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Welcome to Rowling class page.

Friday 17th June 2016

Eleanor: In science we are learning about animals and their habitats. I liked this week because we got to do different charts and group the animals.

Isaac: today in science we got to use Venn diagrams and sort animals into them.

Agatha: I enjoyed when we got to go to different classes.

Elana: I enjoyed our Big Write because I got a pen pass!!

Gracie-Mae: I enjoyed going to the PAC ta the weekend. I especially liked the bow at the end.

Tara: I enjoyed drawing an animal in its habitat.


Friday 10th June 2016

Nellie: I enjoyed doing PAC practice because it was fun.

Megan: I enjoyed computing because we were in groups and we got to choose a film.

Agatha: I loved doing PE because we jumped into the sandpit and it was really soft.

Everyone has been very excited about the PAC tomorrow.

There will be no Mathletics homework for those attending the PAC this week.


Friday 27th May 2016

Isaac: this week I have enjoyed doing art because we have been painting props for our performance.

Nellie: I enjoyed doing maths because it was fun!

Agatha: I enjoyed going to Grafham and seeing the Duke of Edingburgh

Ellis: I liked PE this week because we did football.

Elana: I enjoyed goint to see prince Phillip because we got to do lots of activities although it was freezing!

Rhys: I enjoyed going to Grafham because we got to lots of activities even though it was really really cold.

Have a lovely half term.

Friday 20th May 2016

Louis: I enjoyed showing our PowerPoint’s. I liked this because you could see how different they are and how many different choices people made.

Agatha: I really enjoyed doing that water cycle in Science because I learnt some new words like, evaporation and condensation.

Martha: I also liked showing the PowerPoint’s because it was really fun and we got to show it to some of Lewis class.

Nellie: I liked doing science because we were learning about the water cycle and it was fun.

Stephen: I enjoyed maths this week because it was about factors. I didn’t know what it was but now I do.

Megan: I really enjoyed P.E because we did shot put and we got to choose what we were going to do for sports day.

Ellen: Today I enjoyed doing science because it was really interesting learning about the water cycle and I enjoyed helping others.



Friday 13th May 2016

Elana: At west Runton we got to do lots of activities. My favorite was the trail of mystery.

Nellie: I enjoyed doing abseiling at west Runton because it was fun.

Eleanor: I enjoyed doing the Victorian diaries in English because we got to write as many days as we wanted.

Rhys: I also enjoyed the Victorian diaries because Agatha got to share her paragraph and it was amazing.

Louis: I really enjoyed doing rock pooling because we found 11 crabs.

Samuel: I liked swimming at west Runton and playing water polo.

Gracie-Mae: I enjoyed the trail of mystery when Mrs Butcher was the wicked witch of the west, Mrs Heather was Cruella de Vil, Miss Wilkerson was Captain Hook, Mrs Holl was Gru and Callum young was Lord Voldemort.

Hollie: I loved the leap of faith because you had to climb this 10m high tower.

Agatha: I enjoyed doing the night line because it was challenging.

Stephen: I enjoyed shelter building because it was fun watching the girls get wet!

Callum: I enjoyed being Lord Voldemort in the trail of mystery.

Here are a few snap shots of our trip.


Friday 29th April 2016

Ellen: I enjoyed doing the PowerPoint’s again today because me and Martha found a really cool sound effect and a lot of information.

Agatha: This week I really enjoyed decorating the flags for the 25th of May. We get to go to Grafham water for their 50th anniversary.

Stephen: I loved science because we got to do an experiment on puddles. We tested what would happen to it during the length of a day. We measured the perimeter to see if the size changed.

Tara: In maths we did measures and were solving problems.

Elana: I enjoyed doing the puddle experiment. The puddles all got smaller because the water evaporated. Some puddles dried up completely.

Friday 22nd April 2016

Agatha: This week I really enjoyed it when the Anglia Water people came and we learnt about water and sewers.

Rhys: I also enjoyed it when Anglia Water came because we turned normal water into sewage and we used wee and poo!!!

Hollie: I Enjoyed maths today because were measuring potions and we added things like dragons blood, faerie tears and mountain haze.

Nellie: I enjoyed doing our PowerPoint’s because I really liked searching for new information that I could use.

Isaac: I liked the PowerPoint’s because me and Sam are doing the biggest animals in the world.

Eleanor: I liked it when we got to read a selection of books and choose our favorites. My favorite was ‘The Bear and the Piano’.

Friday 15th April 2016

We hope everybody had a great Easter break.

Tara: I enjoyed doing our PowerPoint’s today. I enjoyed playing with the PowerPoint to make it look amazing.

