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Morpurgo Spring Term Class Newsletter
16th September 2015 – Morpurgo Class Newsletter


Here are some pictures from our visit this week to the museum of Anthropology and Archaeology and the museum of Classical Archaeology in Cambridge. The children had a great time, learnt a great deal about Greek Statues and were brilliantly behaved.


Saying Goodbye and thank you to Mr Eldon!



Blog 27.5.16

We have had a brilliant last week of term. Preparations are well underway for our performance at PAC in June. The children are doing a great job of perfecting their acts for the day.

On Thursday we had a whole day of maths lessons all designed to help the children learn to tell the time. These lessons involved active maths out on the field where the children timed how long it took them to complete tasks including running a lap of the field, skipping and jumping on one leg. The children then ordered the lengths of time the tasks had taken. In the morning everybody made a large clock which was labelled as both a 12 hour and a 24 hour clock, using their clock the children practised converting between 12 and 24 hour times.

On Friday the whole of year 3 came together and we had a maths quiz to revise everything the children have learnt throughout the year. It was a huge amount of fun and Mr Burfiend, Mr Eldon, Mrs Smith, Mrs Brightman and myself were all very impressed at how the children worked so well in their teams to complete the quiz.



Have a great half term break!

Blog 20.5.16

In the afternoon I enjoyed doing Karate when we received our certificates (Zhi-Cheng).

I enjoyed literacy today because at the end of the day we got some prizes!

On Wednesday I liked writing my Greek Myth especially because mine was really good!

Blog 6.5.16

Harry Emeleus really enjoyed science this week.  To test how sunlight affects a shadow throughout the course of the day everybody set up an investigation. There were 5 groups and they all designed their own experiment. Everyone had an object and wrote down what had happened to the object’s shadow every 45 minutes.

Joe enjoyed his Big Write about Ancient Greece.

Lucas liked learning about Perseus and the Gorgon’s head.

This week everyone enjoyed gym when we learned dish with one leg.


Class Blog 29.4.16

This is what the children have enjoyed at school this week:

“In English we have been learning about Greek Myths. To help us learn the myths we have answered comprehension questions and it is really cool!”  roared Harvey.

“I enjoyed designing a prayer mat today in R.E.” laughed Evie.

“In maths we have revisited fact families and learned about inverse operations. We used inverse calculations to check original calculations were correct!” yelled Franki.

Class Blog 22.4.16

We have had a busy time this week in Morpurgos. To further our understanding of Geography the children have been making their very own globe. The children have worked really hard to create their globe and stick on the seven continents in the correct place! The globes look amazing hanging in class and are now a resource to constantly use to locate countries in the world. We have already found Greece on them in our Ancient Greece, Topic lesson.

In Science the children have been exploring what happens to an object’s shadow as it gets closer to the light source. Here are some photos of them investigating.

Class Blog 15.4.16

We are very lucky to have Mr Eldon with us for the next 7 weeks to help the children with their learning.

In English we have been learning the myth, Theseus and the Minotaur. The children have also been reading and reviewing some story books to decide which was their favourite.

In maths we have been learning fractions of objects and amounts.

Our new topic in science is light and shadows, here are some photos of the children in the playground investigating how a shadow is made.

In topic throughout the summer term we will be studying the Ancient Greeks. To learn where Greece is we looked on google earth. To aid out geography knowledge the children are making their own globes.

Class Blog 24.3.16

This week in Morpurgos has been brilliant fun!

Finally, the time came for the children to show their production to the rest of the school and their special adults at home. The children have worked so hard to learn their lines and to perfect their performances and I was so impressed by how confidently they approached this challenged.

Thank you for the costumes and for helping the children to learn their lines.

In R.E. we have been learning the Easter Story and the children used their knowledge of the story to create models reflecting important stages of the story. Hope you enjoyed looking at the models on the front of your Easter cards.


This half term was rounded off by an amazing trip to Sing Fest. Everybody attending had an amazing time.

1, 2, 3, I’ve got a lovely bunch of………………………..

Happy Easter!


Blog Friday 18th March

Written by Jack Farrance

In maths this past 2 weeks, we have been multiplying and dividing. We worked out how to divide by doing repeated subtraction on a number line.

In English we are learning about play scripts, we have looked at The Twits and the chapter we focused on this week was, ‘Ballooning Up’.

In Science we have been learning about muscles and bones. Some names of bones are: skull, humerus, vertebrae and pelvis. Your vertebrae are down your back and the humerus is the bone in your arm closest to your shoulder.

Thank you Jack!

Blog  11.3.16

Talk homework – learn your lines for the Sing Fest songs.

In maths this week, the children learnt two new methods to multiply. Ask your children to show you! We have been focussing on learning our 3, 4 and 8 times tables. By the end of this term we are hoping that the whole class know their 3s and 4s.

In English we have thought very carefully about using the correct punctuation in our sentences.

Using the scientific words contract, relax, biceps and triceps your children should be able to describe how muscles and bones can move their arm up and down.

Our play rehearsals are going very well. Thank you so much for helping your children learn their lines and thank you also for the fantastic costumes that have started to arrive in school.

