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Talk Homework – to tell your adventure story to somebody at home 🙂 

In science we have been doing an experiment to see what plants need. We have 3 things we could test, they were light, food/ soil and water. (Olivia)

In English we have done a play rehearsal and we enjoyed it because we got through more than half of it. We have also been learning to write an adventure story which you can print off and give it to your mums and dads to put it into the 500 words competition. (Violet)

In art we are doing still life and it is relating to science because we are practicing drawing plants, which is our science topic. (Jamie)

In Spanish we have been learning about words for farms. We also learnt Old Mc Donald using Spanish words. (Elliott)

In maths we’ve been learning how to do bar models, it isn’t tricky to do bar models. Try to do one for 100 x 10 =. We’ve also been learning how to measure shapes and find out the perimeter. (Robert and Anne)

Hope you have a lovely weekend,



Talk Homework – to spot as many fractions as you can at home 🙂

In English we have been taking notes about 500 word story because the BBC are doing the 500 word story again this year. We will be writing a story at school which we could use for the 500 word story if we wanted. (Sydney)

In topic we’ve been colouring in the countries of the world which we will turn into a globe. Geography strikes back! (Elliott)

In maths we’ve been learning about fractions. Today we did a fraction sheet about adding and subtracting fractions. We all finished the 10 questions on it but some people didn’t get on to the bonus because it was quite hard. (George M)

In science we’ve been learning about plants and we are going to do an experiment to find out how plants will grow with different things. (Emily and Olivia)

In music we have been learning our songs for the year 3 and 4 play and one of them we are going to do a silly dance to. But we can’t carry on learning our songs until Miss Wetzel is better, she’s a better singer than Mr B. (Ethan and Violet)

Have a lovely weekend.



Talk Homework – to discuss an adventure story. What is it about and how is it structured?

In art we have been colour blending with different colouring pencils. We need to practice colour blending for our plant drawings. (Olivia)

In music we have been learning our songs for our school play and they’re really fun! (Sydney)

In maths we were finding fractions and we were sharing blocks and other shapes to find them. We all really enjoyed it. (Jamie) Find 1/2 of 48 =

In PE we’ve been learning how to play hockey. I enjoyed hockey because it is fun. (Robert)

In English we have been writing a poem called My Magic Box. It was based on The Magic Box by Kit Wright, he is really good at poetry. (Violet)

Have a lovely weekend,



No Talk Homework

In English we have been learning about calligrams and calligrams are a poem which makes up a picture. Today we have been doing some more calligrams but we’ve been writing our Christmas poem and then we will draw an angel, Christmas tree, stocking or snowflake and we will write our poems on them. (Martha)

In maths we have been solving lots of problems and have been learning about dividing. Today we could choose divide or times and we had to colour in the picture by working out the question. (Maisy)

In science we have been making fossils then we excavated them with tools. (George J)

In DT we have been sewing our teddies and we are going to be putting the stuffing in next week. Today we are still sewing them up. (Ethan)

In topic we have been discovering 52 skeletons (dun, dun, duuuunnn!). Some of the Romans killed the Celts because they had a war with the Celts. Some Celts got killed by their injuries and the archaeologists found headless bodies whilst they were trying to build an Olympic road. Did you know the Celts were from the Iron age and used Iron tools? (Jamie)

Now we shall talk about PE. In PE we were playing bench ball in the morning and we did football interhouse before lunch. In the bench ball match Hugh and Lincon were the winning teams. Hardwick won interhouse because of the goal difference between them and second place (Lincon). (Anne)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope you have a lovely weekend and that everyone gets a visit from Father Christmas. (Emily)



Talk Homework – To sing your Christmas Carols as much and as beautifully as possible!

