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Blog 20.4.18

Talk Homework: Tell your adults why a spider isn’t an insect.

Izzy enjoyed playing cricket in P.E. this week when she practised catching the ball to be a fielder.

Darci enjoyed her English this week as she wrote a letter to the Gregg family to ask them to stop hunting the deer and the birds.

This morning Mickey loved Big Maths Beat That because he can do his 2x, 5x and 10x tables-Well Done Mickey!

Paige has enjoyed maths this week when we did something completely different. We solved complex missing number problems.

Jessie really loved science this week when we went to the Nature Area and investigated habitats.

All week we have been having short ‘Brain Breaks’ which Adam has found very peaceful and relaxing.

Have a great weekend

Arber class



Blog 23.3.18

Talk homework: Tell your adults about what you learned about at the allotment.

Another busy week! We are very lucky to have Miss Higgins with us for the next eight school weeks. The children have very much enjoyed having her with us to help them learn. This week we have been doing a lot of maths and today had a great time learning to estimate the number of objects on a dish. We weren’t allowed to count, we had to make a sensible estimate based on what we could see and what we already knew. The children were very good at it.

We also learned about the 7 continents and made a map concentrating on the relative sizes of the continents and their position. Again, the children were very good at this too. Here are their maps.

We had three trips to the allotment this week and have now sown four rows of potatoes. All of the children have really enjoyed visiting the allotment.


Have a lovely weekend

Arber class


Blog 16.3.18

Talk Homework: Tell your adults everything you know about the Titanic so far!

William enjoyed doing his writing today and completed two pages with some edits! Molly did too, and wrote a whole page! Mickey liked to do fractions in maths this morning. Mickey learned how to recognise halves and quarters. Greta enjoyed climbing the ropes in gym and performing a routine with Miss Lizell in P.E. Aimee wants to say that she loved to finish our book ‘Zeraffa Giraffa’  and she actually liked the ending when Zeraffa stayed in Paris with the King’s granddaughter. At the end, the book nearly made Aurelia cry because it was so nice when Atir was whispered stories about grass growing tall and acacias tasting sweet, into Zeraffa’s ear. Jessie likes to practise her beautiful handwriting.

This week some children also visited our new allotment and we planted a row of potatoes. It was great fun and the sun shone for us. Thank you so much to the parent helpers who have volunteered to go with us this week (Mrs Bailie and Mrs Leadbetter) which makes it possible to go.

Have a great weekend

Arber class




Talk homework:Make sure you know your  2x, 3x, 5x  and 10x tables

Molly enjoyed writing a letter to the Great Pasha to explain how Atir’s journey was progressing.

Eva liked to invent a way of transporting Zeraffa across France. She invented a moving house that had a steering wheel and four wheels.

In Big Maths Beat that, Mickey scored 24 that made him feel very happy.

This week, Paige enjoyed joining Franklin class to do P.E. in the hall because it was nice to see everyone.

During Topic, Izzy really loved learning facts about lighthouses so that we can write information pages next week.

Have a snowy weekend

Arber class



Talk Homework: Tell your adults about what you noticed about plants and animals.

Bella loved maths this morning because she got to see how much she could do and how much she couldn’t do.

Mickey enjoyed P.E. this week when he had to jump off a small box and a bigger box.

In topic, Izzy liked to learn about transport a long time ago. She remembers that in 1816 the first ever bike was invented. It looked like a bike does now but it didn’t have any paint because it was just wooden and plain.

Darci liked English this week because we were learning to write a poem about Zeraffa. She really loved writing her poem, here it is:


The lonely, yellow giraffe,

standing tall and straight.

The big, tall giraffe,

stomping its hooves loudly.

The big, wooden Felucca,

sailing out to sea,

Delicious dates,

very sweet to eat.

Yummy, delicious pomegranates,

hanging on a tree.


Have a good week end

Arber class



Today we had an excellent end to this half term.

In maths the children wowed us with their ability to find fractions of a number by solving problems practically.

We have continued studying the story of Zeraffa Giraffa in English and today we retold the story so far using our own handmade puppets. The children we able to remember all of the vocabulary, description and sentiment of the story.

We finished our bean plant diary in Science, and discussed what we now think plants really need to enable them to grow healthily.

