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Friday 20th May

In English we have been reading the story of Little Red Riding Hood, looking at the character of the wolf in particular – Harry E

In maths we were looking at different ways of partitioning numbers

eg. 32 = 3 tens and 2 units or 2 tens and 12 units – Elijah, Jodie and Alfie

We then moved onto using partitioning to help us when adding 2 digits – Leyna

Some shoots have appeared on our tomato plants this week which is very exciting. Hopefully we can keep them alive long enough for them to actually grow some tomatoes – Matilda


We have been working hard ready to entertain everyone at the PAC – Olivia

Friday 13th May

In maths this week we have been solving word problems. We have been detectives and found the hidden calculations and today we had a go at writing our own word problems – Nate

We were rather excited on Wednesday afternoon as in Science we planted our own tomato plants. Now we just have to wait and see if they will grow – Ted

We played some more Fix the Factory in computing – Oliver

In english we wrote our own version of Robin Hood with a twist. There were lots of different twists and Mrs Jaynes really enjoyed reading all of them – Ella

Friday 6th May

In English we have been watching the disney version of Robin Hood. We compared this version with the one that we read last week, they are quite different – Ella

Today in maths we were problem solving. The problems were based on shapes and they were very tricky – Ava

In topic we have been extending our learning of the River Nile. We researched some facts and also found out why it was so important to the Egyptians – Elijah

We have enjoyed lots of singing this week in preparation for the Summer Extravaganza at the PAC – Olivia


Friday 29th April

In English we have been looking at the story of Robin Hood. We have read once version together as a class and listened to another version this morning – Grace

This week in maths we have been learning about money again. We have been adding up coins to make different amounts and also learnt how to work out change – Charlotte D

In computing we have been continuing to work through the levels on ‘Fix the Factory’ and also learnt the term ‘debugging.’ – Elodie M

In science we recapped the different parts of a plant and also discussed what their jobs are – Ted and Jodie

Friday 22nd April

In science we have begun learning about plants. We looked around the school grounds to find as many different types of plants as we could. There were alot!! – Charlotte Da

This week our Big Write was to write a diary entry pretending that we were George (from George’s Marvellous Medicine). We had to think about what happened and how George felt – Mila and Charlotte Dr

We have extended our learning of multiplication this week to include matching the correct repeated addition calculation. It was tricky to start with but everyone can now match them correctly – Izzy and Elijah

We have know started our new topic ‘Ancient Egyptians.’ We looked at maps and atlases and had to find where the different continents were and name the oceans of the world – Matilda

Friday 15th April

In English we have started to read George’s Marvellous Medicine. We wrote questions about the first chapter and highlight the adjectives that describe Grandma – Ella, Ava, Olivia

We used the Ipads to begin to understand how to create a simple program. We used an app called ‘Fix the factory.’ – Judah

In RE we have begun to look at some of the parables in the bible. This week we read The Good Samaritan and started to think about we could be more like The Good Samaritan – Matilda, Elijah

Friday 18th March

In Maths we have been learning about 3D shapes. Earlier in the week we looked at different types of 3D shapes and on Friday we looked at the properties of different shapes including vertices, faces and edges – Kyle, Matilda, Isabelle.

In English we wrote a story about a journey.  We were able to plan it making sure we included a beginning, middle and end.  On Thursday Mrs Jaynes asked us to self-edit our stories. – Oliver, Isla, Ava.

On Friday in celebration assembly we were given ‘tidy tigger’ – the whole class was shocked!! – McKee Class.

Friday 11th March

In English we have been looking at explanation texts.  On Wednesday afternoon we built bridges on our tables, on Thursday and Friday we wrote an explanation text about the building process. – Olivia

This week in PE we have been learning about rugby.  We were taught how to pass and catch a ball properly. – Isla.

In Maths this week we have been learning about different measurements including length, weight, capacity and temperature – Charlotte, Tyler, James, Judah, Charlotte, and Oliver.

