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16th June 2017 – Year 4 visit to Grafham


Talk homework – discuss next week’s spelling rules.


Today we made a Lassi for Healthy Eating Week. The Lassi come from India and you can get different flavours e.g. mango and strawberry.

Lots of children loved it so here are the ingredients if you want to make it at home.

  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 50g caster sugar
  • 300ml natural yoghurt
  • 1L water
  • Ice cubes
  • Saffron (optional)


  1. Put the yoghurt in a jug.
  2. Beat the yoghurt.
  3. Then add caster sugar and water. Mix.
  4. Add lemon juice and saffron and mix.
  5. Pour into glasses with ice.

We hope you enjoy trying our Lassi.

Au Revoir




Talk Homework – To explain to your adults about our science topic this term (States of Matter).

This week we had Anglian Water in to explain a little more about the water cycle. We also learnt how best to use our water, as well as what we should be putting down the drains and toilets.The activities included washing something with as little water as possible, tasting water and making sewage!

Here are some pictures of the day.


Talk Homework – to explain the water cycle to your adults.


In dance we have been creating a dance about a river (Daisy).

In science we made an experiment of the water cycle to see how the water cycle works (Eloise).

In maths we continued to learn about negative numbers today (Tilly). We have also been learning about translation which is where you move a shape on a grid to different coordinates by using directions (Albert).

In English we have been learning about explanation texts, some important features are cause and effect (Zac and Felix).

Au Revoir


Talk homework – To talk to your adults about the structure of a river.


Today in maths we started to learn how to write fractions as decimals (Imogen).

In RE we have been making our own Torahs and writing about the Jews inside them (Albert).

In Topic we make a river out of sand, pebbles and soil. And we labelled the different parts of the river (Eloise).

Last week we had lots of fun at Hilltop doing airjump, tree top trail, team tasks, enchanted forest, assault and agility course, going into a river and lots more (Lucas). (Also Albert didn’t want to get wet and muddy!) (Not to mention Miss Wetzel got stuck on the air jump!)

In English we have been learning about Aesop’s Fables and we have written our own ones (Evie).

In dance we have been learning how to dance like a river (Tilly).

Au Revoir

4th May 2017  – Arcimboldo Newsletter


Here are some photos from our very successful residential trip to HillTop.


Here are some pictures of the year 3/4 play.


Talk homework – Learn 7 times tables at home. 


We are doing a play called Porridge! We’re all having fun learning our words. (Franki)

In Maths we have been estimating how much something weighs and how much water is in a container (Lucas). We’ve also been converting liters to milliliters and kilograms to grams (Imogen).

In class worship we are trying to get materials to make our own shoes (Albert).

In RE we are learning about sacrifices because we are coming up to Easter. We acted out some of the sacrifices Jesus made. Here are some pictures. (Evie).

In Science we had a science day which was really fun. We learnt more about the Mpemba effect which is to do with water. Here are some pictures of our experiments.

Au Revoir


Talk homework – Learn a short poem off by heart for play auditions.


In RE we have been learning about leaders in church (Albert). We are also learning about Vicars and what they wear. We are going to ask Rev Jes some questions about his role in the church (Imogen).

In Maths we have been practicing our symmetry (Zhi Cheng). We have been learning about 3D shapes as well as 2D shapes. Miss Conlong taught us about their names (Eloise). We have also been learning about how many degrees are in different angles. The angles are called acute, right, obtuse, straight and reflex angles (Albert).

Challenge yourself:

How many degrees can be in an acute angle?

How many degrees can be in an obtuse angle?

How many degrees can be in a right angle?

How many degrees can be in a straight angle?

In English we have watched a video called The Catch. We had to do speech punctuation and we made a role play about The Catch to write our speech (Daisy). Also in English Miss Wetzel chose English books so that people could read out a paragraph of work they have done (Tilly).

In Science we have been learning about sound and we have done a really cool experiment on it to find out what material’s best for insulating sound (Evie).

Au Revoir


Talk homework – Explain to your adults how we hear sound.


In Topic we’ve been learning about the Maya and creating our own gods (Albert). We’ve read a story called The Chocolate Tree which was about two Maya gods and how the Maya got chocolate from the gods (Eloise, Franki).

