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Friday 20th April

Tyler:  I enjoyed Maths on Thursday because we learnt about different types of triangles.

Stephane:  I am enjoying PE.  We are learning about different events in athletics.  My favourite is the 100m sprint.  I have really enjoyed Maths this week because we are doing Geometry.

Evie:  I have enjoyed English this week.  We have done lots of work outside.  We had to write a diary and sitting outside helped me to get into role as the character.


2nd March 2018 – Year 5 Medieval Day

Friday 9th March

Maria:  This week in Art we have been making Mother’s Day cards.  We have been using pastels to create close-up pictures of flowers – I found it really fun!

Rebecca:  In Maths we have been learning about Fractions.  We can now add and subtract fractions with different denominators.  We also know how to convert between Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers.  I found this challenging at first but now I am confident.

Erin:  In PE we have been working on conditioning phrases and performed these on the floor and then on apparatus.  We have performed pike sits on benches, side supports on the wall bars, arabesques on the padded bench and a one footed bridge on an angled bench.


Friday 23rd February

Albert:  In English we have started to look at a book called ‘Pax’.  We spent time talking about the front cover of the book before Mrs Purser revealed the title.  A lot of us thought that the fox was looking at something, and we started to guess what the story might be about.

Maria:  We have been doing some research about red foxes and designing our own posters to present this information.  I enjoyed being creative!

Evie:  In Maths we have been learning about angles.  We have been using protractors to measure angles and draw triangles.

Erin:  I enjoyed having the opportunity to explore different pieces of apparatus in PE.  I have been practicing my handstands and forward rolls and am much better at showing control.



Friday 19th January

This week in Copernicus class

Emilia: This week in mathematics we have been learning how to draw reflections and it was tricky.

Joshua: I like doing the topic because we are making a medieval village. I enjoyed translation in maths.

Erin:: I have enjoyed starting our 500 word story, I have lots of good ideas already.

Charlie: Personally my favourite this week was English because we got to work with people in the other year 5 class.

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Friday 12th January
Evie – This week we painted our ruins,it was lovely to see our final pieces.

Danny – I really enjoyed learning about Medieval villages and am looking forward to making one of our own!

Rebecca – In maths we have been learning about coordinates and translation, i really enjoyed both of these.

Friday 5th January

Erin – This week in English we have been planning a story about a Christmas which goes wrong and i have really enjoyed it.

Eloise – This week in gymnastics we have been doing mirror dancing and i really liked it (i hope we do it again!).

William – I enjoyed maths because we have been working on co-ordinates. The best part was working out the missing point of a shape.

Friday 15th December

Evie:  This week in English we have finished our News Reports on ‘Mog’s Christmas Calamity’ and we have been able to share these with the other year 5 class.

Maria:  The News Reports were really funny to watch and lots of people, especially Evie really got into role.

Charlie:  We have been doing some ‘Christmas Maths’ where we had to solve equations using BODMAS and then shade squares to make a mosaic with a Christmas theme.


Friday 7th December

Maria:  I have enjoyed English this week.  We have watched a Christmas TV advert called ‘Mog’s Christmas Calamity’ and are now writing a script for a News Report on the event.  I have the whole collection of Mog books at home and I am excited to be looking at a story about Mog in school.

Rebecca:  This week we have been learning about Fractions in Maths.  At first I found this really tricky but now I can solve word problems and I actually enjoy it!

Joe:  I have liked learning about percentages and linking this to our work on Fractions.  We were given a fraction and had to find the equivalent decimal and percentage.

Albert:  I had the opportunity to play the piano in assembly.  To begin with I felt really nervous, but when I got started it was OK because Franki sat with me to support me.  I played ‘Star of Wonder’.

Friday 1st December

William F:  This week I have enjoyed planning and writing our Non-Fiction texts on The Vikings.  We got the opportunity to research information we were interested in, take notes, and then present this information in our own words.

Rebecca:  This week I have enjoyed learning more about Fractions.  We now know how to convert Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers.  This was really tricky at first but now I feel confident.

Evie:  This week I liked making our Viking shapes with our names engraves in runes.  We carved our names into the clay (using the Viking alphabet) and chose shapes that represented Viking weapons or symbols.


Friday 24th November

Maria:  I have enjoyed topic this week.  We have been creating our own designs to show Viking runes.  We could choose brooches, combs or weapons and are writing our own name in runes on the object.  Next week we will be creating our design using clay, which I am really looking forward to.

William:  In English we have been starting to research information on the Vikings –  to prepare for writing a piece of non-fiction text.  We have chosen our own topic areas and are developing our skills in note-taking.