In PE we learnt to Waltz, ask us to show you!

In spanish we praticed how to say what we liked and disliked to do in our free time.

We finished the half term by discussing how to stay safe when we are using technology.

Hope you have a fantastic half term!

Blog 2.2.18

Talk homework: Tell your adults the story of Ziraffa Giraffa so far.

This week has been another really busy but fun week.

We have started to study a new book in English called Ziraffa Giraffa. The children have been writing some amazing letters to a servant boy in the story called Atir. They had some brilliant ideas of why Atir should and shouldn’t take the baby giraffe to France. The book has inspired a geography lesson to look at the countries Sudan, Egypt and France on a map. This afternoon we painted some really lovely pictures of a giraffe in a Pointillism style.

In guided reading we have been talking about how we think characters are feeling in the text by how they are behaving or from what is happening around them.

During maths lessons we have been solving word problems that are asking what is the difference, how much longer and how much shorter?

Our P.E. lessons have continued to be a lot of fun as we are creating a dance to retell the story of the lonely beast!

Well have a fantastic weekend

Mrs Tarpey and Arber class.


Blog 19.1.18

Molly liked to draw her runner bean seed that has started to grow. Molly noticed it had a leaf on top already.

Mickey loved to do ‘Big Maths Beat That’ and had 90 seconds to answer as many as she could.

Aurelia enjoyed our visit from an Archaeologist on Monday. We saw some dried human poo called cess. When we saw the Archaeologist we learnt about what seeds they had found in the ground and we are learning about seeds in science too.

William wrote a story about an Archaeologist in English. The character in his story wanted to be an archaeologist but when he went to the park, he went down the slide he fell into deep water!

This week in I.C.T. we wrote a program for The Big Bad Wolf to go to each of the pigs’ houses to blow them down! Then we had a challenge to write a program with a mistake and to correct it.


Talk Homework: Look around your house to find 3D-shapes.

Aurelia has had lots of fun writing a story about The Beast’s Journey. She liked to draw her own monster that was part mermaid, with snakes in her hair and three dots in her eyes. Here are some of the monsters that we made.

Mickey has enjoyed learning all about 3D-shapes in maths. Mickey knows a square based pyramid, a cylinder, a cone, a sphere, a cube and a cuboid. Eva knows that 3D-shapes are not flat. Jessie knows that 3D-shapes have faces, edges and vertices.

Greta has enjoyed setting up science investigations where we had to grow a plant without one thing e.g. a plant can have light, water, soil but no air.


Izzy has enjoyed doing I.C.T. this week when we wrote a program to draw a square!

Have a great weekend!

Blog 5.1.18

Talk homework: Discuss the parts of a plant and how plants grow. Can you find a Newspaper at home?

Today, Hibba has enjoyed writing a newspaper article all about The Lonely Beast. Also Hibba, has enjoyed finding lines of symmetry in shapes.

Eva and Molly enjoyed science this week when we drew observational pictures of plants because she really loves science. They drew a daffodil bulb and a primrose plant.

William enjoyed being The Lonely Beast and being interviewed by Jessie the news reporter.

Greta, Bella and Izzy enjoyed I.C.T when they made a pattern with a rocket using a coding program.

Have a good weekend!

Blog 15.12.17

No talk homework

This week’s highlight was definitely the year 1 and 2 production. The children’s performances were so good. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and each and every child impressed us with how they rose to the challenge of performing to an audience. The snowman dance was a moment of tranquility in a busy week! Well done year 1.

We have been revising fractions in maths by showing all of our knowledge of halves and quarters in lego. We also showed how we would share a picnic between 2 and 4 people.

In English we wrote a poem about the jellyfish that the Lonely Beast encountered in the jellyfish garden on his adventure.

In science we finished our topic of materials by considering which materials were twisty, bendy of able to be pulled.

Our R.E. lesson considered the real meaning of Advent and we also explored why the Three Kings took such lavish presents to baby Jesus. We discussed that baby Jesus was a vert special baby and so recieved special presents. We also discussed that a present doesn’t need to be expensive to show that you think somebody is very special. We hope that you liked your little gifts that the children made to bring home.

