Class 1 – Puddleducks

Welcome to the Puddleducks class page

15th July 2016

My goodness me, can you believe that we have come to the end of the school year! What a wonderful year it has been. Your children are truly amazing 🙂 . Thank you all so much for the lovely gifts you have given us. The picture frames are a perfect memory.

This week we have made puppets and performed puppet shows to each other. They were very funny! All the children were also inspirational when they ran 3km for Cancer Research. I was astounded that they all completed it.

Have an amazing holiday making special memories to cherish.

1st July 2016

Darcy has really enjoyed finding out about rock pools this week. We even created our own and added all the things the non fiction book suggested would be in it. Bella liked reading our red hot read, ‘Commotion in the Ocean’. We read lots of riddles and had to guess which creature was hiding behind the rocks. We then all wrote our own. These are on display so come and take a look and see if you can guess what is behind the port hole window. Liliana enjoyed learning about odd and even numbers by counting out shoes and matching them in to pairs. Hibba loved our nature Olympics where the children had to create their own games from only what they could find in the natural environment. Some children made hurdles, javelins and even archery bows!

James really enjoyed this afternoons Enterprise day organised by the Year 6’s.

Next week the children will be spending Monday to Thursday with their new teachers Miss Wilkerson, Mrs Anderson and Miss Conlong.


17th June 2016

Apologies for putting no blog on last week but we were very busy rehearsing for our amazing PAC performance.

This week we have read all about Barnaby Bear and his visit to the beach. We wrote postcards, we have created our own seaside which has lifeguard and safety flags thanks to Charlie, Sanjay and James.

We have learnt a lot about money and how important it is this week. The children have entered a competition. Many children decided that it wasn’t money that bought happiness but instead the best things in life are often free.

The children have used shells to weigh and also do some detailed observational drawings.

27th May 2016

Another half term done!!! This week we enjoyed a camping day. We made tents, explored the mud kitchen and played sports.

In maths we have been counting on and back and counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

Have a lovely half term.

20th May 2016

Talk Homework- What did we do at Paxton Pits?

All the children were exceptional at Paxton Pits. It was a great day full of exploration of nature.

This week we have also been sawing to create a bug hotel and solving addition and subtraction problems.

Next week on Tuesday we invite you to attend a learning journey sharing session at 2:45pm.

Also if you have any egg boxes they would be appreciated in school next week as we are going to be counting in twos.

13th May 2016 – Puddleducks, Tiggywinkles costumes

6th May 2016

Talk Homework- Can you count in 2’s and 10’s?

This week we welcomed a fire engine. The children were all very excited to hear all about the gadgets on board.

We read Super Worm and created our own acrostic poems using the word Worm. The children were all really creative and some even made more poems using other creatures.

Maths has been all about data collection and making tally charts and pictograms. The children worked really well in groups to make big pictograms. Have a look on our maths working wall to see the results.

We have worked very hard this week on preparing our singing for the PAC show and have created our own class song to present to you too. We also got to use the big apparatus in the hall.

29th April 2016

Talk Homework- Take some time to search your garden for nature and write a list of what you find on the piece of paper in your child’s book bag.

We have read the story- Norman the Silly Slug. It was really funny and made us all giggle especially at the end when he used underpants as wings! The children wrote book reviews and some even re wrote the story in their own words.

We have learnt all about recycling this week too. On Wednesday we went for a wander around the village in search of recycling facilities and bins. We talked about containers and capacity and explored how much different containers held.

In Maths, we have also been learning how to count in twos and how to double numbers.

Tilly was kind enough to bring in her sisters stick insects which were very hard to find!!!

Please remember you have mathletics homework to complete each week too. This week it is linked to capacity.

Have a lovely long weekend!

22nd April 2016

Talk Homework- What do you know about recycling?

Hungry Caterpillar was the Red Hot Read this week. We solved mathematical problems using the story answering questions like How many things did the caterpillar eat on Monday and Thursday? The children have worked on subtraction calculations too learning to put the largest digit first.