Nellie: I liked doing the PowerPoints and changing the background on it.

Martha: I liked doing the PowerPoint because it was fun.

Callum: One of the bits I liked the most about our trip to Grafham Water was sniffing the otter poo!!

Hollie: I liked doing the composting in Grafham because we learnt a lot about the compost.

Agatha: I also enjoyed Grafham because I liked making the bug hotels and putting the bamboo inside the plastic bottles.

Megan: I enjoyed talking a walk around Grafham. We walked along the dam and we played eye spy.

Isaac: when we were finding the bugs I was the only one without a bug then I broke the wood from the tree and I found one.


Eleanor: I liked English when we wrote explanation texts about something we learnt at Grafham.



Friday 10th March 2016

Elana: In guided reading we did a play called ‘The Golden Goose’ which we will perform.

Isaac: For computing this week we have chosen a topic which we are going to research and make presentations.

Eleanor: On Thursday a five month old guide dog puppy came into assembly and it was soooo cute! His name was Cookie.

Agatha: Today we did a maths quiz about symmetry.

Martha: I liked doing the big write of the Easter Story, it was fun.

Louise: I liked science because we made posters about thunderstorms and how they are formed.

Rhys: I liked doing angles in maths because we got to measure with protractors, it was fun.

Megan: I liked it when we were doing computing because me and Elana are partners and we get to make powerpoints.

Gracie: We did some more presentations of our poems today.

In maths we also created line graphs on the IPads using data from a frequency chart.

Preview of your graph


Friday 4th March 2016

Ryan: I liked doing translation in maths today.

Jovanna: I liked practising the play and the songs we are singing.

Eleanor: I liked making the mother’s day cards on Monday.

Elana: I enjoyed doing science and creating the thunderstorm and learning about how thunderstorms are formed.

Callum: I liked the inter-house cross country.

Ellis: I liked writing the poem for my mother’s day card.

Agatha: I enjoyed writing up the Easter story and matching them up to the pictures.

Hollie: Today we were learning about the internet and the world wide web.

Friday 26th February 2016

Ellen: I enjoyed doing the algorithms writing today because I got to explain how we made our game and then we got to play on our game.

Hollie: In Science we did an experiment and we put all different materials around a cup to see which would keep it warmest.

Eleanor: In English we have been learning about Haiku and Tanka poems.

Autumn is coming, get ready,

The days are getting colder,

Red, yellow, orange,

Hedgehogs are hibernating,

It is breezy and windy.

By Rhys

Agatha: I enjoyed maths this week when we were learning about 24 hour time. I liked writing it around the clock and making our own daily routines with times.

Megan: I liked it when we found out who we were in the play.

Stephen: I liked our first rehearsal of the play.

Friday 5th February 2016

Louis: today we went on hopscotch and continued making our games  and adding lives.

Agatha: Today in maths I enjoyed solving the problems that involved time and months of the year and when we finished we each made new problems and made new questions.

Stephen: This week I loved decorating our Mayan masks that we have been working on.

Martha: I really liked using hopscotch in computing.

Rhys: I liked doing my plan for my 500 word story.

Elana: I enjoyed doing gym because we have been working on making sequences and next week we get to do the whole thing.

Rowling Spring Term Class Newsletter

Friday 22nd January 2016

Ellen: I liked learning about decomposition in computing today because I liked making up my own algorithm and showing it to the class.

Tara: I liked Science this week when we were making up our own experiment about soundproofing.

Louise: I liked doing topic when we made the Mayan masks out of balloons.

Stephen: I really enjoyed learning about the Mayans and doing a big write about them. Louise got learner of the week for her big write.

Martha: I enjoyed doing gymnastics this week because we got to do the splits.

Ryan: I enjoyed P.E this week. We were passing and tackling in hockey.

We will be continuing to learn how to tell the time with both analogue and digital clocks so don’t forget to practice at home.



Friday 15th January 2016

Megan: Today I enjoyed debugging our algorithms in computing.

Isaac: In Science we experimented with sound and elastic bands.

Jovanna: I got my pen pass!! So did Eleanor, Megan, Louis and Rhys.

Gracie-Mae: In RE I got to be a Pope and I enjoyed it because I got to read a speech at the front of the class.

Samuel: In P.E we did hockey which I really liked.

Martha: In P.E with Mrs Heather we did gym which was really fun.

Ellen: I liked doing the Pope election; the ‘Popes’ were Hollie, Megan, Gracie and Ryan.


We have also said goodbye to Sean today. The whole class wishes him the best of luck in his new school.

Don’t forget you must read for 20 minutes at least five times a week and record it in your reading diary so we can check it on a Friday.

