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29th April 2015 – Key Stage 1 visit to Shepreth Wildlife Park
23rd January – Year 2 Spring Term Newsletter
25th November – Year 1/2 Christmas Play – The Star’s Journey
September 2014 – Tigers Autumn newsletter
September 2014 – Year 1 Autumn Term Curriculum Overview

Tigers Autumn Timetable.

 Summer 2

What a busy time we have been having! Mortimer Mouse wrote to us and asked for help (again!) and we’ve been busy finding out all about Kenya for him this time. We have been comparing it with England, it’s much hotter there, and the animals are very different. It was OK though because we know all about predators from our Science work earlier this year, so we were able to give him some good advice! We discovered that Swahili and English are both taught in Nairobi schools. Isaac and Harvey found a great internet programme that translated English into Swahili. We know that Jambo means hello…we even learnt a song about it! We had great fun playing Kenyan games outside too.


Then we had our Sports Day, and the weather was lovely so we all had a fabulous picnic on the field with our families afterwards.

This week we are in our classes for next year, and Mr Burfiend and Mrs Tarpey are getting to know us, and we are getting to know them!

Summer 1

20th April

Tigers have had a busy week with Mrs Taylor and Mrs Butcher.

Harry E has enjoyed learning about Sikhism and the story about its founder Guru Nanak who went to pray at the lake and vanished for 3 days. Everyone thought he drowned, but he had been talking to God.

Tyler says in English we have been having fun with nonsense poems. Tylers favourite was, “The Land of the Bumbley Boo ” by Spike Milligan. Sam liked Michael Rosen’s poem “The News” about 2 incredible shoes.Wev are looking forward to sharing all the children’s favvourite poems after their talk homework.

With Mrs Butcher in Science, Rachel explained, we drew plants that Mrs Butcher brought in.
We have been busily learning about time in Maths and got into a bit of a kerfuffle about the 24 hour clock, although we are improving. Matthew found out that there are slightly less than 24 hours in a day. You use it for ease of calculating. The real time is 23 hours 56 minutes and 4.1 seconds!
Isaac and Jack loved being Isaambard Kingdom Brunel, and building lego bridges.

Spring  2

 Huskies and Tigers have been working extremely hard over this half term looking at nocturnal animals. I’m sure you have been bored to tears by how much they can tell you about them but we are so pleased by how much they seem to be able to remember about them! Mrs Taylor heard lots about them when she came back! We have been writing information texts and the children have been using subheadings to categorise their information. They have been thinking about the different features of an information text such as, titles, subheadings, factual writing and pictures with captions and labels. We have produced some amazing information texts and some were so good that we turned them into a class booklet. This closely linked to science and food chains. The children produced their own food chains and really understood what an apex predator is and the producer and consumer in a food chain.In our maths we have been looking at measuring and it has been so much fun! We have measured and made bat boxes for the nocturnal bats to live in; they look fantastic, lots of bright colours so the bats certainly won’t miss them! We have also made angel delight which was great fun! The children all independently measured 300ml of milk and made a great mess on the tables…only joking they were so tidy! We then all sat and ate our lovely angel delight…some children found out that they weren’t fans, despite how good it smelled.In our art we have looked at some African art and produced some incredible pieces of work which are displayed in out corridor and have been complimented on more than one occasion by special visitors to the school. We have also made massive nocturnal animals to display in our classroom and they look brilliant!We have been looking closely at the Easter story in R.E. and have attended our Easter service in Buckden Church. A few of the children acted out a section of the Easter story to the rest of the school and said a prayer. They have worked super hard this half term and we are all extremely proud of them. We are pleased that Mrs. Taylor is back as we have all missed her a great deal!

Everyone in Year 2 would like to wish you a restful and peaceful Easter break and we look forward to seeing you in the Summer term where we hope it will be a lot warmer!