Rebecca:  We have been learning about fractions this week in Maths and I have found it fun!  I was a bit unsure about this at the start of the week, but now I am really confident at finding fractions of quantities within word problems.

Friday 17th November

Harry:  In English we have finished writing our World’s Worst Teacher Stories.  We collected them together to create a class anthology and are all really proud of our work.  The stories will be available for everyone to read next week.

Albert:  Today we have all come to school in our pyjamas and onesies.  I have just discovered I have a new name – sweater vest!  We hope we have raised lots of money for Children In Need.

Franki:  In PE we have continued learning our Viking dance.  We are starting to work together with the other year 5 class to add in some drumming to the performance as well.

Rebecca:  In  Maths we have been learning about multiples and factors.  We drew bugs to help us pair the factors more easily.

William B:  In Science we are planning an investigation to test air resistance.  We are making parachutes and are really looking forward to doing our experiment next week.


Friday 10th November

Lucas:  Me, Will, Ashton and Felix enjoyed representing the school in a football tournament this week.

Albert:  In Art I enjoyed making Viking boat figure heads out of clay.

Emilia:  I have enjoyed writing our stories in English this week for our class anthology ‘The World’s Worst Teachers’.

Maria:  In music we have been doing some African drumming and we had to sound out the syllables of our names on the drum.


Friday 3rd November

Maria:  I have enjoyed Maths this week.  We have been learning about Negative Numbers and how to solve problems involving temperature and money.

Charlie:  I enjoyed representing the school in a football tournament this week.  The event took place at Houghton School and we finished 3rd out of 5 schools.

Rebecca:  In English we have been reading stories from The World’s Worst Children by David Walliams.  We are now starting to create our own characters for stories which will form a book called ‘The World’s Worst Teachers!’

William B:  In Art we have been drawing Viking Longships.  In the next few weeks we will be sewing our designs, which is going to be really tricky!

Eloise:  In dance we have started to choreograph a Viking dance.  We have thought about the type of people the Vikings were and tried to find movements to reflect their personalities.


Friday 13th October

Erin:  This week we have been looking at poetry in English.  We all looked at different exotic fruits and had to describe them thinking about their appearance, feel and tastes.  We have then started to write our own poems about the fruit which contain a repeated phrase and lots of descriptive vocabulary.

Maria:  In Art we have been designing and making our own Christmas cards.  We cut out snowflakes and then used marbles to create paint effects.

Franki:  In  PE we have been doing Tag Rugby and next week we are looking forward to taking part in the KS2 Tag Rugby Interhouse.  #wecan’twait!

Harry:  In Maths we have been calculating the area of shapes.  We have also been looking at different methods for long multiplication and we have realised that we all need to learn our times tables!!


Friday 6th October

Franki:  This week we finished our leaflets which persuaded people to visit Britain and we were all really proud of our work.

Evie:  In English we have been looking at poetry.  We looked at poetry books from the library and chose 2 poems.  One of them was best suited read in our heads and the other one we performed to the class.

Emilia:  Mrs Purser read us ‘The Outing’ poem by Michael Rosen.  It was about a teacher taking her class on a school trip to the Science Museum.  Mrs Purser changed the names in the poem and pretended she was talking to us – we found it very funny!

Felix:  On Wednesday we visited Ely Cathedral.  We took part in a Bollywood dancing workshop and met lots of children from other church schools.

Maria:  In Maths we have been learning about perimeter.  Today we tried some tricky word problems which were very challenging but fun.

Eloise: Today in Celebration Assembly we shared facts to the school about Copernicus.  Everyone spoke very well, and Emilia told us how to say ‘Copernicus’ in Polish.


Friday 29th September

Eloise:  In Science we went outside and looked for evidence to determine whether the Earth was flat or spherical.  We then looked at evidence displayed around the classroom and had to decide which side of the argument this supported.

Albert:  In Maths we have been looking at perimeter.  We did an investigation which involved making shapes from squares of paper.  We tried to find shapes which had the smallest and largest perimeter.  We then put this information into a table and looked for patterns.

Rebecca:  In English we have been making persuasive leaflets.  We have been researching places to visit in Britain and presenting this information in our own words.

William B:  In topic we have been drawing maps of Buckden.  We have also looked at timelines to mark important events in the Viking period.

Maria:  In French we have been learning the names for different members of our family.  We have also written the names on the family tree.

Talk homework:  Talk to someone at home about their favourite poem.


Friday 22nd September

Lucas:  This week in class we have been learning how to convert between g and kg.  Today we used our skills to make biscuits.  They were delicious!

Emilia:  I just loved the cookies!

Harry:  In guided reading we have been looking at newspaper reports.  In English we have discussed persuasive writing and are planning our own leaflets to persuade people to visit Britain.