Mrs Bonds spelling group’s spellings are:







Friday 8th January 2016

Happy New Year from everyone in Rowlings. We have had a great start to the new term and started our new topics.

Hollie: Today we learnt about algorithms.

Agatha: algorithms are a set of instructions that tell you how to do something. They are likes codes on the computer.

Megan: This week we have started to learn about the Mayans. I found out that when we did a diary about how we would feel if we were westerners and had started to kill the Mayans.

Elana: In English this week we have started to do information texts.

Isaac: In gym we did rebound jumps, skipping and broad jumps.


This term we will have a focus on understanding and using fronted adverbials in our writing. The link below helps to explain what these are.

Don’t forget we have a spelling test on Tuesday. The spellings are the high frequency words in the middle of the reading diary. All words up to and including ‘early’.




We have had a very busy last few weeks at school. We have created hanging Santas, made boxes to put the Christmas pudding cakes in and had the carol concert.

We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and look forward to the New Year.

Friday 4th December 2015

Tara: I really liked it when we were doing science today. We were connecting circuits and making our own switches.

Ellen: I got my pen pass!!!

Samuel: On Wednesday we did inter-house football and I scored a goal!

Agatha: I enjoyed today as well because it was fun when I made a slide switch.

Ellis: I’m looking forward to the inter house rugby after having fun doing the football.

Stephen: I liked making a switch with Poppy.

Isaac: In RE we designed our stained glass windows to make next week.

Megan:  I liked doing bar charts in maths. We had to do a bar chart and we got to choose what it was about. Mine was about which month everyone’s birthday is in.

This is a picture of our human bar chart. IMG_1558

Friday 27th November 2015

Hollie: In maths we did cooking because we have been learning about grams and kilograms.

Callum: In cooking we made cereal bars but I hated the pumpkin seeds!!

Martha: I enjoyed mushing the banana and I didn’t like the pumpkin seeds!

Eleanor: When I got to melt the butter Isaac dropped the spoon into the butter so it had loads of seeds in!

Stephen: yesterday in Science we learnt how to make parallel circuits. I figured out that when I touched a wire to another wire that is attached to a bulb it turned it off.

Ellen: In English I enjoyed finishing off my comprehension.

Agatha:I enjoyed maths this week because we were doing decimals and I got through it really well. We also learnt about percentages.

Elana: We got to see the opera in the hall. We did a play and lots of people played different parts. Megan was the sick mother and Calum M was a matador

Friday 20th November 2015

“In our Key Stage assembly on Tuesday we remembered those who died in Paris last week,” says Samuel.

“In Maths today I really enjoyed weighing the different items on the scale and finding out how much they weighed,” cried Agatha.

“In RE today we did freeze frames of Noahs Ark. I was a big cat!” Exclaimed Jovanna.


“In Science this week we were learning about which circuits would and wouldn’t

work and why,” explained Isaac.

“In music we learnt some new notes and played it along to a song called ‘Ho Ho Ho’” says Elana.

Friday 13th November 2015

In PE we did football with Miss Lizell.

“We practiced passing and dribbling, I really liked it because I love football.” Says Samuel

“Yesterday we used crocodile clips, light bulbs and batteries and experimenting to make the light bulbs light up,” explains Stephen.

“When we were doing science I really liked investigating and making our own circuits,” calls Agatha.

IMG_1480 IMG_1483 IMG_1484 IMG_1481 IMG_1482

“In English we did a brig write of a setting description, Ellen’s was really good,” giggled Louis.

“Today in Re we looked at stained glass windows and tried to work out what story each window showed,” Says Hollie.

“Today was Children In Need and we all dressed up as our hero’s. I dressed up as Hazard who plays for Chelsea,” cried Callum.

Friday 6th November 2015

This week in music we learnt a new song.

Elana says “I really enjoyed it because we got to hear the year 4s sing it last year and now we get to do it. We also get to rap and sing and play our instruments.”

In Maths today we were measuring how long we could jump and converting centimeters to meters and meters to centimeters.

“I was the second longest jumper!” said Jovanna.

In Science this week we have started to learn about Electricity. We created safety posters. “I really liked my poster because it was nice and bright and had a lot of information on” Says Eleanor.

Friday 17th October 2015

I Maths today we made 3D shapes using straws and play dough and described their properties.

“It was really hard to make some of the shapes depending on how many vertices and edges they had” said Samuel.

“I enjoyed listening to all the people different poems,” Explains Elana.

“I liked doing our autumn poem because a lot of my verses rhymed and Mrs Heather gave me a house point.”  Megan said excitedly.

