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Talk Homework: Practise the poem “30 days has September” – A LOT!

In Maths this week, we’ve been learning about ordering time. We had lots of fun timing our friends in small groups with iPads and putting the times in order to work out who came first, second, third and fourth. We also worked out how many seconds are in an hour! Do you know? (The answer is at the bottom.)

We’ve done some History and English mixed together – Historlish! We’ve been learning about Stonehenge and also looking at non-fiction information texts. Next week, we’ll write our own non-fiction writing about Stonehenge.

In gymnastics we’ve been doing, balances, movements and travels. We’ve watched lots of videos of famous British gymnasts (and Simone Biles) and are trying to copy some of their routines. Mr B has said we’re absolutely amazing and he’s really impressed. It’s been fun doing some of it outside to get more space.

Our Learner of the Week this week is Cara.


Talk Homework: See what shapes you can find around your home. Can you identify any acute, obtuse or right angles as well as any parallel, perpendicular, vertical and horizontal lines?

In Maths we were learning more about shapes. We’ve seen how some shapes can be put together to make new shapes. We’ve also discovered that a square is actually a type of rectangle! This is because it has 4 straight sides, 4 right angles and two pairs of parallel lines. An oblong is also a type of rectangle.

This week in English, we have made our own Stone Age stories. We’ve had lightning strikes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, runaway children and animal attacks. (Not all in the same story though!)

In Science we helped Mrs Tarpey with Gardening Club. She didn’t know what type of soil to use because she had three different types: gravelly, sandy and loamy soil. We did an investigation to find out what type of soil was best for keeping water in so that her plants would have water to grow.

Our Learner of the Week this week is Ya Ting.


Talk Homework: What might happen in your own Stone Age story?

We’ve been learning about shapes in Maths this week. We’ve been learning about right angles, acute and obtuse angles. We’ve also learned about vertical, horizontal, parallel and perpendicular lines.

In English we did an amazing Stone Age, palaeolithic story. We had Oscar Isaac as Daddy Crumble and his family who went looking for a cave. We won’t tell you everything that happened, but… Daddy Crumble did kill Ruby the Cave Bear.

In science we cut an egg open to see how many layers there were inside, because we were seeing what layers there are inside the Earth. The shell was like the Earth’s crust; the albumen was like the mantle; and the yolk was like the outer and inner core. It was really smelly!

We have also been enjoying playing on Lightbot in computing lessons. It makes us think like computer programmers.

Our Learner of the Week is Ruby.


Talk Homework: Explain the different types of erosion.

In Science this term we are learning about fascinating rocks. We have seen if we can scratch rocks with nails and coins to see which rocks are the hardest. We discovered that marble and granite are very hard, but chalk is quite soft!

In our History Topic we are finding out about the Stone Age. We have learned about Skara Brae, where Stone Age houses have been found. We were surprised by this because we thought they only lived in caves! There were only 8 houses, but 50-100 people lived in them.

In Maths we have been learning how to use column addition. By the end of the week, over half of us were able to add trillions together! Can you get it right?

4,328,460,321,123 + 4,125,312,849,123 = ???

Our first Learners of the week have been Seb, Bea and Logan.

Our Buckden Parliament members are Oscar I and Eirian; our Collcetive Worship Council representatives are Ruby and Logan.