do something different.

In English and Topic, Erin has enjoyed designing her own Maya God and writing a character description in our Big Write on Wednesday.

Have a great weekend!

Blog 20.12.16

We have had a fantastic term. The children have worked really hard and deserve a great holiday. Our persuasive letter to Mrs Heather very nearly allowed us to have a class dog but not quite. We instead settled for a visit from Mrs Tarpey’s dog which was great fun. The children were so calm and kind to her. She ate alot of cheese whilst in the classroom to show off her one and only trick!

Merry Christmas


Blog 9.12.16

In English we have been learning how to write in a persuasive way. Today we had to try to persuade each other that it would be a good idea to have a dog in the classroom. We had to use emotive language.

This week in maths we have been finding equivalent fractions using a fraction wall which we have really enjoyed. Below are some pictures of us problem solving in another fraction lesson.

After learning all about electrical circuits this week we took a science quiz which everybody did very well in. In the quiz Maria liked to answer the questions about whether or not circuits would work.

Olivia has enjoyed History this week because we researched facts about Romans that we still desperately wanted to know, to make an information booklet that MrsTarpey is looking forward to reading.

2.12.16  Blog

Tyler really enjoyed science this week, when we had three light bulbs, 4 wires and one battery and we predicted if the bulbs would light up. It was really interesting to see that the bulbs did light up they were very dim.

In maths Poppy liked using chunking on a number line to solve word problems. We were very lucky to have some parents come in and help us too!

Again our footballers have achieved great things this week at the year 5/6 football tournament, when they came 2nd. Well done boys!!!

The children have all worked their socks off today and yesterday during their Big Write and Mrs Tarpey has got a lot of marking to do J

P.E. has been fun because we have been rehearsing our Roman dance.

Blog 18.11.16

Talk homework: Look for electrical appliances around your house. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being connected to the mains or battery powered.

On Friday it was Children in Need day and we all wore our spotty clothes and we donated £1 each. In addition we bought Pudsey biscuits and raised even more money. Here is a photo to show you how brilliant we looked! Smile!!


In English we have been concentrating on editing our work. Here we are editing a paragraph of writing adding in fronted adverbials, correcting spelling and punctuation.

On Thursday and Friday we have been learning a new method to help us work out and visualise word problems. The method is called the Bar Model. Everyobody was really good at trying to use the new method.

During R.E. we have made our own stained glass windows that retell the story of the birth of Jesus. We were lucky enough to visit the church where Rev Jes helped us to retell the story.

William B. enjoyed Tuesday’s P.E. when in dance we produced Roman structure dance positions, such as arches, temples and building actions.

Have a good weekend

Blog 11.11.16

Talk homework: discuss electrical safety with your adults

Last week in music William F. really enjoyed listening to The Pirates of the Caribbean theme tune played by an orchestra.

On Friday, Emilia enjoyed wearing her Brownie uniform to school because it is Armistice Day and we held a minutes silence to remember people who have been killed at war.

Joe enjoyed Science today, especially because he got the chance to investigate how to make an electrical circuit to light up a light bulb.

Last week in French Harry enjoyed saying what is your name? and My name is Harry, in French.

It was very exciting this week, when on Thursday Jess, Poppy, Olivia, Kylie, Bethan, Jack and Erin had the opportunity to help to renovate our quiet area. Everybody worked extremely hard to improve the area greatly and we can’t wait to see it finished and to be able to use it!

In dance on Tuesday, Erin enjoyed creating a Roman dance based on marching and Roman architecture.

Mrs Tarpey was very proud of Charlie’s, Jack’s and William B’s football victory this week, when along with other year 4 and 5 boys, they won the tournament that they attended, well done boys!

Have a great weekend

This week’s blog 4.11.16 by Charlie and Josh

Talk homework: Discuss your imaginary world characters.

During maths we have all loved learning about tenths and hundredths. Here is a picture of some of us playing a matching game we made in maths today.


Our Science topic this half term is electricity and we have already made a circuit to light up a bulb.

This week and over the next couple of weeks we are planning and writing stories set in imaginary worlds which will be a lot of fun.

This term P.E will be outdoor netball and indoor Roman Battle dance.

Today in R.E. we acted out different bible stories and then took photos of freezes frames from the main scene in the story. Then we guessed what the scenes were when we shared our photos at the end of the lesson. Here are some photos; can you guess the bible story? We will be making stain glassed windows to tell bible stories.



Have a great weekend.

This is an animation that our class made at the end of last term to explain what happens in a food chain. I was very impressed.

Blog 14.10.16

Talk homework: Share a poem with your adults, look at its structure and think about the image it creates.

Harry has been enjoying music when he learned about the double base. He learned that it was a huge ‘violin’ but it doesn’t go on your shoulder. He also listened to the double base solo from theme tune to The Pirates of the Caribbean.

In topic this week Kylie has loved designing her mosaic that she will be making next week. Her design is a typical Roman pattern. In a book at home, Charlie found examples of mosaics made out of Lego!