The Maya went to war to capture people to sacrifice to their gods, they also did a lot of bloodletting to give themselves vision which they thought were from the gods (Tilly).

Isaac also made a Chichen Itza temple (out of polystyrene) which is now under our display board (Albert). The temples were where the sacrifices happened.

In English we have been describing our Maya gods and goddesses, we did a big write to describe what they look like (like a character description) (Eloise).

In Science we have been learning about sound. Sound travels by little particles in the air that all vibrate and travel towards your ears. And if you were wondering how echo works, it is when the particles hit an object and bounce around making the sound travel back to you (Isaac).

In maths we have been learning to tell the time (Felix). A lot of us still need to practice our time at home, please help us! (Albert) To help us understand time we imagined that from the 12 to the 6 is like a train going away from or past the station, and from 6 to 12 is like a train going to a station (Sam).

Some of us (Tilly, Henry, Amelie) are doing a book club on Thursdays to discuss different books. Our book at the moment is Kensuke’s Kingdom.

Our PE lessons this half term are football (which we are doing with Miss Lizell) and Karate (which we are doing with Sensei Karina). (Harry O)

Au Revoir

P.S. We have had a lovely time writing our blog and hope you enjoy it! (Harry E)


Talk Homework – Learn the words to Coventry Carol. 


In maths we have been learning about fractions. We made a fraction wall. (Daisy and Evie)

In PE we have been performing a Roman dance. We started by marching to create arches which are part of a wall. We then sculpt our friends into a Roman solider who comes to life. Then we start fighting. When it finishes we go into a feast scene before the final fight, which includes turtle formation. (Isaac, Daisy and Tilly)

In English we have been learning about persuasive writing, which includes emotive language, rhetorical questions, repetition, exaggeration and logical language. (Lucas)

In music we are singing The Coventry Carol for the carol concert next Thursday evening (at 6 o’clock). (Zhi-Cheng)

Au Revoir


Talk homework – Discuss your story plot with your adults.


In art we have been drawing stain class windows using pencils and pastels. (Albert)

In topic we looked at Roman bath houses where we learnt the names of the different rooms and what they were used for, for example The Frigidarium which is the cold water room and the Palaestra which was used for exercise.  (Sam and Harry O)

We have looked at what factor pairs are and we found different factor pairs for numbers up to 100. (Lucas)

In English we have been planning our fantasy stories. We collected sentences and made them interesting by adding fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases. We are all trying to use main clauses and subordinate clauses. (Eloise)

During guided reading Winter group are now reading Martin’s Mice. (Albert) and Autumn group have been reading the Stowaway Ghost (Zac), Spring group have been reading the Gargoyle. (Harry O).

Au Revoir


Talk homework – Discuss your story plot with your grownups.


In maths we have been learning about multiplication. We have learnt how to use grid method (#). (Daisy)

In English we have been learning how to edit. We edited our character descriptions from last week. (Amelie and Zhi-Cheng)

Today GenR8 came to teach us about saints. (Imogen) They also did a play and puppet show about saints. (Evie)

In circle time we’ve been talking about bullying and how to control our emotions and reactions when we’ve been having a bad day. We used two pears and an apple to say mean things to it and throw it on the floor. This showed us how hurt someone can feel but we don’t always see it. (Zac and Tilly)

In our Art and RE we have been making stained glass windows. We used glue, tissue paper, acetate and black card outline. If you would like to see our work it will be in the Church. (Felix) The designs are shepherds and wise men from the Christmas story. (Eloise)

Au revoir


Talk homework – discuss electrical safety with your adults.

Bonjour, ca va?

This week in English we have written our character description, last week we wrote our setting description and next week we will write our story. (Felix) We have also been learning about fronted adverbials and adjectives. (Evie)

In science we have been making our own electrical circuits using cells, batteries, bulbs, switches and wires. (Zac and Sam)

In RE we have been learning about stained glass windows. We walked to the church to find some but some people had smashed them out 450 years ago. (Imogen) We did see the remains of some of the windows which were at the top of the windows. The pieces were found outside the church. (Lucas)

In guided reading Winter group have finished Esio Trot. (Albert)

In maths we have been learning about fractions. (Zac) We have mostly been learning about tenths and hundredths. (Tilly)

Au revoir


Talk homework – tell your grown up about the characters in your imaginary world.

