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12th June 2015 –  Year 5/6 production of Aladdin
24th April 2015 – Year 5 Safety Zone visit
17th April 2015 – MX Band event at Wood Green
23rd January 2015 – Bears Spring Term Newsletter
September 2014 – Bears Autumn Newsletter
29th September 2014 – Year 5 – Viking Day


Friday 15th May

We have had a busy week this week!

In English we have been looking at the story Hamlet which was written by the famous playwright William Shakespeare. We have written it in different ways; this week we have written a script for the opening scene.

In gymnastics we have been doing part and full weight taking balances. Here are a few photos to show what we have been doing and how hard it is. Try some at home – but only in the garden! (Aren’t they amazing? – Mr B.)


IMG_1254 IMG_1255 IMG_1267

We learnt how to stay safe at the St Neots Safety Zone and had a lot of fun too! Here are some photos of the day:


We were all so busy watching television that we didn’t see the fire!


We have done some CPR in the safety zone. Do you know what CPR stands for? Now your children can rescue you and become heroes!


Ryan didn’t wear a helmet (on his egg) so his egg got destroyed when they crashed into the ground. Make sure you always wear a helmet!

Friday 8th May

In English we have been writing about ghost stories. We wrote an introduction inspired by Hamlet.

In ICT we have gone on an app called Hopscotch. In Hopscotch we have been debugging different algorithms (instructions and sequences).

In Maths we have been learning about square numbers. We have also been doing cube numbers, which was really fun. For you parents, what is 5 squared and what is 7 cubed?


By Holly, Sienna and Nelson.

Friday 1st May

In French we have started learning what is in our pencil case. Do you know what “les ciseaux“ is in English?

We have started using Hopscotch in computing lessons. We made an algorithm to make a character move when we tilted the iPad.

In English we have looked in more detail at Katherine of Aragon and wrote a diary entry about when she got divorced from Henry VIII. Some people pretended they were Anne Boleyn instead and we are learning more about her now.


By Ellie and Ben H.

Friday 24th April

In History, we have started learning about the Tudors including King Henry VIII and his six wives. We know their fates thanks to a rhyme we have learnt:

“Divorced, beheaded, died,

Divorced, beheaded, survived.”

Specifically we have been learning about Katherine of Aragon because she was locked in Buckden Towers in the 16th century.


In P.E., we have been doing gymnastics with Miss Askham. We have been doing balances and sequences. We have also learnt a warm up stretch.


Our Science topic this half-term is the life cycle of a flowering plant. We know the main stages of the cycle and know a lot about how seeds are dispersed. One way that seeds are dispersed is thanks to animals ingesting and then excreting the seeds in new locations.


April E-safety in Bears

We have debated whether you should be 13 or over to have a Facebook account, all year 5 and year 6 argued this point together in the hall. It was interesting to hear different peoples points of views, some of which we hadn’t considered ourselves.

We watched a Newsround Clip that showed us how to stay safe online. This focussed upon chatrooms; from this we know not to lie about our age, agree to meet someone that we don’t know and not to leave your password, personal details or computer open for someone to use against you.

We made leaflets to share with people how to stay safe when using the internet, this covers all we have learnt about e-safety this week.

We are really enjoying our new library space; it looks amazing and is great fun to read in!


Friday 23rd January


We have been writing diary entries this week. We all pretended we were alive in the middle ages and wrote a diary from the point of view of a servant or knight. A lot of our masters got served burnt toast!


We have looked at word problems this week and have got really good at working out how find out what mathematical operation we need to use to solve problems. We can even solve problems that need two steps now!


In History, we have been learning about knights and the Code of Chivalry. We learned that knights liked to have fair fights and were very honourable. Next week we will design our own code of chivalry.

Talk Homework

Discuss how people try to be fair and honourable in modern times. How could this be put into a 21st Century Code of Chivalry?


Friday 16th January


This week we learned about Roman Numerals and converting them to Arabic numerals. XXII is 22 and MCDXLIV is 1,444.


We have been learning how to write a recount and next week we will be writing diaries. We improved a recount of how Arthur became King Arthur.


This term we are learning how to play hockey. Miss Lizzel has taught us how to push pass and hit pass. I think I am amazing at them both (Dickie).

By Piper, Dickie and Sienna


Friday 21st November

Talk Homework

Discuss with someone at home why coming to Britain from Scandinavia was good for the Vikings.


We have been looking at instructions this week. We tried giving each other unambiguous instructions for how to put on a jumper, but a lot of people ended up with their arms and heads in the wrong holes! We learned that we need to make our instructions clear and precise.


We have been learning about fractions and can now find fractions of quantities as well as converting and adding fractions.


We have learned about gravity and air resistance. Did you know that there are videos from the International Space Station on youtube and that there is no gravity there! We have also performed a fair investigation to test what we have learned about air resistance.


We have been looking at maps of the area around Buckden and identifying the symbols using the key provided. We can also use a six-figure grid reference to tell people where to find points of interest.


Friday 3rd October


In English the characters we created met with Thor the Viking God of Thunder. We had to write about an adventure they had in our own settings. In Jaime’s story, Thor and Aquadus had to survive in a cave and battle to free themselves. Lucy’s characters fought their way through a forest only to wake up and realise it was all a dream. Holly had her character Felicity trapped in a spooky stone castle with skeletons. She had to battle Thor to eventually escape.


Maths was all about Venn Diagrams. This is a way of sorting out data. We practiced by sorting out pictures of Viking Gods, Superheroes and Mr Burfiend, which made us all laugh! We went on to sort out multiples of 3 and factors of 10. As we got really good at this we practiced harder multiples and factors.

Venn diagram


In science we did experiments to separate water from sand. Then we had to use filter paper to separate the water from the sand. We had to predict what would happen and then write up our results. We were right with our prediction that the sand stayed in the filter paper.

By Jamie, Lucy, Holly.


Friday 26th September

This week we learnt all about data collection using smarties! We had to make a tally chart of the colours of the smarties and then we converted it into a bar chart.

In English we learnt all about how to describe the atmosphere of a setting, we wrote about caves, woods and other mysterious places. Then we wrote about a character. We were allowed to choose a Viking god and we described his or her physical appearance, physical traits and personality. We could chose Freyja, Loki or Balder.

European Day
Today we are having European day. Every one dressed up, in assembly lots of children were dressed up in costumes from Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, and Turkey. Mr Burfiend was dressed up in a greek costume! We are having a special lunch, we are not sure if we want it to be snails, but would love croissants.

EDL 127

By Nelson, Millicent and Jonathan.


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