Have a super week end.



Blog 4.3.16

“In maths we have been learning how to work out, moving on in time and moving back in time. We also learned how to read a bus timetable,” said Imogen quietly.

“This week we enjoyed practising our play!” everybody screamed.

“We loved playing netball in P.E. especially learning how to pass and pivot turn,” croaked Harry.

As you may have guessed we tried to use different words instead of ‘said’ in English today.

Have a great Mothering Sunday weekend.


Blog 26.2.16

We have had a great first week back at school after our half term break.

In maths we have been learning digital 12 and 24 hour time and how to convert between the two. We also discussed how long it takes to do things. For instance, how long does it take to get to school in the morning? What can you complete in 1 minute?

Time problem solving in maths!

In English we practised our comprehension skills and concentrated on how to write in paragraphs in grammar. This term our English lessons are exploring play scripts, especially  on how to perform them. This corresponds brilliantly with our year 3/4 production rehearsals.

During this half term in science we will be learning about nutrition, skeletons and muscles. This week we learnt about the main food groups and which foods belong in each group.

We have designed Fairtrade geobars in Design and Technology as part of our topic, Fair trade.

P.E. this term is karate on Mondays and netball on Thursdays.

Please help your children learn their lines for the play over the next couple of weeks, thank you!

Also please practice the 3 and 4 times tables for a couple of minutes a day, thank you!



Blog 12.2.16

Thank you for your donations to our guide dog fund raising day.




5.2.16 Class Blog

This week at school Jess and her classmates really enjoyed creating a picture using pastels, coloured pencils or paints and their tonal range skills that they have learnt. Mrs Tarpey and Mrs Brightman thought that the children’s pictures were brilliant.

Franki thought that maths this was hard but fun. We have been learning about weights and measures, choosing the correct units to work in and reading scales accurately.

Eloise remembered, we have started learning our songs for Sing Fest and we are all excited to be going!



29.1.16 Class blog

This week Felix liked making an invisibility potion in maths. To test how accurately we can measure, we followed instructions to make the potion.  Zhi-Cheng has really enjoyed learning how to measure perimeters of shapes.

Jess and Eloise loved writing our adventure stories in our Big Write today because they were very interesting to write. Evie pointed out that it was fun to invent our own characters and describe them.

Everybody thoroughly enjoyed ICT this week because we learned how to make a PowerPoint presentation about the journey of a banana from the tree to our fruit bowls.

Joshua enjoyed learning how to find the mass of objects using the balance scales.

Harry E found it interesting to design and set up an investigation in science to discover if a seed needs sunlight to grow.

During dance this week we practised our Flamenco dancing, which Bethan particularly enjoyed. In P.E. we learned how to do a forward roll and a shoulder stand.

We tried really hard to learn the young voices songs in music this week.


15.1.16 Class blog written by Lucas and Jack

In geography this week we have been learning about where our food comes from. We learnt that rice comes from Thailand, wheat grows in the U.K. and bananas grow in the Caribbean.  We liked geography because it was interesting to find out where different countries were on the world map.

In maths we learnt how to add fractions, we liked it because the denominator stayed the same.

Here are some pictures of us at school this week during art. We were creating a tonal range using powder paint.

Class Blog 8.1.16

Felix has enjoyed writing an interesting story opener in English. The story was about a mystery door and because Felix’s was so interesting he was asked to read it out in the Author’s Chair!

Today in handwriting, Zhi-Cheng loved to practise writing the letter z in beautiful cursive script.

This week, Archie adored learning about the functions of the parts of a plant in Science.

In Maths this week we are learning about Fractions. What is this? 1/5

We learnt how to find a fraction of a number. At first, it was tricky but by Friday we could all do it!

In P.E. this week we started to learn how to dance The Flamenco with Mrs Persur. We learnt about the musical instruments used to make Flamenco music and we learnt about the clothes they wear when dancing. We also learnt how to start the dance by standing with our right foot forward on our toes and the second position.

We still enjoyed doing our 15 minute walks this week even though today was chilly.


Class Blog 18.12.15

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Morpurgo class.

Thank you so much for all of the lovely Christmas gifts, Mrs Tarpey

Well we have had a very busy week trying to get everything finished before the end of term.

In P.E. we practised all of the hockey skills we had learnt in previous hockey lessons and then put them into practice to have a match.



In D&T we finally finished our soft toys! They turned out very well and the children have been so patient sewing them carefully to ensure they had no holes when they were turned inside out and to sew their eyes on securely.

In our final big write the children wrote some really interesting Christmas Shape Poems about Santa, baubles, snowmen, stars and stockings, including some amazing adjectives.


Class Blog 11.12.15

Written by Imogen and Evie

In English we have been using Microsoft Office Word-WordArt to write words that look like the object. This practised our ICT skills too. We have also learnt how to use onomatopoeia in our writing (crash! bang!).

In numeracy we have been solving word problems using practical resources and presenting our problem solving to the class (see photos below).

In D&T we have continued to work on our Stone Age soft toys.