23rd January 2015

This week we have started to learn about Dick King-Smith and his books. Zac remembers that he was a soldier and a farmer, and Harry E also knows that he was a Primary School teacher before he became an author. Harry O found a blurb which told us that he was born in 1922 and died in 2011. The first book we have looked at is The Sheep Pig, which was made into the film Babe. Next week we are going to look at more books by him. Eloise and Jess found more books by him in the library and Charlie has found a copy of the Sheep Pig to read at home.
Daisy has enjoyed learning about fractions in Maths. We have looked at halves, quarters and thirds of both shapes and numbers. Jack knows that when we are dividing shapes into fractions the parts have to be equal and fair.
In Science we have been looking at materials with Mrs Jaynes, Jessica had fake fur to look at, and we learned new scientific words like rigid, opaque and transparent to describe their properties.


Mrs Anderson has been teaching us how to write the date in Spanish, today’s date is: viernes, 23 de enero, and we love singing our songs about months and days of the week.

Tigers and Huskies

16th January 2015

Happy New Year! The year has got off to a wobbly start without Mrs Taylor, and we are missing her terribly. We can’t wait till Monday when she will be back to school and ready to teach all of us again 🙂

These two weeks have been crazy and busy, we have been working like busy bees getting lots done! In our English lessons we have been looking at the use of paragraphs in our writing. We know that you need to start a new paragraph when you change the subject and start talking about something else. Huskies and Tigers have been practicing using paragraphs by writing fantasy stories. We have been making sure we are  using capital letters and full stops and also lots and lots of adjectives and descriptive language. We have broken our stories down into a beginning, middle and end and taken our time to write at length and in detail. Miss Harding is SO pleased with how amazing they are! 🙂

We have been improving in our maths in leaps and bounds these two weeks, it has been noticed by all of the adults who have worked with us just how much we have improved. We have been looking at money and how to count different amounts. We have also been thinking about all of the different ways we can make different amounts of money and use different coins. Huskies and Tigers even had their own shops to practice giving change and to make sure we are getting the correct amount of money back.

We were VERY shocked by our spellings this week and some of us got very upset; however, Miss Harding explained that we don’t need to worry because we have never seen these words before and it was just a practice. These words will be coming up in our SATS so the earlier we start practicing them, the better we will become at spelling them. 🙂

In Topic we have been looking at Guru Nanak and the story of him visiting a city which was full of sin and bad behaviour. Needless to say, the city didn’t want to be visited by him because they were embarrassed by their behaviour. Guru Nanak explained that there would always be room in the city for love and goodness.

We also looked at Isambard Brunel the engineer. We found out how he built a tunnel through Box Hill and bridges over rivers to make a railway which ran from London to Bristol. People were very scared of riding this train because they thought their heads would boil, but once they rode it, they loved it.

In science we have been heating and cooling and Miss Harding thought that putting an egg in the microwave and heating it up would get her a chicken. We conducted an experiment to see what would happen to different materials such as;  egg, butter, water and chocolate when they were heated and cooled and our predictions were rather amusing :/ But now, we can tell you what actually happens!

We have been working like troopers, Mrs Milne, Mrs Brightman, Miss Kelly and Miss Harding are delighted with us these past two weeks! We are very proud of ourselves! 🙂 Have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday! Enjoy Mathletics online 🙂

Huskies and Tigers.


Talk Homework

We will be continuing to look at diaries this week, and we will be writing our own diaries, looking back at what we have learnt this term. For your talk homework, have a think and a chat about the things you have enjoyed most, for instance, your favourite might be starting to learn karate, or learning about different habitats.

This week Tigers have enjoyed finding out about the 1600’s and Samuel Pepy’s Diary. We discovered that Ring a Ring a Roses was actually about the Plague, and we realised that the Gunpowder Plot, and the Pilgrim Fathers leaving for America happened in the same Century as the Great Plague.

In Maths we have been looking at weighing and then we revised our data handling skills. We are very good now at making tally and bar charts, and are getting very good at asking and answering questions like, “how many more children like robins than blackbirds?”

In Art and DT we have been painting our animal head masks, ready for our play, and we have been practising our songs in Music.