In music we have been learning our carols for the carol concert on Thursday 14th December. My favourite song is Joy to the World which Year 3 and 4 will be singing. (Olivia) We are going to practice sooooo much that we are going to start to annoy you. (Robert)

In DT we have been back stitching our teddies and next week we are going to be turning them inside out, stuffing them, sewing the hole up and then decorating them. We are enjoying DT. (Lauren)

In English we have been editing our letters that we wrote to our authors. Today we rewrote our letters and some of us only got half way through. Next week we will writing the final letter and sending them off. We are all very excited to see if we get a reply. (Sydney)

In maths we mostly have been dividing but we still did some problem solving today. We had a square with four different equations in it and we had to put the numbers 1 to 8 into the boxes. We could only use each number once. Here is the problem (George M)

There are lots of other problems on which we can have a go at 🙂

We hope you have a lovely weekend,

From Attenborough


Talk Homework – What do you want to ask your favourite author?

In maths we’ve been doing our times tables, smile method and using place value to times by ten. We have done a statistics quiz today to see what we remember about pictograms and graphs. (Indiah and Jamie)

In DT we have been practicing sewing on aida to learn how to back stitch. On Monday we will start to stitch our teddies together. (Violet)

In Spanish we’ve been learning about transport. This week we had to match up the Spanish names with the transport then we did a word search. (Elliott)

In English we have been coming up with questions to ask our authors and we had to get some information from the iPads. Soon we will start to write our letters to our authors. (Ethan)

Hope you have a lovely weekend.



Talk Homework – To talk about your favourite book. 

In dance we have been listening to different songs about stars and making different dances to go with them. We talked about synchronization and cannon and then we included that in our dance as well. (Maisy)

In DT we’ve been designing our toy so that next week we can make it. Also we’ve been writing our flow chart so we know the steps we need to do. (Emily) ANY PARENT HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED – MISS WETZEL

In maths we have been collecting data and we’ve been doing charts. The charts are called bar charts, tally charts, frequency tables and pictograms. We are going to do more throughout the maths lessons. (Jamie)

In ICT we have been trying to figure out a code that can work for anything. This is called an algorithm. (Ethan)

In English we have been writing a letter to Mrs Anderson to say thank you for teaching us Spanish and to have a good time in Year 4. Also you have to write what you enjoyed and what you are going to do with it. (Violet)

Have a lovely weekend,

Yours sincerely,



Talk Homework – To describe water using ‘wow’words!

In DT we have been thinking about what we will do for our stone age teddy. We’ve been thinking about what material and stuffing we could use. (Dexter)

In PE we’ve been learning how to play football. We’ve been working in groups and we’ve learnt how to tackle and pass. At the start, when we first started playing football, we went into pairs and dribbled. (Indiah)

In Spanish we recapped how to say hello, how are you and thank you. Miss Wetzel also taught us some sports in Spanish. (George M)

In  ICT we have been playing a game called Light Bot and we have been coding to finish each level. Here is the link to it: (Noah)

In maths we have been learning about bar charts and recapping column subtraction and we’ve been learning our timetables (Lauren) – WHICH WE ALL NEED TO PRACTICE AT HOME! 

In English we have been thinking about authors and soon we will be writing to our favourite  authors. (Olivia)

Thank you for reading and we hope you have a good weekend.



Talk homework – What makes a good cuddly teddy?

In English we have been planning our own non fiction information text for our big write about the Stone Age. Today we wrote our big write and all of us had sheets with boxes on and you had to write your subtitles and then write your non fiction information text. Afterwards you could draw pictures if you wanted to. (Martha)

In maths we have started to learn about subtraction and to steel a digit from another number so we you can take away the first number. (Anne)

In science we have been learning about fossils. The fossil types are called body fossils, trace fossils, mold fossils and resin fossils. Also we’ve been learning about how amber is formed. First a fly gets stuck into tree sap and it hardens up. It turns into amber. (Ethan)

In DT (design and technology) we’ve been planning how to make a teddy bear. So we drew what we wanted it to look like and in the next couple of weeks we are going to start making it. (Elliott)

P.S Miss Wetzel would like help with the sewing please 🙂

Thank you for reading Attenborough’s class page. (Maisy)



In art we have been making pots out of clay and they look like what the Bronze age people have done. (Martha)

In English we’ve been planning to write a non-fiction information text (NFIT) about Stonehenge. (George M)

