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Winkler Spring Term Class  Newsletter
16th September 2015 – Winkler Class Newsletter


This week we have been solving word problems using addition and subtraction skills. Here is an example of a problem.

If there are 27 children in the class and 15 are girls, how many are boys?



In English this week we wrote up our letters to our favourite authors in our best handwriting. We have had a lot of fun learning about Calligrams and designing animals using letters. Today we have been making our own poems using onomatopoeia. Some examples of onomatopoeia are: bash, boo, crash, crunch and sizzle.



In Art, we have made some lovely Christmas cards using collage and silhouettes. We stuck colourful tissue paper onto card then cut out a black shape and stuck that on the top. They look amazing.


Design and Technology

This week we have been stitching together our Stone Age animals. We are making tigers, bears and mammoths using different types of fabric. We are now stuffing them and adding lots of details to make them look fabulous.

By Daisy and Kylie

Friday 6th November


We have been doing in maths lines and angles. We know about parallel lines and perpendicular lines. What type of line are these?




We also know about angles: acute angles, right angles, obtuse angles and straight angles.


In English we did summarising stories. Summarising stories is getting a story and only talking about the main bits. You miss the bits that are not important. Some people summarised Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire into only six sentences!


We did an investigation to find out which soil lets most water drain through. It was really fun to do the investigation but it was also very messy and we ended up with mud over the tables (especially the Cheerios…) Fortunately we cleaned it up really well!

Monday 12th October


We looked at time and especially learned quarter past, half past and other minutes past. Some people also learned 24 hour clocks. Mr Burfiend told us all to really annoy our adults by telling them the time ALL OF THE TIME!



We have been learning about non-fiction information texts. We have been reading cave paintings information texts and then we made one of our own. We called it Historlish because it was a mixture of history and English. We have also done prefixes and root words in our spelling books.



We cracked open an egg to compare it to the centre of the Earth. The shell was the crust; the white was the mantle; the yolk was the outer and inner cores.

Friday 25th September


We have been doing column addition in maths this week, including carrying. Last week we did number bonds to 20, 100 and some people went all the way to 1 000!


In English we have done Big Writes with setting descriptions about Narnia and a stone age story. Our story was amazing: we had a cave bear being fought off by a  palaeolithic family.


We have made clay pots just like they would have in the stone age. We are waiting to be able to put them in the kiln.


We have been learning about how computers work, and finding out that they are really stupid but also really clever! We made some instructions to give to a farmer.

Friday 11th September

Buckden Parliament

These are the members of Year 3 Buckden Parliament :

Morporgos – Bethan and Harvey

Winklers – Isaac and Rachel


In topic we’ve been learning about the Stone Age. The Stone began about 2 and a half million years ago. The first people alive made paintings on cave walls. Farming spread around in the neolithic period of the Stone Age.

There were no dinosaurs alive with the cavemen!!!


In English we have been learning about familiar settings. We have been looking at what you can see, hear, smell and feel.


We have learnt our three times tables using: a counting stick, chalk, bingo and playing a game called around the world (it’s really FUN)! We have also learnt about “the crocodile thing” which are really called greater than and less than symbols.

Do you know which symbol is the right one to put in these number sentences?

694      573

1 087    2 810

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