During our Art lesson we made Christmas cards using different coloured tissue paper. Next we will add our black silhouettes of the nativity scene.


Class Blog 4.12.15

Written by Jack and Harrison at lunchtime.

In our Big Write this week, we have been writing to our favourite authors. Harrison’s is Michael Morpurgo, Jack’s is Roald Dahl, Ashton’s is Julia Donaldson and Harry’s is Adam Blade.

During Guided Reading this week, we have been reading a poem called, A Spoonful of Sugar.

Today we completed a quiz on data handling and in maths this week we have been learning column subtraction.

We have taken a lot of time learning how to spell the first 15 words in our reading logs.

In DT we are learning how to sew and we are making our own cuddly Stone Age toy.

27.11.15  This week’s blog by Felix, Harry O, Joshua, Jess and Eloise.


I liked the Big Write because it was fun to make up a story about my own saint.

Harry O

I loved maths because we have started to learn column subtraction.


In science we measured the temperature of a cup of tea cooling down and compared it to tea cooling down in an insulated mug.


I enjoyed role play in PSHCE, when we acted out our fears and how we could overcome them.

Everyone enjoyed learning how to sew using a running stitch. Here are some photos of us sewing on Friday afternoon. Next week we will be starting to make our stone age soft toys!

Class Blog 20.11.15

This week in Morpurgo class by Joshua, Franki and Felix.

On Friday we did a quiz on shapes, which we liked because it refreshed our minds about shapes and angles. We liked Hockey because it was tiring. We also liked our Big Write this week because we liked the book we were reviewing, called ‘Little Mouse’s book of Fears’. Today was a good end to the week because we dressed up to come to school.

Class Blog 13.11.15

This week in Morpurgo class by Bethan, Ashton, Franki, Evie, Imogen, Harry E and Zhi-Cheng.

Imogen said, “In maths we enjoyed learning about data handling.” Zhi-Cheng liked the pictograms best, whilst Ashton found the tally charts the easiest. Below is a photo of a hero bar chart!



In English, we have been reading Julia Donaldson books (The Gruffalo and Room on the Broom) and finding out about the author. Evie and Franki enjoyed writing the blurbs about the stories.

Bethan enjoyed helping Harvey to run The Pudsey Bear raffle. The lucky winner was Captain Shark! (Joe).



Harry E thought it was really great that the whole school dressed up to raise money for Children In Need! Well said Harry.





Class Blog 6.11.15

Harrison- This week we learnt about what it means to be a saint,

Harry S- This week we learnt about Stonehenge. We learnt how many people and how long, it took to build it.

Zhi-Cheng- In maths we learnt about parallel and perpendicular lines.

Joshua- In science we did an investigation on 3 types of soil (sandy, loam and clay). We investigated if all soils absorb water the same! Jack-we wrote up our investigation in our Big Write.

Jess- In hockey we learnt to dribble around cones in the classroom!!!

Lucas-Also in maths we were doing some smiley multiplication   J

Felix-Liked everything about this week.

Emilia- In English and history we did a Stone Age comprehension.

Eloise- Helped to organise the classroom in her own time-Thank you!

Harvey- In P.E. we did rugby and got very dirty!

Archie- This morning in maths we did Big Maths Beat That.

Harry O- In Spanish we learnt about different sports.

IMG_0468 IMG_0584 IMG_0790 IMG_0943 IMG_1087 IMG_1114 IMG_1400

Class Blog 9.10.15


This week we have been telling the time digitally and last week we learned to tell the time on analogue clocks.


In English, we also did ICT and History all at the same time. We researched facts about Stone Age Art and wrote a non-fiction information text in our Big Write today!

Jess, Joshua, Harry S and Harvey (we have a lot of scientists in the class!!)

We have been learning about different types of rocks. The three different rock types are: Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. There are 4 layers inside the Earth: crust, mantle, inner and outer core. We cut open an egg to help us visualise the layers in the Earth, it was very smelly!Today, we learned where soil comes from. Ask your children to tell you the story about Roger the rock and Simon soil.

Harry E

Harry has been enjoying the walk that we do every day around the field for 15 minutes. Harry likes it because he gets some exercise (he runs!) but also gets the chance to talk to his friends.

Felix summed up his week by saying that he enjoyed everything!

25th September 2015

We have had a fantastic week in Morpurgo class. Your children have settled into year 3 brilliantly and we have already achieved a great deal.

This is what the children would like to tell you.

Jess and Eloise liked making Stone Age clay pots and decorating them.

Harry S and Evie both enjoyed science lessons this week, especially learning about Igneous rocks.

Harvey and Emilia loved to write a Stone Age story in our Big Write this morning!

Zhi-Cheng loved maths and Jack learnt how to partition numbers in different ways.

Joshua enjoyed our guided reading sessions.

Joe is happy that we have two new pupils in our class. Welcome Harrison and Felix!

Eloise has enjoyed learning about the Stone Age people and how they painted on the cave walls. She learnt how they used horse hair, twigs and leaves to smudge their paintings.

Harry E liked learning about different items of clothing in Spanish this week.

Here are some photos showing the children making clay pots.













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