18th November 2016 -Maths mornings

Our aim is to develop children into confident mathematicians who are able to use mathematics as a tool in a wide range of activities both in and out of school.  Throughout the school the children are involved in mathematical activities which cover the 5 key areas identified within the National Numeracy Strategy: Number and the Number System; Calculations; Solving Problems; Measure, Shape and Space and Handling Data.

A high priority is given to teaching children mental strategies and written methods to support their ability to calculate independently and use both basic and more advanced numeracy skills as they move through school. The use of calculators and computers is vital to the children’s learning, therefore all children have opportunities to explore and use these teaching resources to enhance their mathematical knowledge and understanding.


We have been using Big Maths for a few years now.  Find out more below
Big Maths Scheme
Maths policy 2015                

Year 2 calculation videos                       

Year 3 Calculation videos               

Year 4 Calculation videos    

Year 5 Calculation videos                                

Year 6 Calculation videos                        

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