Friday 4th March

On Wednesday, we went to Nene Valley Railway and we spent the day doing lots of different activities whilst at the train station.  We went on a train ride to Peterborough and had some lunch.  We also had a snack in the train station waiting room and in the workshop we saw Thomas the tank engine.There was lots to do but even though we were cold it was a fab day  –  Everybody in year 2 McKee class.

On Friday afternoon we made Mother’s Day Cards, we used our English and art skills to make these cards.  We painted our hands to show the stem and leaves and our fingers made the petals. – Olivia, Harry E and Ashleigh.

In maths this week, we have been looking at fractions.  We can now find a third and a quarter of different numbers – Ava.

Friday 12th February
12th February 2016 – Donaldson & McKee visit to Nene Valley

All of our English lessons this week have been planning and building up our ideas ready for the 500 word stories that we wrote (or started to write) this morning – Alfie

This week we finished our titanic art work. We used our paintings from last week (of the different tones of blue) as our sea. Then we cut out a silhouette of the titanic and also cut out an iceberg – Kyle

Today everybody had a cuddly toy sitting on our desk to try to raise enough money for the school to sponsor 3 guide dogs – Isla


In maths we have been doubling 2 digit numbers – Izzy

We were also lucky to meet Tyler’s new stick insect today


Friday 5th February

All week in English and in topic we have been learning about the Titanic. On Friday we did a big write to show everything that we have learnt so far. We looked at the different classes of people that boarded the Titanic and the different experiences that they had on board – Charlotte Da, Grace and Ava

We created some paintings of the sea, thinking about and using different tones of blue – Tyler D

In maths we have been looking at money, making sure that we know the different coins and can add coins together to make different amounts – Kyle

In handwriting we learnt how to write an ‘x’ in cursive script – Isla

Friday 29th January

This week in maths we have been looking at division.  We have been grouping dots together to work out how many groups they can be shared into – James

In topic this week, we have been looking at lighthouses; specifically Grace Darling and her story about how she saved nine peoples lives – Harry E and Judah.

McKee Spring Term lass Newsletter

Friday 22nd January

In maths we have been learning how to tell the time. We can all tell the time when it is o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to and today we used this to solve problems about time – Grace

In English we have been looking at the features of non-fiction texts. We now know where to find the contents page, index and glossary. Today we made our own glossaries that were set out in alphabetical order – Ted


In topic we have finished our maps of the journey that we made around the village – James


Friday 15th January

In English we have been learning about alliteration. Today we had to write our own silly alliteration poems – James

We have been continuing to learn our 2 times tables – Ted

We also learnt what an array is and how we can use them to help us solve multiplication calculations – Alfie


In science we have been learning about properties of materials and have been trying to describe some materials using their properties – Ava

Friday 8th January

In maths we are all really confident so our 10 times tables so we are having another go at learning our 2 times tables – Isla

In maths we have also been learning our left and right and played a great game involving Where’s Wally to help us practice – Elodie B


In science we learnt what the word material means and are beginning to think about their properties – Izzy

In English we have been looking at silly poems, in particular tongue twisters. We had great fun reading a tongue twister story called Fox in Socks – Harry E

We started our new topic of journeys this morning. We went for a walk around the village to begin planning our own maps of the local area – Ted


We had a non school uniform day today to raise money for schools and families affected by the flooding over Christmas – Elodie M

Friday 11th December

In English we had to write the story of Cinderella for our big write. Mrs Jaynes is very happy with all of them, especially Ava as she was given an excellence award for hers – Tyler S

After weeks and weeks of hard rehearsals we finally got to perform our play to audiences. On Monday the school enjoyed watching our final dress rehearsal and then visitors came to watch us on Tuesday and Wednesday. We all really enjoyed learning our lines, songs and dances and we hope that you enjoyed it too – Harry N


We all thought that Elodie was very brave and inspirational to have sung all by herself up on the stage. Today she got an inspiration award for this – Ella