Everyone has written their very own story of the Hungry Caterpillar creating whole books. They chose their own ideas for what the caterpillar may eat each day.

We have welcomed our real caterpillars to the classroom and are now hoping they will form cocoons. We also made butterfly feeders to entice butterflies to our outdoor classroom.

In phonics we have started learning about consonant clusters. See if your child can remember what this tricky long word means!

15th April 2016 – Puddleducks class visit to Paxton Pits

15th April 2016

Talk Homework-  How do caterpillars change?

This week we started our new topic called Down at the Bottom of the Garden. We learnt all about birds. The children have been reading many non fiction books to learn new things. We also used the internet to research. We then wrote our own non fiction texts with all the new things we had learnt.

In Maths we were introduced to PIM the alien. We learnt that 3+4=7. We have created lots of addition calculations. Take a look.

24th March 2016

Firstly Happy Easter to you all!


We hope you all enjoyed coming to see the children’s super hero dance and sharing their learning journeys. I know the children were very proud of themselves.

On Monday the children enjoyed a lovely visit to church to celebrate Easter. Several children chose to make crosses and write about what makes Jesus a super hero to us.

We have now been taught oo, ee, ai, oi, igh, or, ow, ar, ure, er, oa, ur, ear and air digraphs and trigraphs this half term. Some children are already quite familiar with them. Next half term we shall be revisiting them and moving onto consonant clusters and consonant strings.

Thank you to Mr Ratcliffe, a local nursing super hero, who came to talk to the children about his profession. It was brilliant to see all his equipment and learn the wash your hands song. The children have been role playing as nurses themselves this week.

Today we were also very lucky to be visited by a beautiful lamb and we all had to be very quiet so as not to frighten him. He was extremely cute and soft.

We were also lucky enough to have a visit from Christine this week who read us a lovely fairy tale with a twist.

See you all next term!

11th March 2016

Eliot the Midnight Super Hero has been the story that we have enjoyed this week. We have used the ipads to create POW comic strips and drawn comic strips of our own. In maths we have learnt all about money and coins.

Today we were lucky enough to welcome a Flight Officer, a local super hero. He showed us all his kit and answered all the questions we had.

The artist we have looked at has been Seurat. We made paintings of our own in the pointalism style he was known for. We have also created theme tunes using the keyboard and percussion instruments to reflect our super hero characters.


4th March 2016

I wish I were a Super Hero,

I’d be able to fly,

Right up to the sky!

This week we have been rhyming wizards. We have read the story ‘Super Kid’ and written our own poem verses and lots of rhyming strings. We have also started to learn our Super Hero dance.

Grace enjoyed our maths this week. We have been weighing items and learning how to use scales. Each group made their own playdough choosing a special colour and smell and following the measurements.

You have a letter in bags asking for a plain white t shirt to be bought in by next Friday which will be sewn and painted upon to transform it into a super hero costume.

26th February 2016

Talk Homework- Compare the weights of items around your house using mathematical vocabulary.


This week we have read the story ‘Super Daisy’. We all made up our own POW words and our own captions to accompany the comic strip in the story. We have also begun to make up our own individual super hero personas with special powers. In the nature area we created potions to enhance our powers and made labels with instructions. It was fun exploring colour mixing.

Maths has been learning about estimation. We estimated daisies in a hoop, cubes in our shoes and what we could achieve in 20 seconds. Charlotte won the ‘How many sweets?’ competition and very kindly shared them amongst the class.

We have also learnt about a Super Artist- Piet Mondrian from Holland. Check out our interpretation of his abstract art work.

Talk Homework- Talk about the Celebration of Chinese New Year.

‘Who’s that trip trapping over my bridge!!!’ cry the Puddleduck trolls. It has been a week all about the Billy Goats Gruff.

We have all made troll faces from clay too.

Maths has been adding and subtracting 1 recognising 1 more and 1 less. We even made magic wands to perform calculation spells.

Have a lovely weekend.