We loved looking at different plants using the microscope connected to the computer, and we saw that cactus spines looked the same as other plant’s leaves. Mrs Taylor explained that cactus plants have to store lots of water in their stems , because there isn’t much rainfall in the desert, and then Miss Harding squished a piece of cactus and showed us it, using the microscope, and we could all see the water bubbles. We were very excited.Next week we are going to be looking at the roots of all the  plants, to IMG_0519see how alike or different they are.

On Friday we all took part in the Pro Kick challenge, and we all thought it was great fun.Jack had a really fast, strong kick!


Talk Homework

 This week we will be learning about diaries, and Samuel Pepys. For your talk homework this week, please think about diaries, and discuss what kinds of things you might write in one.

Our theme is Read All About It. This week, we heard about a tiger who had escaped in France. Sam spotted this in the newspaper. We thought about how the tiger might feel, and wrote an article from the tiger’s point of view.

Then Harry S says, we had some very exciting news. We have adopted a tiger called Roque. He had a sad start to his life when he was put up for sale in a pet shop when he was a tiny cub. He was rescued by the Born Free Foundation. He lived for awhile in the U.K. but now he lives in India. Harvey says he loves jumping on boulders. We will be getting news updates on him.

 Here is a photo of Roque, and a picture of our Adoption Certificate.


We have also been researching different zoos that we might like to visit. The most popular choice is Hamerton Zoo. We have written persuasive letters, including data, asking Miss Anderson if we can visit there next year. Watch this space!

In maths Rachel says we have been busy measuring. We measured round our heads, so that we could make our animal head masks the right size. Jack says we have been busy making these and today Foxes came to help us.Miss Harding showed us how to add the features with modrock.We all enjoyed that! Archie says it was so messy, but fun!

photo 1photo3amodrocharveyandemily

We have started learning our school play. Tyler said it’s going to be the best party ever, let’s hope so!

14th November

Talk Homework.

Next week in Maths we are going to be looking at measuring. For your talk homework this week we would like you to discuss which measurements we use when we measure different things. For instance that centimeters are used when we measure small things, and miles are used when we measure distances.

What a busy week we have had!

On Remembrance Day we came together with the Huskies as a Year group, we heard about Captain John Green, from Buckden, who was awarded the V.C. during WW1, we looked at the information about him on The Royal British Legion site, http://www.everymanremembered.org/profiles/soldier/196817/ , and Mrs Taylor has left a message from us on there.


Mr Waring came in and told us all about the comet. It is called 67p and it looks like a duck or a potato say Jack and Tyler. Henry says he enjoyed it when his Daddy came in. Mr Waring knows lots about space and Rosetta because he helps build spaceships! Isaac really liked this too.


Harry S has enjoyed making the Safari Park. Everyone has been bringing in books and animals for it.


Harry E says we have been using Venn diagrams in our Data Handling to sort animals and plants. Rachel knows we have also been using Tally Charts and Kylie knows that Carroll Diagrams have a four way sort,  e.g square or not square blue or not blue.

We have been thinking about Spring already, and we have all planted some Spring bulbs. Amelie says we planted 2 snowdrops and we also planted crocus in a pot. We are going to see if we can trick the bulbs in to growing early. Watch this space!


Harvey really liked our English work on Twisting Traditional Tales, and so did Harry E, Kylie, Rachel, Henry, Matthew, Amelie and Joshua. We even played Billy Goats Gruff music.

Henry thought it was cool when we learnt how to add 9 by taking 1 away and then adding 10.We are getting very good at this now.

7th November

Talk Homework

This week in English we have been looking at traditional and fairy tales. We “twisted the tale” of Red Riding Hood, and described her as disrespectful and contentious. For talk homework this week, can you “twist the tale” of another traditional tale? For instance could you describe the Giant as the hero in Jack and the Beanstalk? We look forward to hearing and discussing your ideas on Wednesday!

What a busy week we’ve had, looking at all the great presentations on Celebrations. We are looking forward to seeing the last few next week. The standard has been very high, and everyone has spoken confidently and with enjoyment to the rest of the class. Well done!

Today we visited our Year 5 partner class, Foxes, and they showed us how to make origami whales. It was great fun. We had to give them facts about whales in return for their help. We ended up making groups of whales, or pods.

We will soon be finishing off our clay whales, they are pencil pots as well as models.


