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Welcome to Almond class page.
13th May 2016 – Year 5-6 Sex Ed lessons
29th January 2016 – Year 6 SATS tests
1601 – Year 6 Spring Term newsletter
11th December 2015- War Horse film
25th September 2015 – Letter re Year 6 Open Day and Evening at Hinchingbrooke School
25th September 2015 – Year 5/6 Church Schools Day
22nd September 2015 – Imperial War Museum
18th September 2015 – Kimbolton Masterclass
16th September 2015 – Almond Class Newsletter

Friday 18th March

In English we have been discussing the issue of testing on animals. We each chose a role and then had to plan an argument from the point of view of our character.  We could be a:

  • Animal welfare officer
  • Animal Right Protester
  • Scientists
  • Teenager who had meningitis

In maths we have been looking at angles and different ways we use angles and calculating missing angles on a triangle or on a quadrilateral, we know that angles inside a triangle add up to 180 degrees, and angles in quadrilaterals add up to 360 degrees.

In science we have been looking at our organs in our body. Lillie brought in a PowerPoint she had made at home and we all learnt lots of useful facts.

Remember: to bring instruments in on Monday if you don’t to music anymore!

Friday 11th March

In English we have been looking at bread recipes so we are going to write a set of instructions for our bread that we made in D.T. To help us with our writing, we have been looking in food magazines to see how they use tips and hints, subordinate clauses and descriptive vocabulary to engage the reader.

In Maths this week we have been looking at angles. We now know how to calculate missing angles on a straight line, in a triangle and around a point.

This time in science we have started looking at the human body. We drew round a person from our class and then named all of the parts we were asked to look at.

In R.E we are thinking about whether we can use the Bible as a guide to help us live our lives today. We read the story of The Good Samaritan and then watched a video clip of a person asking for help dressed as a vicar and then as a homeless person.  Mrs Purser asked us this question:  Does the vicar deserve help more than the rough sleeper? We also thought about what we wold do in this situation. Here is the link to the video clip

Friday 12th  February


This week in English we have been finishing off our persuasive writing text on the Galapagos Islands. We have also been planning and writing our 500 word story. We thought about the characters and the settings for our story and we looked at previous winning stories and thought if we liked them or not.  We all liked the gold winner, but are going to try and make our own stories even better!


This week in science some of us went with Mrs Burns and learnt about bird beaks and which one was the best adapted to the environment and the small one was the best! With Mrs Masters they look at fossils and presented to the other group. Together we got amazing facts some of us hasn’t heard before.


This week we have been finishing our unit of hockey which is called quick sticks.


This week we have been leaning about the Galapagos Islands. We have looked at Travel Brochures to learn how to use persuasive language. Now we all want to go to the Galapagos Islands!

We have been doing data representation using Bar Charts and Pie Charts. We have used our Mini-Mathletics-Math-Books , which was fun! Today we have Big Maths Beat That [which we all love!]

In P.E we have been doing Hockey with Lizell, we have learned new and old skills.

By: Lewis, Lillie and Scarlett

Friday 29th January

Young voices report

On Wednesday, we headed to London to the O2 arena to perform as part as Young Voices choir.

We sang our hearts out and enjoyed the whole experience together. We had our own banner which we placed above where we were sitting so the other school could see who we are. We were very high and with people who conquered their fears of heights. We very proudly remembered all the words and dance moves (even the teachers).We had our lunch and dinner there as a group as well and often needed the loo. We all had our white Buckden school t-shirts on; everyone in the choir wore white so when the coloured lights came on it reflected the pattern and made it look super cool! 🙂

The coach ride took about 2 hours on the way there and back. On the way home most people fell asleep as we arrived back in Buckden at midnight!

We all enjoyed the event so much. We have some people from Almond class to share what they enjoyed the most:

Ryan Ebers: ‘’I loved where we were sitting and the songs were energising.’’ 🙂

Isobel: ‘’The atmosphere was exhilarating’’

Lillie: ‘’I love the whole experience being together as a school’’ J

Written by
Lillie and Floss

Friday 15th January

We have been learning about the history of the world and evolution, beginning with the Big Bang and finishing with modern man. We have looked at Charles Darwin’s theories and how he developed them.

In DT our new subject is bread! We have tested seven different types, some better than others. The potato bread was like playdough, but brioche was really popular. At some point we will all be devising our own recipes and making our own loaves.

In English we watched a short film called “The Blue Umbrella”. We listened to a diary entry written from the perpective of the umbrella, and then carried on writing the diary

Maths has been about coordinates, and we are fast becoming expert at plotting points on graphs and finding places on maps.




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