Bonjour, ca va?

In English this week we have been planning our imaginary world for our fantasy stories. (Zac)

This week in Maths we have done a maths quiz on column subtraction and column addition. (Harry O)

In RE we have been making freeze frames of some bible stories. (Lucas)

In Topic we have learnt about the Roman Gods and Goddesses. (Albert)

Try these (remember they are Roman NOT THE GREEK GODS!).

Who is the god of war?

Who is the god of the sea?

Who is the god of time?

Who is the goddess of love?

Who is the god of the underworld?

Who is the goddess of the hunt?

Au revoir


Bonjour, ca va?

Today we’ve written a big write on an Autumn poem. (Tilly)

In maths we were trying to solve an investigation to see if all regular 2D polygons had the same number of lines of symmetry as their sides. (Harry O)

In Topic we made our mosaics. We planned it with square paper then we used some tiles, some card and grout to make it. We glued the tiles onto the card. Then we scraped some grout onto the mosaic. The teachers got a cloth and wiped it so it was nice and clean. (Daisy)

In Science we have been making stop motion animations about food chains. Some people made theirs out of modelling clay, some people used pictures and others acted. (Felix)

In Guided Reading winter have been reading Esio Trot, spring have been reading the Gargoyle, summer have been reading Grow up Dad and autumn have been reading The Stowaway Ghost. (Albert)

Au revoir

Here is one of the food chain stop motion animation videos.


Bonjour, ca va?

In topic we have been designing mosaics and next week we are going to make them out of small tiles. (Daisy) We have also been learning about Boudicca and did a big write on it, after we acted it out. (Evie)

This week in Maths we have been learning about column subtraction and solving word problems. (Harrison) Can you solve this? (Harry E)

1 005 025 – 877 239 =

In English we have been learning about poems and drawing what the poet has described. (Eloise)

In science we have been learning about food chains and next week we’re going to make an animated food chain. (Tilly)

In music we have been learning about musical beat and clapping rhythms. (Lucas) Here is our class rap which was done with Afremov as well.

Our name is Arcimboldo, who is a famous painter

We have the greatest teacher, unfortunately she’s a fainter

We wish she was a painter but she’s actually a waiter

She’s really good at music but Afremov are better.

Au revoir



In English we asked questions about hilarious poems, we stuck post it notes on the poems with our questions. (Harry E)

In RE we’ve been learning about what worship is and today we were learning about Sikhism worship. They worship in a Gurdwara. (Eloise)

In Maths we have been learning about column addition and we did some column addition with Dienes. Also we have done some estimating of cubes, lolly pop sticks, dice and pennies. (Evie)

In science we’ve been learning about the digestive system and wrote a big write about it. Also in science we’ve making food chains. (Sam, Daisy and Harrison)

Now it’s your turn.

What is 964 723 + 636 129?

Where does your poo wait?

Au revoir


Bonjour, ca va?

In topic we have learnt about the Roman army and that Claudius won the invasion of Britannia not Julius Caesar! (Felix)
In English we have been writing newspaper reports. We have also learnt about adverbs, adverbial phrases and fronted adverbials (Franki). In maths we have been rounding numbers in 10s, 100s and 1000s. Can you round 1550 to the nearest 10, 1567 to the nearest 100, 5500 to the nearest 1000? (Isaac) We have also learnt about the Roman number system called Roman numerals. Did you know 100 is C, 50 is L, 10 is X, 5 is V and 1 is I? Can you change these to numbers M, CXVIII, CCXII, LXII and MMMCCCXXXVIII? (Sam)

We have also been learning about teeth in Science. We did an experiment with eggs. We put the eggs in different drinks and liquids. We left them for 2 days and then checked. We found the best liquid for you teeth is milk, and the worst is vinegar. This week Tilly gave us a tooth to test in coke. We left it for 3 days. The tooth turned a blackish, brown colour and looked slightly raisin like. Isaac said, “I want to eat it!” Which we thought was silly. (Evie, Isaac, Sam, Harry O)

Au revoir

This is Tilly’s tooth after 3 days in coke!