We have found out lots of facts about whales and we have also listened to , presented and written Whale poems.


In our theme, we have been looking at water, and in Science we made a water cycle in a bag. It was great fun making it “rain” in the bag when condensation happened. We wrote clear instrutions about how to make it.


3rd October

Last week we really enjoyed European Day. Our country was Holland, or the Netherlands.Harvey found out that they are famous for tulips, which flower in the Spring. Tilly found out all about Vincent Van Gogh, and his paintings. She dressed up as him and brought in a copy of his Sunflowers painting. Some of us made our own sunflower pictures, and did pastel drawings of tulips, too.Henry liked making the little windmills, that Holland is also famous for. Tyler discovered that there are more bikes than cars there.We all had fun dressing up. Harry Skinner represented France, as one of the Musketeers.Jack  found out that the Dutch people are the tallest, on average ,in Europe.Matthew, Henry and Sam found out that the Dutch people drink more coffee than everyone else in the world. 16.8 million people live there.Amelie found out that Amsterdam was the capital city.We looked at different countries in Europe using Google  Earth. Mrs Taylor tried to trick us by spinning the globe, but we could still spot the United Kingdom!

map     dressedup    tulips

This week , in English and Science , we have been learning about different habitats. Jack was so keen to find out more, that he went home and made a powerpoint about deserts, which we all enjoyed so much that we have decided to try making our own next week.

You can see Jack’s here :Ppt0000012desertbyJack

Archie , Zac and Isaac researched Oceans and discovered that the biggest shark was megalodon, and the smallest was the ghost shark.Rachel looked with Logan and Molly at the rainforest and found out about toucans, chimpanzees and bats living there.Josh researched with Harry S and Tyler, and they discovered that the polar bear is a mammal who lives in the polar region.Harry Skinner says he is white so that he is camouflaged. Poppy was really proud of her Big Write about Habitats as it is the first time she has done a whole page. Harry E did some great research on the grasslands, and found out that it is really hot in Summer and really cold in Winter.


In Maths we have been multiplying and dividing, it is a bit tricky but we are starting to get there!

September 19th

We have had a busy learning week. Today we painted the background for our stormy seas painting. Miss Harding showed us some of her sky paintings, and explained how to do it. They all looked great. Next week we will be adding our ship silhouettes. Jack , Amelie and Molly really enjoyed this.

We have been very busy in Maths learning about time, Ashton and Harry E found playing the time games fun!

We are looking at water for our theme, and this week we learnt about the Water Cycle, and sang a song about it. We were excited to learn that dinosaurs might have splashed about in the water we drink today. Tilly enjoyed her work on the water cycle, and everyone asked some really good questions about it.

We have written our first Year 2 Big Write today, and tried really hard using some wonderful adjectives to describe our characters and setting.Henry likes doing this, we think he might be an author one day! Rachel thought describing her character was fun.

Mrs Taylor and Miss Fozzard started a new club, putting together a School newspaper, this week ,and several of our class went along. Poppy had some amazing ideas of things to include in the newspaper.

In karate some of us copied Matthew’s moves, because he is such an expert!

Joshua has been really kind and helpful all week, so the teachers said thank you to him.

Jack and Logan think the whole week was fun!

Archie says he is just happy to be with all of his class, and Sam liked seeing the puppets again and the new parrot puppet, yet to be named!

12th September

We are now Year 2, and our Tigers’ Classroom is in old Bucaneers!

We are already working hard, and in English we have been learning about characters. We have started to read George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl. Grandma in the story is mean, ugly, rotten and grunion. Isaac says she wants George to be her servant, we don’t like her! Boo! say Henry and Jack.

Logan says he has been enjoying his handwriting, and Rachel has enjoyed all of our English work.

In Maths we have learnt 2 new signs, which remind us of a crocodile’s  mouth They mean greater and less < and >. We know the point always points to the smaller number, but the mouth is wide open for the bigger number!

One of our most exciting changes has been that we are now learning karate. Sensei Karina told us that Tigers are linked to karate, and we all had a great time in our first karate lesson as a class.



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