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Talk homework – Practice ’30 days have September’ poem at home – a lot! 

In art we’ve been making our own cave paintings  using our art books and taking a piece of paper and copying something from our art books onto it. (Indiah)

In maths we have been learning about how many days there are in a year and we’ve been ordering time. To help us understand it we have been doing activities outside. (Maisy)

In science we’ve been learning about Roger Rock who turned into Simon Soil. (Emily) We’ve been learning about this to understand how rocks turn into soil by erosion. (Violet)

Today in English we have been making up our own questions about a piece of text and it was called Oceans Alive. All the questions were about the contents and there were 8 chapters. (Olivia)

In RE and art we have been making Christmas cards. We picked two Christmas Carols and we put tea stains on them. Then we ripped the carol up and stuck it on some A5 paper. Then we cut out a silhouette out of black paper and stuck it on the A5 paper. (George M)

Thank you for reading our blog, (Elliott)



Talk homework – See what shapes you can find around your house. Can you describe the lines and angles?

In maths we have been learning about shapes and we’ve been trying to make pictures out of them. They were called Tangrams. (Sydney)

In art we have been using pastels and charcoal to make pictures. We have been smudging them to make them look like cave paintings from the stone age. (Emily)

In music we have been learning how to play note A and B on the recorder and playing short tunes. (Maisy)

In Spanish we have been learning about our body parts, colours, fruits and treats. (Elliott)

We have been writing our own stories and it has been really fun. All of the class, I think, have been enjoying it very much. (In English, Jamie)

In science we were doing tests with soil and seeing which one drained water the quickest. There were 3 types of soils, loam, sand and clay. We found out sand drained the quickest. (Lauren)

We’ve enjoyed writing the blog on the computer and hope you enjoy reading it. (Robert)




Talk homework – to tell a stone age story to your adults. 

In English we have been writing a class story about the stone age. It has been really fun! (Jamie) To help us we used a story mountain to plan the story. (Emily)

In science we have been learning about the layers inside the world and we cracked a boiled egg in half to see what it was like in the middle of the world. (Violet)

In maths we have been learning about shapes and we’ve been going around the school to see vertical, horizontal, perpendicular and parallel lines. (Olivia)

In music we learnt the note A and B on the recorder and have played some tunes on them. (George M)

In ICT we have been going into Mr B’s classroom and playing light bot. com to help us understand instructions for computers and debugging them. (Ethan)

Have a nice weekend.

Love Attenborough



Talk Homework – To tell your adults about erosion. 

Last week in English we learnt how to describe a scene. We went to the church yard to help us imagined what was in the background as we listened to music as we wrote. (Anne and Martha) This week we have been learning about harvest and writing class poems about harvest. (Dexter)

In art we have been testing different pencils and pastels by smudging and experimenting with them. We’ve done this so we can create a cave painting. (Violet and Lauren)

In maths we’ve been learning about column addition and partitioning numbers to answer some addition questions. Try this (we can do it): 65,785,162 + 7,635,789 = ?   (Warning: have a go otherwise we’ll find you!) (Maisy and Jamie)

In science we’ve been learning about rocks and doing some experiments with them. Last week we did some experiments with chocolate to understand how metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous rocks were formed. (Olivia)

In topic we’ve been learning about the Stone Age and we played a game called ‘Cave Hunter’ to find different rocks and artifacts which were all found by archaeologists. (Elliott)

Thank you for looking at our blog, have a nice weekend. (Noah)

From Attenborough