“In PE we did tennis and we learnt how to put the nets out” cried Isaac.

“I really enjoyed this week because in Science we showed what we know about the digestive system and teeth,” Called Agatha.

“I liked Big Maths Beat that this week because I beat my best ever score!” exclaimed Ellis.

In Spanish we have been building up for a fact file next week about Spain. Eleanor

IMG_1330 IMG_1342 IMG_1346 IMG_1318 IMG_1326Friday 9th October 2015

This week in English we have been learning about Kenning poems. Here are some that we created.

Chicken lover,

Dinner hunter,

Day sleeper,

Night eater,

Bush taller,

Big enemy.

By Megan


Night hunter,

Great pouncer,

Mouse watcher,

Tree taker,

Noise maker

Water hater

Rabbit catcher

Nest builder

Low swooper.

By Eleanor

(Tawny owl)

This week we did a big write about our science experiment last week, Stephen says, “I liked doing the big write because it reminded me of the experiment which was fun.”

In maths we have been looking at properties of shape with Mrs Butcher. We had fun playing a game to help us remember they different types of triangles. When the different types of Triangles are called out we have to act like that triangle.

Equilateral: smile and be happy because everything is equal.

Isosceles: put arms up in the air to remind us they have two equal sides (and grumpy eyebrows!)

Scalene: make ourselves twisted and strange because a scalene triangle has no equal sides or angles.

Right-angled: make a right angle with our arms.

“I enjoyed playing the game outside because we got to be ‘scalaliens’.” Martha said.

“I liked doing the triangles because I liked making the wanted poster for them.” Says Agatha.

Ellen says “I have enjoyed doing the spelling this week because I’m really good at them.”

Tara also really enjoyed dance this week, she says, “I liked it when we were doing the kick with our leg.”

2nd October 2015

This week in Rowling’s we have had a fabulous time. Wednesday was the day of our banquet with Emperor Nero.

“During the banquet we had a delicious feast with Emperor Nero.”  Explained Stephen.

“I liked the banquet because we had lots of different foods. We had the banquet to celebrate the great battle victory against the Celts.” Said Martha.

On Thursday we learnt about the digestive system by labeling each other and then recreating the digestive system in the class room.

“I didn’t want to touch the experiment.” cringed Megan

IMG_1036 IMG_1056.IMG_1005 IMG_1061 IMG_1020 IMG_1035

“I liked the experiment because it was disgusting and the digested food felt squidgy.”  Said Ellen.

“I enjoyed doing Science when we made the digestive system but I thought that when you had to squeeze it out of the cup it was disgusting! It was fun making it.” Cried Agatha

“I liked doing the presentation on the board in Spanish because it was really funny.”  Laughed Rhys.

25th September 2015

In science this week we did an investigation looking at how different liquids can affect our teeth enamel. We did this by leaving boiled eggs in water, coke, vinegar and apple and blackcurrant squash for 24 hours.

We learnt that the sugar in coke and squash started to take layers off the egg shell and that the acid in vinegar look nearly all the egg shell off. This is similar to the effect they can have on our teeth.

“The smell of the vinegar made some people feel sick” said Tara.

“I enjoyed touching the eggs to see what they felt like” Said Elana.

We have also been learning our numbers in French

“I have enjoyed practicing and learning my French numbers” Said Samuel

This week Mrs Marsh delivered a letter to us. It was a Roman invitation to a banquet. We then wrote menus for the banquet, the best ones will go to the leader of the Roman army to use.

16th September 2015 – Rowling Class Newsletter

18th September 2015

During the first week back we started learning about co-ordinates in maths.

“I liked doing co-ordinates because we got to make a minion, I think it was Dave.” Martha giggled.

We would all like to share is how much fun we had last week on the bouncy castles.

“I really liked the wrestling ring” said Tara.

“I won against Ellis twice” exclaimed Ryan.

We have been really enjoying learning about the Romans and this week for our Big Write we wrote a letter to Lepidus, the leader of the Roman army.

“I really enjoyed doing it because I got to pretend I was a boy called Ellenus” Ellen chuckled.

This Thursday we went to the British Museum to learn about what Romans ate and drank. We had a wonderful day despite the long journey.

Elana says, “We got to see the Roman remains of the things they had.”

“I liked going on the trip because I liked seeing the Mexico gallery, it was really fun.” Called Nellie.

“At the museum I liked seeing the Romans weapons and helmet’s.” Described Stephen.

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  1. What I liked at the museum was looking at the cutlery . The best part of the day was when I saw the Roman houses and seeing what the Roman looked like. I found it funny when Mrs Heather made the alarm go off by touching the statue.

    Hollie Brown xxxx

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