Today I got my award for getting 40 out of 40 for my big maths beat that test. When we did it today Mrs Jaynes only gave me 80 seconds and I still got all 40 correct – Nate

Friday 4th December

We have continued to look at the story of Cinderella and in particular thinking about where to use speech marks in our writing – James, Ted, Ella

I got a determination award for trying really hard with my handwriting – Oliver

Today was our last rehearsal for ‘Hey Eye!’ before we perform to audiences next week (Monday to the school and Tuesday and Wednesday to our parents) – Izzy

I had my hard cast taken off and am now able to move around the school without my wheelchair – Kyle

We have continued to learn subtraction in maths – Ava

I received my certificate for getting 40/40 in Big Maths, Beat That for the 3rd week in a row – Hannah

Friday 27th November

In maths we have been collecting data. We have put this data into tally charts and pictograms – Elijah, Harry N and Leyna

If you ordered Christmas cards then they came home yesterday – Isla

We have started our ‘Traditional Tales’ topic this week. We are concentrating on the story Cinderella and have read different versions of the story and created huge story maps to sequence the events – Alfie




Friday 20th November

In topic we have been learning about water and its different uses – Valentino

We have been learning to subtract on a numberline in maths this week – Izzy

This week we did a big write. Mrs Collins made some jelly and then we had to write our own set of instructions – Grace

Our spelling pattern this week has been adding the suffix -ing. We know that if a word ends in a short vowel sound and a consonant that we have to double that consonant before adding -ing – Isla

Today we came to school in our own clothes to help the PTA make some hampers for their raffle – Charlotte Drage

13th November 2015 -Hey Ewe – Donaldson and McKee Christmas Play

Friday 13th November

In maths we learnt a new word this week (multiple) and have been learning to add multiples of 10 – Elijah

This week we have been remembering those who died in the war by wearing our poppies and today we dressed as heroes to raise money for Children in Need – Oliver

In English we have continued to look at instructions, in particular spotting imperative verbs (bossy verbs) – Leyna

We were blindfolded and tasted lots of different fruit juices, predicting which flavour we thought they were – Izzy

Elodie B was the lucky winner of our Pudsey raffle and Pudsey has been accompanying her everywhere today.DSCN2685.JPG


And how could we forget Kyle’s broken foot!!


Friday 6th November

What a busy week we have had in McKee class!

This week we have been looking at instructions during English. I really enjoyed giving other people instructions to follow – Olivia

I enjoyed the Maths test that Mrs Jaynes gave us on Monday – Pablo

Yesterday we painted firework pictures in maths – Ashleigh (We will be using these pictures during maths next week)

Today we found out what an irregular shape is and had to sort lots of shapes – Grace

This afternoon we started our water topic and had fun thinking about all of the different ways we use water – Mila

I enjoyed learning some dances for our Christmas play yesterday – Jodie

Friday 16th October

We went to church and asked Rev Jes some questions. We had to find lots of different things inside the church and count the number of crosses and angels that we could find – Kyle

We explored the church and found lots of interesting items that we had been learning about in class – Harry E

We had great fun yesterday making our santas for our Christmas cards. We hope that you all like them when you see them this evening – Isla

We have continued to learn about poetry this week and wrote some of our own poems – Oliver

16th September 2015 – McKee Class Newsletter

WOW! What an exceptionally busy few weeks we have all had settling into Year 2. Everyone has come back from the summer holidays ready to learn lots during the coming year.

So far we have been looking at stories with familiar settings in English, including ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’ and ‘Not now Bernard.’ We read both of these stories and looked in detail at the characters and the setting. In maths we have been investigating the value of numbers – comparing numbers using <  > symbols and partitioning numbers into hundreds, tens and units. In science we have been investigating what humans and animals need to survive and this week we have moved onto healthy eating and beginning to understand what it means to eat a balanced diet.


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