Puddleducks Spring Term Class Newsletter

29th January 2016

‘Run, run as fast as you can!’ has been a very common phrase this week in our classroom as we have read ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We made speech bubbles and maps of the story.

We linked our maths to the story looking at symmetry. We made symmetrical Gingerbread Men and made folded over paintings. We looked all around the school for symmetry in the buildings and nature.

In the nature area this week we braced the wind and collected items to make collages.

Jonathan really enjoyed using the mirrors to find lines of symmetry and William loved the painting activity.

We have now learnt the digraphs oo, or, ar and ur.

Next week we shall be building bridges, any boxes or newspapers to help with this would be greatly appreciated. You should also find an invitation from your child to come and share their learning journeys with them. Looking forward to seeing you all then.

22nd January 2016

Talk Homework- What is symmetry?

This week has been all about the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood. We read several different books which all told the story in slightly different ways. In one book we were all shocked that that naughty wolf even ate up Red Riding Hood too! We have also been singing lots of songs about the story.

Maths has been all about addition. We have played games, rolled dice and used numicon to make totals to 10. Darcey has really enjoyed this challenge. We also did our first ever Big Maths Beat That challenge.

During nature school we had a very exciting time making instruments from the natural resources around us. We used them to create an orchestra. Charlotte particularly enjoyed this part of the week.

15th January 2016

Talk Homework- What sort of a character is Little Red Riding Hood?

Who’s been eating my porridge??? Has been a regularly asked question this week. We have been acting out, sequencing and retelling the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children have all produced some lovely paintings of their favourite fairy tale too. They are on display in the corridor so take a look next time you are in school.

In maths we have continued to order digits to 20 and have also learnt about ordinal numbers. We have had races and pushed cars down ramps and awarded rosettes 1st to 5th place.

We also finished our dance to Peter and The Wolf. The children interpreted the music so well, especially the angry wolf!

8th January 2016

Talk Homework- Talk about your favourite fairy tale.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Bella has enjoyed learning about the different characters in the story. We used puppets to act out the story together and even added instruments to enhance it.

Oliver and William recall that we have learnt igh, oa, ee and ai this week. We are beginning to use them in out writing too.

In maths we have been looking at number lines, missing numbers and sequencing digits to 20. Terrance loved meeting Mr Mole in the nature area. He had written us a letter asking what we liked most about nature. We had no pens or paper so replied to him by leaving messages in the soil.

11th December 2015

Talk Homework- Find out about the Jewish festival, Hannukah.

Leyla recalls that we have learnt a new digraph, ng, this week. We pretended to be weight lifters to remember this sound. We also practiced sh, ch and th making posters for these sounds to help us remember them.

Charlie loved the story ‘Father Christmas Needs a Wee!’ We used the story to do some maths, counting up how many drinks he had. It was a big total, more than 50, no wonder he needed a wee!

We have read and acted out the nativity story using masks and nativity dolls. Some children sequenced the key events and created their own books. Grace loved making her Nativity scene decoration. We have also been busy creating tricky Christmas Wreaths, threaded stockings and cards.

Extra treats this week included watching Yr 1 and 2 in their Christmas show which was amazing. GenR8 also visited to talk to us about the true meaning of Christmas.



4th December 2015

Talk Homework- Can you retell the Christmas Nativity Story?

What a performance!!! We were so proud of all the children. DSCF2928

As well as our acting skills we have been busy in class too. We have learnt sh, ch and th in phonics. Isabella really liked being a cheeky clown making the ‘th’ sound, Oliver enjoy being a train and ‘chchching’ away and everyone fell quiet as we learnt ‘sh’. IMG_8633

Continuing with our topic of ‘Celebrations’ we had our own wedding. We learnt about Sikh wedding traditions too. It was lovely when the bears exchanged rings, kissed and we all clapped. Bella and Terrance built a wonderful carriage to transport them to the wedding.

Leyla’s handwriting has improved immensely and she has enjoyed practicing the n, m and h letters this week.

Darcey has enjoyed making addition calculations with the numicon too.

Miss Lizell has taught us how to speed stack which was quite challenging.

