Contact Us

How to contact us:
Buckden Church of England School (Primary Academy Trust)
School Lane
St Neots
PE19 5TT

Phone: 01480 810241
Fax:      01480 811937

Contact names for enquiries
Headteacher: Miss A Anderson
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs M Heather
SENDCo: Mrs R Bliss
School Business Manager: Mrs H Triance
School Administrator: Mrs C Mayes

Contacts for individual teachers:
Miss A Anderson
Mrs M Heather
Mrs R Bliss

Mrs M Anderson
Mr  C Burfiend
Miss R Burns
Mrs N Butcher
Miss L Fozzard
Mrs L Masters
Miss B Meadows
Mr J Palmer
Miss R Pope
Mrs K Purser
Mrs S Romaine
Mrs S Tarpey
Miss C Wetzel
Mrs K Woodward

Lizell Heather
B.O.S.S. H Triance

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