William B, Josh and Jack adored visualising the poems that we studied in English. The poems were entitled ‘The Last Leaf’ and ‘Autumn Days’. The pictures that the children drew to bring the poems to life were very impressive.

Last week in French Archie made a lovely cartoon strip showing everything he has learned about how to greet people in French.

Everybody has impressed Mrs Tarpey this week with their amazing column subtraction skills!

Here are some pictures of everybody playing a subtraction game.

Have a lovely weekend!

Blog 7.10.16

Talk homework:Tell your adults the story of Boudicca.

This week we had the opportunity to tell the rest of the school about our artist, Leonid Afremov. We took photos of our paintings in the style of Afremov and projected them in the hall for all to see. Here are our paintings so that you can see them too.

Harry (and lots of other children too) really enjoyed estimating in maths today.

Erin has thoroughly enjoyed learning about Sikh places of worship and designed a poster to display everything she has learned so far!

During English we studied poems about witches, one was a tongue twister and the other was a little scarier!

In French we have been learning how to greet one another and how to enquire if you’re well?

Au revoir!

Blog 30.9.16

Talk homework: Tell your adults all about the digestive system.

In P.E. Jess has enjoyed performing our routines, including backward rolls and new movements that we learnt this week.

Olivia and Jack liked learning about Leonid Afremov today in preparation for telling the rest of the school about him next Friday in assembly.

During English, we have been learning to write in the style of a newspaper report. Erin has enjoyed this as she particularly likes to write in this style. To practice, Harry wrote a newspaper article at home (well done Harry). Matthew has thoroughly enjoyed writing about a Roman battle in our Big Write and even gave up some of his lunchtime to write even more!

It has been fun to learn about the human digestive system this week. Charlie found out at home that in your saliva there is an enzyme called Amylase, which starts to break down our food. Well done Charlie!

In maths today Poppy enjoyed a problem solving activity. We had to find the original size of the rectangle after somebody had ripped bits off. Logan is hoping that soon we are going to practise our column addition.

Here are some pictures of everybody solving area and perimeter word problems earlier in the week.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Blog 23.9.16

Talk Homework: Look at a Newspaper report with your adults and point out its features.


Sorry the sun was in their eyes! What a great class.

This week in maths we have been learning all about perimeter and area.

In English we watched a video of a Roman battle and imagined what it must have been like to be apart of that battle. The children wrote a recount about the battle and had some very good ideas about what to include and why.

In R.E. we looked inside (well virtually anyway) a Jewish synagogue and identified what you might find inside.

We have continued to add movements to our routines in gym and to learn how to play Rugby during outdoor P.E. The highlight of the week was our junk modelling of the digestive system. Mrs Tarpey was extremely impressed with how the children worked together in teams with real enthusiasm to create their models. Here are some pictures of the final outcomes.

We also prepared for our Harvest Festival trip to church on Monday morning. The children wrote some really descriptive sentences.

Finally, ask your children how to say good morning, good afternoon, good evening and hello in French., I hope they know!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Tarpey and the Afremovs

Blog 16.9.16

Joshua has enjoyed rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and a 1000 this week in Maths.

In R.E. Harvey has loved learning about different places of worship and thinking about who he worships.

We had lots of fun investigating what would happen to egg shells (representing tooth enamel) when we put them in vinegar, coke, orange juice, milk and water. It got very messy!

During our gymnastics the children put together routines which, included forward rolls and at least three movements that we have been practising, to show to the rest of the class.

On Wednesday we pretended we were Roman soldiers and wrote letters to apply to the Roman Army.

Another busy week in Afremov Class, have a lovely weekend

Blog 9.9.16

Talk Homework: What qualities would a soldier need to go to battle?

We have had a busy, action packed week in Afremov class. Everyone has settled back into school life really well and we are all looking forward to achieving great things in Year 4.

This is a picture by Leonid Afremov, the artist that our class is named after. He was born in Belarus and still paints. As you can see, he is famous for being the most colourful artist and he paints using a palette knife and oils.


Our first topic this year will be the Romans. It is already evident that many of the children are going to love studying the Romans. William F wanted to tell everybody on the blog, that he loved writing a report on the Celts and Romans during our Big Write today and Harry wanted to say how much he is enjoying this topic.

In Maths this week we have worked on understanding place value in 4 digit numbers and also investigated the Roman Numeral system. In year 4 the children will be learning Roman Numerals up to 100!

In English we will be exploring newspaper articles, magazines and reports. This week the children identified features of a newspaper.

Poppy wanted to include on this blog that, today we had our first French lesson and discussed where France is, the French flag, French cuisine and French schools. We are all very excited about learning lots of new French words this year.

Throughout Autumn 1 we will have Gym on Tuesdays which Harvey said he thoroughly enjoyed this week and outdoor PE on Thursdays.

One of the first pieces of work we have completed in R.E. this year was to consider the main message that we all took from the parable, The Prodigal Son.  Jess really enjoyed completing this work.