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Lewis Spring Term Newsletter
16th September 2015 – Lewis Class Newsletter

I would like to say a huge welcome done to ALL of C S Lewis class for a lovely first day back! I hope you all had a great summer!

We have enjoyed see what our classroom looks like after Miss Wilkerson has been busy in the holidays.

We have enjoyed learning about the setting of Narnia. We are looking forward to learning more and reading the story.

We have had a very busy day learning about brushing our teeth in Science and creating a Minion using Coordinates in Maths.

Miss Wilkerson and C S Lewis Class : )

8th September 2015

Talk homework – ‘Why the Romans came to Britain?’


We have all had a turn on the flute or cornet this week in music. Miss Wilkerson went to the highest note possible and that was the only note she could do on the cornet. She is looking forward to the flute next week.

We have completed a ‘Big Write’ about the Romans invading Britain and we can not wait to learn more about the Roman soldiers next week.

In maths we have been learning about Roman numerals and our favourite numeral is L which represents 50. We have also been learning more place value and partitioning four digit number and beyond!

REMEMBER – Our exciting trip to the British museum is on Thursday, we need to leave at 7.30am so please ensure you are at school super early.

PE will be on Thursdays and Fridays, however please ensure your PE kits are in school all week, if there is a change in the timetable they will need to be worn.

We are VERY excited about learning French this year with Mrs Anderson.

Talk homework – What have you learnt about the Romans so far?.

C S Lewis and Miss Wilkerson


We need to be at school at 7.20am tomorrow for our trip to the British museum, we will be meeting in the hall. The children only need to bring a packed lunch, drink, rain coat and something to entertain them on the coach if they wish, NOTHING electrical please.

We all had an amazing afternoon Friday, bouncing to say a big well done to everyone for our OUTSTANDING result! Thank you Miss Anderson and Mrs Heather! : )

We had a great time working in teams, planning and organising each piece of equipment that a Roman solider needs and we have made our very own for the topic display board. We have named him Julius Caesar!!!!

In Science we have just completed our experiment to test the effect of different liquids on the enamel on our teeth. We used eggs to show what the liquids would do to the enamel.

C S Lewis and Miss Wilkerson : )


Talk homework: To consolidate our learning, this week you can talk about what keeps our teeth strong and healthy.

Remember to wear green tomorrow!

We have enjoyed learning how to translate a shape correctly in Maths this week.

In Music we have now had a go on the clarinet and baritone, we are really looking forward to making our musical instrument choice soon.

In Science we are now learning about the digestive system and a game you can play to further your learning can be found on the following website:

Have a safe weekend,

Lewis class and Miss Wilkerson : )


Talk homework – To discuss what you have learnt about the digestive system in Science.

We have had an amazing time having a Roman banquet in school today! It was held by Emperor Nero in celebration of the Roman victory and a big thank you to the soldiers and Citizens.

In music we have had a trail at what it would be like to play percussion, I was fun! We played the go go bells, djembe and the wooden scrapper.

In Maths we have been learning our written column addition, it was really fun and everyone did really well.

I enjoyed doing PE and learning Tennis with Miss Lizzel.

Please encourage all of the children to learn their spellings in the middle of their books and to ensure they are reading regularly.

Miss Wilkerson and Lewis Class 🙂


Talk homework:

To discuss Autumnal words to use in a poem.

In art we have been learning to draw a person in the correct proportion using whisper lines to help create each part of a Roman soldier.

We had a great time celebrating Harvest Festival at church and preforming our own Roman version of Deal or no deal.

In maths we did some problem solving with our place value learning about multiplying by 10, 100 and a 1000.

We are all enjoying our daily walk and keeping track of how far we have walked.

In English we have enjoyed poetry and we have written our very own Kennings poem.

C. S Lewis and Miss Wilkerson


C S Lewis need you!!!!

Can any one offer their time to come in and help in the classroom? It would be greatly appreciated if you could offer a small amount of time in the afternoons to help. Please come and see me when you are dropping off or collecting the children if you are available.

Many thanks

Miss Wilkerson


Firstly, my apologies to those who had appointments with me for parents evening on Wednesday. I will see you all on the Wednesday we return after half term.

Please ensure your children read and learn their spellings (found in the centre of the spelling log book) over half term.

I wish you all a happy and safe half term.

Miss Wilkerson


In maths we are enjoying learning about equivalent fractions.

We have been designers and creators this week as we have made our very own Celtic brooches.

We are enjoying learning about our new topic in Science of Electricity. We are developing some of our prior knowledge and focused on the dangers involved this week.

In Music, we are perfecting our new song ‘Meet the band’ and getting to grips with our notes on the instruments.