Have a lovely weekend

Arber class

Blog 8.12.17

Hibba enjoyed completing her arithmetic test yesterday because Hibba loves maths.

Greta has enjoyed practising for our Christmas play, in particular Greta has loved watching everybody else perform.

This week Jessie has liked P.E. because she liked to exercise and play Dodgeball.

Jonathan has liked to open our advent calendars in class and when it was his turn to have the chocolate calendar, he shared his chocolate with Izzy!

In English we have been learning using a book called, ‘The Lonely Beast’. Mickey liked the part where he walked, and walked, and walked, and walked, and walked in the woods.

These are some pictures of some of us acting out a scene from The Lonely Beast. Ask your children to explain what is happening.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Arber class



Talk homework: Tell your adults what material you would use to make a box for Prince Charming to keep his wedding invitations in, when he goes out in the rain.

This week Jessie has liked maths because we have been learning how to do multiplication calculations. We made arrays to work out multiplication number sentences by painting lego bricks! We also made arrays outside.


Eden enjoyed her reading comprehension this morning as there were lots of questions and she answered most of them.

Maisie enjoyed writing her own version of Cinderella after planning it in her own picture book. Maisie remembered to expand a noun, a sparkly pumpkin.

Tia enjoyed doing guided reading because you get to read out loud to a group.

Greta has enjoyed learning about the properties of materials. In science we investigated which material would be the best to make a waterproof box out of. This involved a bowl of water, a selection of different materials and a lot of high energy discussion. The desks got a wash too!

Have a great weekend!

Arber class


Talk Homework:Please learn your lines for the play.

Today Oliver enjoyed drawing the Nativity scene in our R.E. lesson. The character Oliver enjoyed drawing the most was one of the Wise Men. Bella really enjoyed making a clock in maths and she also enjoyed playing the game when we run to the right or left side of the room for past and to. Mickey enjoyed English because he liked to answer comprehension questions about Cinderella. This afternoon, we rehearsed our play for the first time to Mr Palmer’s class. Alex thought it was a little bit scary to do this for the first time, however Alex delivered her lines really well. Jessie is loving our new draft books. In the mornings we write about pictures and videos. This week we watched a funny video and after we had finished laughing we wrote an ending to the story. William was excited to watch the GenR8 assembly which was all about Christmas and Arber class thought it was awesome.

Thank you for your generous donations for the Christmas hampers


Have a great weekend.

Arber class



Talk homework: Find an analogue clock at home and find the hour hand and the minute hand. How many minutes are in an hour?

This week in maths we have been learning about fractions. First we identified fractions of a shape including halves, quarters, thirds and three quarters. We also tried to find different ways to colour a half of a 3×3 grid.


Later in the week we used our division knowledge to find fractions of an amount e.g. a quarter of 8.


This week was anti-bullying week so in English we watched a video where a little dog was being bullied at her ballet class. The children wrote a diary entry imagining they were the little dog and explained how they felt and what they should do to feel better.

Our grammar lesson this week was to look at the structure of a sentence. On yellow cards the children wrote four nouns, on green cards they wrote four verbs and on orange cards they wrote adjectives. The children then picked words to make a simple sentence. Next we wrote but, if, so or because on pink cards and then using those cards the children extended their sentences on a whiteboard. They made some great sentences!

In R.E. we are thinking about Incarnation. We used a picture representing incarnation to explore its meaning. The children were very observant and insightful, they noticed all sorts of details in the picture and discussed their possible relevance.

We have begun to rehearse our production which will be alot of fun!

Have a lovely weekend!



Talk homework: Look around your house and find objects made of different materials.

This week in maths we continued to practise dividing by grouping and sharing. On Thursday we used what we had learned to solve word problems.

Tia enjoyed R.E. when we thought about the qualities of our classmates. Greta liked to look for rhyming words in poetry this week. On Thursday in Science the children explored the properties of different materials.

Have a great weekend!



Talk homework – Find a poem and read it with your adults.

James has had a good time this week in maths when he has been learning to divide. James is now an expert at sharing equally! Greta loved to group to divide too!

Bella is enjoying her handwriting and she likes it because she is learning how to form her letters properly- what a superstar!