As if that wasn’t enough, we have also created a Santa’s Grotto role play area which looks amazing!


27th November 2015

Talk Homework- What do you know about wedding celebrations?

This week has been Road Safety week. The children have used their role play to demonstrate how to be safe, be seen and follow the stop, look and listen rules. We also went outside to do a traffic survey. We noticed that in Buckden cars are the most frequent vehicle and lorries the least. We discussed why this is and the children had really good reasons.

Darcey, Isabella and Liliana have remembered that we learnt qu, y and z this week.

Charlie and Bella have been very good with pattern work this week and have even managed to make patterns with shapes, sizes and numbers.

James loved watching the ‘Opera Hotpot’ performance. It has given us inspiration for our own nativity next week which now looks great.


20th November 2015

Talk Homework- Discuss how to stay safe near roads.

This weeks highlight has been baptising our class doll, Dorothy at St Mary’s Church. Our parents and God Parents did an amazing job.

In maths we have read the story, ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and talked about the directional and positional vocabulary. We then played lots of games including guiding our blindfolded partners around an obstacle course. The second half of the week was all about 2D shapes. We sorted them, described them and played with them. The Puddleducks are fantastic at naming them.

Our Red Hot Read for the week has been ‘Handa’s Surprise’. We have made masks, retold the story and sequenced the events.

On top of all this we have been busily rehearsing our nativity play. It is starting to look really good, we just need to remember our lines without prompting.

Several children enjoyed putting on a party for Dorothy and Finlay the dolls, setting up a lovely table and writing invitations and making party bags.

13th November 2015

Talk Homework- Talk about baby naming ceremonies.

This week has been all about the Hindu festival of Diwali. We have made diva lamps, mendih hand patterns, rangoli mats and acted out the story of Rama and Sita. The children also made Indian sweets today. Charlie enjoyed PE with Miss Lizell where they learnt football skills. Darcey enjoyed dancing to Celebrate good times music. Grace recalls that we have also been sequencing digits to 10 then 20 in maths this week.IMG_8423 IMG_8427 IMG_8466 IMG_8472 IMG_8480 IMG_8485 IMG_8491

1511 – Marys Knitting – Puddleducks and Tiggywinkles Christmas Play

6th November 2015

Talk Homework- Talk about the celebration of Diwali. What can you find out about it? How is it similar to other celebrations you know.

This week has been all about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. Isabella liked following written instructions to make tools from straws. We then used these to make wonderful paintings of fireworks. Darcey recalled the whole story of Guy Fawkes using the role play masks. William really enjoyed dancing to the 1812 Overture pretending to be fireworks. Terrance followed written instructions to make his own sparkler. Grace liked counting backwards on her rocket picture and making bonfire night inspired counting books.

Some new things happened this week too. We have started to write captions using our phonics skills. Bella has been very proud of what she has achieved with this. Leyla enjoyed the surprise visit we received from Pudsey Bear. James loved building our guy and bonfire in the nature area. We also all found our own nature treasures.

IMG_8375 IMG_8397 IMG_8407 IMG_8412

22nd October 2015

Talk Homework- To talk about how you celebrate special occasions in your household.

This week has been all about buildings and homes. We all made our own houses using box construction techniques. These were then all put together to make a model village of Buckden. We then added extra points of interest and buildings with construction kits. Liliana added a train track and a zoo. Grace and Oliver added an ice cream shop. Miss Anderson then visited our labelled village and was very impressed with what she saw.

In phonics we learnt j, x, w and v. It was great fun wobbling the jelly for j and playing with streamers in the wind for w. James remembers that our maths all week has been matching digits to objects counted.

Have a wonderful half term break, see you again in November!IMG_8321 IMG_8346 IMG_8355 IMG_8366

16th October 2015

Talk Homework- Look at and talk about what your house looks like. What other buildings are there in Buckden? Please bring in or email a photo of your house and provide boxes as we shall be making model houses next week.