Finally, today in topic we have furthered our knowledge on The Romans and learnt all about the things they do to entertain themselves and keeping healthy.

Hope you all had a nice half term,

Lewis Class and Miss Wilkerson 🙂

Email contact:


Daily – reading

Weekly – spellings (found in the centre of the reading log) and Matheletics

Spelling group – Tested every Tuesday and will also receive their new spellings for the next week at the same time.


This week we have been very busy in Science making our very own series and parallel circuits. We then recorded these using our scientific circuit symbols.

In English we have been extending our knowledge further in stories set in an imaginary world. We have acted out a short story in groups, this showed how important the detail is to enable the reader to imagine the fantasy land the author has in their mind.

In PE we have enjoyed recapping our moves from our previous Karate lessons, we are now really looking forward to extending these further. With Miss Lizell we have been learning the key skills needed to become a good footballer and developing our control of the ball well.

In topic we are learning about volcanos and have learnt all about the Earths three layers. We made paper volcanos by folding and sticking our template very carefully, these show us the cross section of a volcano and we can now name each part.

C S Lewis : )

Talk homework: talk about the imaginary world you would like to set your story in.

Next weeks learning:

English – We are continuing on with stories set in an imaginary world, learning the importance of character description and how to layout a successful story with a setting description, character description, opening paragraphs, great vocabulary, exciting adjectives, a middle that involves a problem, over coming the problem and then an eventful ending.

Maths – We are developing our fraction knowledge in completing fraction addition calculation and covering top heavy fraction. We can also moving on to converting measures of weight.

Miss Wilkerson : )


We have had a very busy week across the curriculum this week. In Science we became investigators and found out what makes a circuit work and adding more components, such as switches.

In maths we have been whizzing through our subtraction calculation involving fractions. Well done everyone! : )

We are really enjoying our 15 minute daily walks and recording them on individual bar charts to using in our future data handling sessions.

Talk homework: To talk about what stain glass windows you have seen and the meaning behind them. What story might they be telling?

Next weeks learning:

In mathematics we will be converting grams and kilograms within recipes, solving problems including money and measure with fractions and decimals.

In English we will be learning about the features of a play script. Our spelling unit is adding il- and revising un-, dis-, mis- and dis-.

Miss Wilkerson and Lewis Class : )


Lewis class have enjoyed putting our measurement conversion learning into practise this week, in cooking our delicious cereal bars in one of our mathematics lessons. They were YUMMY!


We have also been matching and identifying decimals and the equivalent fractions.

Talk homework: Talk about a religious story you would like to use, to create your own stain glass window.

Next weeks learning:

In Mathematics we will be using our units of measure knowledge and solving word problems.

In English we will be furthering our learning of play scripts.

C S Lewis and Miss Wilkerson : )



A Fraction and decimal conversion game to play at home can be found at:

Please can you ensure you always have your water bottle in school as it takes time out of our learning if we have to go to the sink.

Many thanks,

Miss Wilkerson



Christmas count down begins!!!

On Wednesday we all took part in the football inter house, it was a bit chilly, but fun! We all played, watched or practised our football skills.

We are enjoying practising for our brilliant Young Voices concert and learning new songs all the time. Our favourite is ‘Up town funk!’.

In English we are learning about play scripts and we have written our very own and are doing a fantastic job at remembering all of the features such as Colons, Brackets – for stage direction and dialogue.

Today we have decorated our class Christmas tree.

This week we will be exploring a range of switches and making our own in Science.

We have started to create our own Christmas things to bring home.

Over the next half term we will have a target in English, about fronted adverbials. Please find a clear explanation of what these are on the website:

Talk homework:

To talk about Roman and Celtic events and lifestyles that you would like to include in our production.

The last two weeks of learning before Christmas:

Over the next two weeks in English we will be writing our very own production, that we will be performing. We will be using all of our prior knowledge of play scripts to help us.

In maths we will be learning about data handling and recording.

Hope you have a lovely weekend,

C S Lewis and Miss Wilkerson



In English we were setting our scenes for our production today.

We have been making our own stain glass windows to complete our RE topic on Biblical stories.

This week was our last Music lesson before Christmas and we enjoyed learning a Christmas song.  We are continuing to learn our Young Voices songs, please practice at home.

Within our cross curricular Math’s lesson we produced bar charts on the computers in Mircosoft Excel.

In French we have been learning our colours.

Finally, in PE we have all taken part in our Inter House competition of Rugby.

Talk homework:

To talk about what you know about our new topic of South America and The Mayans.

See you in our final week before Christmas!

Lewis Class and Miss Wilkerson 🙂



In maths we have been creating a Santa from a range of 2D shapes, we made a net to keep our Christmas cooking nice and safe in a box and today we have used our weighing scale knowledge to cook.