This week, Jessie has liked her P.E. lessons when she played team games.

Darci, Mickey and Izzy all enjoyed writing a story set in a Rock Pool. Sally the Starfish was Eden’s favourite character. The coral in Hibba’s story was wavy and beautiful.

Eva has enjoyed Science when we have started to learn about the properties of materials.

Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the fireworks!



So we have completed our first half term and the children have worked really hard. Everyone deserves a good holiday.

We have had a week focussing on reading. The children have explored texts and read them in many ways to fully comprehend what they are reading. We have drawn cartoon strips of the whole story to understand its structure. We also took small amounts of a text and drew each word, or couple of words as a picture, to see if we could retell the text just from our pictures. Finally, we answered questions about the text today.

In Spanish this afternoon we sorted the Spanish words for 1-20 in order from smallest to largest. We had a race to see which pair could do it the fastest.


Have a fantastic half term

Mrs Tarpey


Talk homework: Talk about Inuits at home with your adults.

Another busy but fun week in Arber class. Aimee enjoyed doing her handwriting practice in her English book this week. Year 2 are trying really hard to write their letters using their correct sizes. Jonathan loves handwriting.

In topic we have had fun making a collage of a polar bear to use as our Christmas card design.

Eva liked learning about healthy food in Science and knows that milk, cucumbers, broccoli and cauliflower are all good for you.

In maths today we played a snail board game to help us partition numbers into tens and units/ones. Infact all week we have worked really hard in our place value lessons.

In English we made an igloo out of a paper cup and marshmallows. They look fabulous. After we had made them, we wrote instructions to help somebody else make an igloo too.



Have a lovely weekend


Talk homework: Talk with your adults about how amazing our world is and how it was created.

Another week has flown past in Arber class. Mrs Tarpey is really pleased with how much effort and interest the children are showing, thank you Arber class.

In maths the children have been using number lines to subtract confidently. In English we have explored what makes a set of instructions good and we have tried to make a lego model and a snowflake by following good and bad sets of instructions.

In topic the children have really enjoyed learning about polar animals and how they are adapted to living in the cold.

In R.E. we are planning a letter to describe how we appreciate creation and how we look after  our planet.

Have a lovely weekend



Talk Homework: Talk to your adults about how animals are adapted to live in the Polar Regions.

This week in Arber class we have been super busy. We have been learning how to recognise and count coins in maths. We really enjoyed sorting the money. In our Big Write we had fun writing about the Polar Regions. Did you know Arctic Foxes change their fur to suit the season, this helps them to become camouflaged in the snow. In Science we’ve been learning about healthy living and designed posters to encourgae exercise and to make good food choices.

In maths today, when we tried to find the different combinations of animals that Noah could take on his ark, if he was only allowed to take a total of 12 legs! We dipped toy animals’ feet into paint to help us work out all of the different combinations.


We are all looking forward to next week and a new learning buddy


Talk Homework:Talk to your adults when you are having a meal and identify the different food groups on your plate!

Eva said, ”I loved learning about polar bears which is a cool thing because I really like polar bears.”

Bella said, “I really liked learning about the tiger who came to tea and my describing words were GREEDY and FURRY.”

Aurelia liked topic when we watched a video of polar animals.

Paige said, “I liked writing this week because it was fun to write letters that I didn’t know.”

Jessie said, “I have been learning about the tiger who came to tea and I enjoyed my Big Write.”

Mickey said, “PE was great because I played Rugby Stuck in the Mud.”

In maths today we answered questions about a bar chart and we made a bar chart out of bricks to help us 😉

Have a great weekend

Arber class



Talk homework: Talk to your adults about the three main things animals need to stay alive.

We have had a fantastic week in Arber class and we are well and truly settled in.

Izzy has enjoyed persevering in maths, trying to solve a difficult problem. James wanted to tell you that he loved P.E. when the children made shapes with their bodies. In topic, Aimee has loved looking at the polar animals and the climate that they live in. Mickey thought the story we read in our English comprehension lesson was really fun.

All of the children have been really well behaved and have tried very hard in every lesson this week at school. We have loved welcoming Alex, Paige and Molly-Mae to Buckden School and they have settled brilliantly into Arber class.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend

Arber class