Collective Worship

Collective worship takes place every day in school.  Each week there is a theme which aims to link our values with bible stories and other aspects of the Christian tradition.

MONDAYS: Whole School Assembly led by Mrs Loakes, Miss Anderson and Mrs Heather. On Mondays we ‘Pass the Peace’ at the beginning of every assembly. We follow the pattern of the festivals and seasons of the Christian Year. At the heart of each assembly is a story, a ‘Wondering Question’ and a prayer.

TUESDAYS: Collective worship in Classes, led by the Class Teacher and sometimes by the children. We have a story from The Bible and discuss the ‘Wondering Question’ posed in the Monday assembly.

WEDNESDAYS: Singing Assembly Led by Mrs Loakes and Miss Fozzard – singing is an important part of collective worship, and this is a chance to learn new songs, and revisit familiar ones, to reflect together on the way that we praise God in worship, and to understand better the words we are singing.

THURSDAYS: Collective worship in Key Stages, led by a visiting minister from one of the local churches or by a member of staff. We also use this time to celebrate things that pupils have achieved outside school (eg swimming certificates being presented).

FRIDAYS: A celebration of what has been achieved in school (such as an announcement of the House Point totals for the week; awarding of certificates for Honours and Values each term) and the announcement of our ‘Learners of the Week. The Friday collective worship always ends with the School Blessing led by a Year 6 child, as a way of sending the children and adults out into the world to live out the values that they live by in school:

Go out into the world in peace. Be brave. Don’t repay evil with evil. But always seek what is good. Lend your strength to those who are weak. Support those who are in need.  Respect everyone. May God bless you, And may you be a blessing to your school, to this community, and to our world.

We go to St Mary’s Church at least twice a term for collective worship and we also enjoy our visits from GenR8.

Parents retain the right to withdraw their children from Religious Education if they so wish but this needs to be by prior arrangement with the Headteacher.  Anyone wishing to do this would be invited to have an open discussion with the Headteacher at a convenient time to both parties.


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