In maths we’ve been making a clock like Stonehenge because we’ve been learning about time. (George J)

In science we wrote a very cool story about Roger the rock and he turns into Simon soil. We have also tested our knowledge about the different rocks called Metamorphic, Igneous and Sedimentary. We were only aloud to use six words per rock but it didn’t count for the rock name. (Jamie)

In PE we did gym and we made routines and showed them to Mr B’s class, then they showed theirs to our class. (Noah)

Thank you for visiting our class blog. Have a good half term. (Violet)

From Attenborough



Talk homework – Practice ’30 days have September’ poem at home – a lot! 

In art we’ve been making our own cave paintings  using our art books and taking a piece of paper and copying something from our art books onto it. (Indiah)

In maths we have been learning about how many days there are in a year and we’ve been ordering time. To help us understand it we have been doing activities outside. (Maisy)

In science we’ve been learning about Roger Rock who turned into Simon Soil. (Emily) We’ve been learning about this to understand how rocks turn into soil by erosion. (Violet)

Today in English we have been making up our own questions about a piece of text and it was called Oceans Alive. All the questions were about the contents and there were 8 chapters. (Olivia)

In RE and art we have been making Christmas cards. We picked two Christmas Carols and we put tea stains on them. Then we ripped the carol up and stuck it on some A5 paper. Then we cut out a silhouette out of black paper and stuck it on the A5 paper. (George M)

Thank you for reading our blog, (Elliott)



Talk homework – See what shapes you can find around your house. Can you describe the lines and angles?

In maths we have been learning about shapes and we’ve been trying to make pictures out of them. They were called Tangrams. (Sydney)

In art we have been using pastels and charcoal to make pictures. We have been smudging them to make them look like cave paintings from the stone age. (Emily)

In music we have been learning how to play note A and B on the recorder and playing short tunes. (Maisy)

In Spanish we have been learning about our body parts, colours, fruits and treats. (Elliott)

We have been writing our own stories and it has been really fun. All of the class, I think, have been enjoying it very much. (In English, Jamie)

In science we were doing tests with soil and seeing which one drained water the quickest. There were 3 types of soils, loam, sand and clay. We found out sand drained the quickest. (Lauren)

We’ve enjoyed writing the blog on the computer and hope you enjoy reading it. (Robert)




Talk homework – to tell a stone age story to your adults. 

In English we have been writing a class story about the stone age. It has been really fun! (Jamie) To help us we used a story mountain to plan the story. (Emily)

In science we have been learning about the layers inside the world and we cracked a boiled egg in half to see what it was like in the middle of the world. (Violet)

In maths we have been learning about shapes and we’ve been going around the school to see vertical, horizontal, perpendicular and parallel lines. (Olivia)

In music we learnt the note A and B on the recorder and have played some tunes on them. (George M)

In ICT we have been going into Mr B’s classroom and playing light bot. com to help us understand instructions for computers and debugging them. (Ethan)

Have a nice weekend.

Love Attenborough



Talk Homework – To tell your adults about erosion. 

Last week in English we learnt how to describe a scene. We went to the church yard to help us imagined what was in the background as we listened to music as we wrote. (Anne and Martha) This week we have been learning about harvest and writing class poems about harvest. (Dexter)

In art we have been testing different pencils and pastels by smudging and experimenting wi them. We’ve done this so we can create a cave painting. (Violet and Lauren)

In maths we’ve been learning about column addition and partitioning numbers to answer some addition questions. Try this (we can do it): 65,785,162 + 7,635,789 = ?   (Warning: have a go otherwise we’ll find you!) (Maisy and Jamie)

In science we’ve been learning about rocks and doing some experiments with them. Last week we did some experiments with chocolate to understand how metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous rocks were formed. (Olivia)

In topic we’ve been learning about the Stone Age and we played a game called ‘Cave Hunter’ to find different rocks and artifacts which were all found by archaeologists. (Elliott)

Thank you for looking at our blog, have a nice weekend. (Noah)

From Attenborough