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Talk homework: Find an analogue clock at home and find the hour hand and the minute hand. How many minutes are in an hour?

This week in maths we have been learning about fractions. First we identified fractions of a shape including halves, quarters, thirds and three quarters. We also tried to find different ways to colour a half of a 3×3 grid.


Later in the week we used our division knowledge to find fractions of an amount e.g. a quarter of 8.


This week was anti-bullying week so in English we watched a video where a little dog was being bullied at her ballet class. The children wrote a diary entry imagining they were the little dog and explained how they felt and what they should do to feel better.

Our grammar lesson this week was to look at the structure of a sentence. On yellow cards the children wrote four nouns, on green cards they wrote four verbs and on orange cards they wrote adjectives. The children then picked words to make a simple sentence. Next we wrote but, if, so or because on pink cards and then using those cards the children extended their sentences on a whiteboard. They made some great sentences!

In R.E. we are thinking about Incarnation. We used a picture representing incarnation to explore its meaning. The children were very observant and insightful, they noticed all sorts of details in the picture and discussed their possible relevance.

We have begun to rehearse our production which will be alot of fun!

Have a lovely weekend!



Talk homework: Look around your house and find objects made of different materials.

This week in maths we continued to practise dividing by grouping and sharing. On Thursday we used what we had learned to solve word problems.

Tia enjoyed R.E. when we thought about the qualities of our classmates. Greta liked to look for rhyming words in poetry this week. On Thursday in Science the children explored the properties of different materials.

Have a great weekend!



Talk homework – Find a poem and read it with your adults.

James has had a good time this week in maths when he has been learning to divide. James is now an expert at sharing equally! Greta loved to group to divide too!

Bella is enjoying her handwriting and she likes it because she is learning how to form her letters properly- what a superstar!

This week, Jessie has liked her P.E. lessons when she played team games.

Darci, Mickey and Izzy all enjoyed writing a story set in a Rock Pool. Sally the Starfish was Eden’s favourite character. The coral in Hibba’s story was wavy and beautiful.

Eva has enjoyed Science when we have started to learn about the properties of materials.

Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the fireworks!



So we have completed our first half term and the children have worked really hard. Everyone deserves a good holiday.

We have had a week focussing on reading. The children have explored texts and read them in many ways to fully comprehend what they are reading. We have drawn cartoon strips of the whole story to understand its structure. We also took small amounts of a text and drew each word, or couple of words as a picture, to see if we could retell the text just from our pictures. Finally, we answered questions about the text today.

In Spanish this afternoon we sorted the Spanish words for 1-20 in order from smallest to largest. We had a race to see which pair could do it the fastest.


Have a fantastic half term

Mrs Tarpey


Talk homework: Talk about Inuits at home with your adults.

Another busy but fun week in Arber class. Aimee enjoyed doing her handwriting practice in her English book this week. Year 2 are trying really hard to write their letters using their correct sizes. Jonathan loves handwriting.

In topic we have had fun making a collage of a polar bear to use as our Christmas card design.

Eva liked learning about healthy food in Science and knows that milk, cucumbers, broccoli and cauliflower are all good for you.

In maths today we played a snail board game to help us partition numbers into tens and units/ones. Infact all week we have worked really hard in our place value lessons.

In English we made an igloo out of a paper cup and marshmallows. They look fabulous. After we had made them, we wrote instructions to help somebody else make an igloo too.



Have a lovely weekend


Talk homework: Talk with your adults about how amazing our world is and how it was created.

Another week has flown past in Arber class. Mrs Tarpey is really pleased with how much effort and interest the children are showing, thank you Arber class.

In maths the children have been using number lines to subtract confidently. In English we have explored what makes a set of instructions good and we have tried to make a lego model and a snowflake by following good and bad sets of instructions.

In topic the children have really enjoyed learning about polar animals and how they are adapted to living in the cold.

In R.E. we are planning a letter to describe how we appreciate creation and how we look after  our planet.

Have a lovely weekend



Talk Homework: Talk to your adults about how animals are adapted to live in the Polar Regions.

This week in Arber class we have been super busy. We have been learning how to recognise and count coins in maths. We really enjoyed sorting the money. In our Big Write we had fun writing about the Polar Regions. Did you know Arctic Foxes change their fur to suit the season, this helps them to become camouflaged in the snow. In Science we’ve been learning about healthy living and designed posters to encourgae exercise and to make good food choices.

In maths today, when we tried to find the different combinations of animals that Noah could take on his ark, if he was only allowed to take a total of 12 legs! We dipped toy animals’ feet into paint to help us work out all of the different combinations.


We are all looking forward to next week and a new learning buddy


Talk Homework:Talk to your adults when you are having a meal and identify the different food groups on your plate!

Eva said, ”I loved learning about polar bears which is a cool thing because I really like polar bears.”

Bella said, “I really liked learning about the tiger who came to tea and my describing words were GREEDY and FURRY.”

Aurelia liked topic when we watched a video of polar animals.

Paige said, “I liked writing this week because it was fun to write letters that I didn’t know.”

Jessie said, “I have been learning about the tiger who came to tea and I enjoyed my Big Write.”

Mickey said, “PE was great because I played Rugby Stuck in the Mud.”

In maths today we answered questions about a bar chart and we made a bar chart out of bricks to help us 😉

Have a great weekend

Arber class



Talk homework: Talk to your adults about the three main things animals need to stay alive.

We have had a fantastic week in Arber class and we are well and truly settled in.

Izzy has enjoyed persevering in maths, trying to solve a difficult problem. James wanted to tell you that he loved P.E. when the children made shapes with their bodies. In topic, Aimee has loved looking at the polar animals and the climate that they live in. Mickey thought the story we read in our English comprehension lesson was really fun.

All of the children have been really well behaved and have tried very hard in every lesson this week at school. We have loved welcoming Alex, Paige and Molly-Mae to Buckden School and they have settled brilliantly into Arber class.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend

Arber class