There will be no Matheletics or talk homework!

Merry Christmas : )



Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and relaxing break.

This week we have been very busy starting our new topic of the Mayans. We have learnt all about the discovery of the Mayan ruins in Mesoamerica.

In Science we are learning about sound, we carried out an experiment with elastic bands to find out how we can change sounds and what makes them change.

In English we have been learning and researching all about information texts. We have looked at the features of information texts and even written our own book reports.

In Mathematics we have be learning about division, we have learnt the bus stop written method and converting pence into pounds.

Next week:

Topic – We will be learning the timeline of the Mayans civilisation

Science – We will be continuing with our sound challenge booklet and experimenting more.

English – We will be looking a homophones (one of our targets) and developing our knowledge on information texts.

Spellings – On Tuesday we will all be taking part in a spelling test from the list of Year 3/4 spellings, in the centre of our reading log. Please practise these at home.

We will also be sending home a weekly spelling book (as of next Monday)that are linked to the focused spelling rule,  we are learning that week in class. These will go home and come into school daily and will need a parent initial each evening. These are tested every Friday.

Mrs Mayes’ spelling group will continue to have their focused spellings and will be tested every Tuesday.

Mathematics – We will be looking at problem solving and logically working out calculations. We will also be learning how to complete calculations involving money using addition, subtraction and amount of change given.

Talk homework: To talk about what a homophone is.

Have a lovely weekend.

C S Lewis class and Miss Wilkerson


Please find the link below that will further explain fronted adverbials, if needed again;



Mrs Mayes spelling group will continue alongside daily spellings and will be tested on Tuesdays.

earth, eight, eighth, enough and exercise.

Everyone’s spellings next week are:


Some of these are focusing on the rule adding ir- to words beginning with r and revisiting our homophones.

Please can you all ensure that your children are reading daily and this is recorded in their reading record book.

Next weeks learning:

Mathematics: We will be calculating perimeters and time

English: We will be writing our own information text on the Mayans

Science: We will be investigating soundproofing

PE: We will be learning the front support, lower to floor movement as part of our body management area of gymnastics and continuing with our hockey skills.

Talk homework: To talk about what you know about the Mayans to write your own information text.

Lewis blog:

This week we have enjoyed learning more on our sound topic in Science. In Spanish we have been learning connectives and in Mathematics we have been using our division bus stop method to support our word problems.

We have been focusing on information texts in English and enjoyed writing our own homophone story.

Have a lovely weekend,

C S Lewis and Miss Wilkerson


Mrs Mayes spelling group:

experience, experiment, extreme, famous and favourite

Daily spellings:

expression, progression, permission, discussion, mist, missed, seen and scene

Talk homework – to talk about what makes a good leaflet.

In mathematics we have been learning about time, identifying times on the 12 hour clock and the 24 hour clock with both analogue and digital. It would benefit all of the children to practise this at home when telling the time.

I would like to say how proud I am of all of Lewis class in their big writes this week. They have written an information text on our topic the Mayans and all did extremely well. So, a big well done to you all.

Next week:

Mathematics – We will continue perimeter and area of shapes and time.

English – We will be learning about the features of leaflets and apostrophes (plural and singular).

Miss Wilkerson 🙂


Wow!!! What an amazing time was had by all for Young Voices! I want to say how proud I am of all of the children, they were FANTASTIC!


This week we have been planning our 500 word BBC2 English challenge.

Talk homework: Talk through your 500 word story.

Have a lovely weekend, Miss Wilkerson


This week we have:

Talk homework – To talk about or find your favourite poem


Daily reading

Daily Spellings

Mrs Mayes group will continue and be tested on a Tuesday.

Today we have our costume letter, telling us what we need to bring in for our 3/4 play.

We will continue to rehearse and look forward to you watching.

In English we have been learning about Tanka and Haiku poems, this will support our ‘big write’ next week.

In Mathematics we have be learning about lines of symmetry in regular and irregular polygons.

In Topic we have been learning about the Mayan creation story and religion.

In Spanish we did instruction using imperative verbs.

Next week:

We will be continuing with our poetry and moving onto reflective lines of symmetry in patterns and shapes.

C S Lewis and Miss Wilkerson : )



We have enjoyed Science this week, we are experimenting and investigating lots of different areas of Science this half term. We have investigated what materials make the best insulator and how thunderstorms are formed.

We have enjoyed colour mixing and sketching to create a Mothering Sunday card.

In Spanish we have been translating texts and comprehension.

Talk homework: Is to learn your poem off by heart ready to read it aloud to the class.

Please ensure your read daily!