This week we have learnt how to jump safely in PE. Darcey liked doing the star jump. Terrance remembers that as part of our magical me topic we have read the story ‘Pass the Jam Jim’. This inspired us to write our own pages using our own names. We have learnt h, l, f and b letters too.

Isabella enjoyed going to the library, she had not been to this one before. All of us had lots of fun and want to say thank you to Anne.

Learning h in hopping races.

Learning h in hopping races.

Writing rhyming strings.

Writing rhyming strings.

Learning l by licking lollies- our favourite letter!

Learning l by licking lollies- our favourite letter!


Matching rhyming pairs.

Matching rhyming pairs.

9th October 2015

Talk Homework- Try and make up a rhyme or alliterative sentence with your name for example, Mrs Woodward’s wears wellies or Mrs Dunford wears a hood, she looks good!

Maths has been all about Pattern this week. All the children have been busily making patterns from anything and everything they can. Darcey is pleased to recall that we have learnt ck, e, u and r in phonics. The children have put their phonics skills to great use in writing a healthy menu.

We read the story, ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’. It inspired us to make plates of healthy food.

In PE we have been balancing again. We are getting very confident now. The highlight of the week was our first church visit where we sung all about a Harvest Basket. The children were perfectly behaved and made us all proud.

Don’t forget we will be visiting the library next Thursday afternoon. Please send in your child’s library card for this. We could also do with a couple more parent helpers to help us walk there safely.

Learning e.

Learning e.

IMG_8273 IMG_8276

Learning u

Learning u

2nd October 2015

Talk Homework- Discuss healthy eating and behaviour such as sleeping and exercising.

This week we have been adding. Charlotte enjoyed the adding one calculations song and the Body Maths rap we sang. Darcey has remembered that we learnt 4 new sounds, g, o, c and k. It was great fun dancing as Spanish dancers with castanets to remember c and k.

Our red hot read was ‘Funny Bones’. Isabella enjoyed making an art straw skeleton.

As well as all this, we made pictures for our families and addressed an envelope to send them through the post. Terrance loved improving his balance on the apparatus in PE and Imogen has enjoyed learning our Harvest song.IMG_8167 IMG_8175 IMG_8177 IMG_8236

25th September 2015

Talk Homework- Help your child to learn their address. Please also provide a stamp for next week as we shall be sending home something special in the post.

This week James enjoyed PE with Miss Lizell. The children played toilet tag and bananas and teddy bears. Isabella enjoyed our visit from baby Mia. We asked questions about what she can and can’t do and compared with ourselves. We also had lots of fun looking at our own baby photos. The children had to try and guess who was who. Leyla was really enthusiastic about this task. Today, we all had a go at mapping our family trees. It was great finding out what everyone calls their grandparents. Charlotte shared that she calls her grandpa Gong Gong!

Darcey recalls that in maths we have been learning lots of songs involving counting backwards from 5. We are getting quite good at recognising these digits now.

Our phonics sounds this week have been i, n, m and d. Some of the children are already beginning to sound and blend the sounds taught into words which is excellent.

IMG_8142 IMG_8147

16th September – Puddleducks Class Newsletter

EYFS Autumn 1 Magical Me Curriculum Jigsaw

wowvouchers For you to fill out when your child achieves something really special you want to share.

18th September 2015 Talk Homework- Please talk about your child’s family tree. Could you also please send in a named baby photo of your child so we can play Guess the Baby next week.

Our First Fortnight!!!

I am pleased to say that all the Puddleducks have taken to school like ducks to water!!! This week we have started to learn our sounds in phonics lessons. So far we have learnt s, a, t and p. We have also completed our first big write about ourselves.

In maths we have been counting our fingers and recognising digits to 5 and then 10.

The children have all been loving the outdoor classroom, especially the curly caterpillar. Lunches are also a big hit. This week the children started Spanish with Mrs Anderson and PE with Miss Lizell. Both teachers were full of compliments about how well behaved the children are.

Friendships are also developing in the class. We made a friendship web which helped us to see who has things in common. IMG_8072 IMG_7896 IMG_7991 IMG_8030


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