Mothering Sunday shop on Friday 4th March after school, £2.00.

Please continue to learn your lines and song lyrics.

C S Lewis and Miss Wilkerson


Congratulations everyone that has achieved their Half Marathon, Bronze or Silver certificate for their walking. Your doing great, keep up the hard work.

 Talk homework: Learn your lines in your scripts and all of the lyrics for the songs.

We have enjoyed rehearsing our plays together with the Year 3’s.

In Mathematics we have learning about angles including acute, right, obtuse and reflex angles, we have also created our own line graphs.

In Science we have been learning about how a thunderstorm is formed, we have made posters to tell everyone about what we have learnt.

In our Music lessons we have used our knowledge of the notes we have learnt and started to perform Mumma Mia.

C S Lewis class and Miss Wilkerson : )



Talk homework – to talk about what you have learnt in RE about the Easter story.

Mrs Mayes spelling group please LEARN YOUR SPELLINGS!

There will be no spellings this week as we break up for Easter next Thursday. Mathletics will be set this week but not over the half term.

We have continued to rehearse our Journey through time play and we have been amazing! We have made some brilliant props, including shields, Mayan neck dresses (for our Mayan song), Celtic Warrior war paint T Shirts, we can not wait to show you and for you to hear our songs.

In English we have shared our poems and written an Easter story poems for cross curricular learning with RE. We have very exciting news……that everyone in Lewis class as achieved a half a pen pass and we look forward to seeing who gets a full pen pass.

In Mathematics we have continued to work on our direction and position knowledge using co-ordinates and compass points.

A further achievement for Lewis class is that over half of us have achieved our AR targets:


Noah, Kirsty, Emma, Lily, George, Joshua, Ruby E, Hollie, Neive, Katie P, Jack, Calum and Amelia. WELL DONE TO YOU ALL!!!!! : )


NO HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) Except reading please!!!!!

We have all worked extremely hard to practise our play!

We hope you enjoyed our performance.

We have ended our amazing Topic of the Mayans by writing a great, ‘big write’! We were able to choose the genre of writing to present all we have learnt about the Mayans!

We have been working hard in Mathematics showing what we have learnt this half term.


Miss Wilkerson


We had an AMAZING time on our trip to Grafham Water on Wednesday. We were busy the whole day making bug houses, planting meadows, bug hunting and much more.

In English we are learning about the features of an explanation text and we are in process of writing our own, about our trip.

In Mathematics we are learning about fractions of quantities and measuring (converting CM into MM and M into CM).


Mathletics, Spellings and reading. Do not forget to keep learning your Year 3/4 list of spelling words.


We had a great day in school with Anglia Water! We learnt how water gets to the sewer and how not to block our pipes! We need to be carefully what we flush down the toilet and put down our sinks. We have learnt how we can save water by, not filling your bath tub all of the way to the top and turning the tap off when you brush your teeth.

In Mathematics this week we have been finding out fractions of amounts, adding fractions that total more than 1 and converting volumes.

Homework: Mathletics, reading, spelling (we have a whole Year 3/4 list spelling test next week!)

Connect it dance to practise link:


If you ‘like’ Grafham water on Facebook, there is a photograph of some of the children on gardening day.

In Spanish we have been learning about verbs and shops.

In English we have been practising our use of commas and looking at ‘Angel and the box of time’ text, to focus on tenses.

We have designed the flags for the Anglia water competition and the winner will have their flag flying at Grafham water.

In Science we have been carrying out an experiment all day to investigate the impact of the weather on a puddle of water. See the photographs below:

Have a nice, long weekend.



We had a fantastic trip to West Runton at Kingswood. I would like to say the children we all exceptional and it was a pleasure to take them away.

Here are just a few photographs from our trip:

Please can you remind the children that spellings are to be completed on a daily basis and brought into school everyday!

Mrs Mayes spelling group will be tested on Tuesday on the following spellings:

reign remember sentence separate special


Talk homework: To talk about the water cycle.

Mathletics has been set and please read daily. Many thanks.

We have had a busy week in Lewis class furthering our learning of historical texts, focusing on Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens and in Mathematics dolving problems involving fractions and decimals.

Next week we will be learning about number facts and factor pairs using and increasing our timestable knowledge. We will be challenging ourselves with mental multiplication calculations.

Best wishes, Lewis Class and Miss Wilkerson


We have enjoyed learning about living things and their habitats. We are also learning about the life processes of living things.

We have recapped on our angles knowledge and have learnt about what angles make a straight angle of 180 degrees.

In computing we are beginning to look at film trailers and designing our own, ready to create it on the IPad.

Tomorrow we have sports day, come in your PE kits.

Miss Wilkerson and C S Lewis




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