19th January 2018

Talk Homework- Chat about bible stories together. We read Jonah and the Whale this week and Noah’s ark previously. Can your child remember them?

This week has been all about ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. The children have taken part in some really expressive role play. We have also created ‘Wanted’ posters for that mean ugly troll. We also all made clay troll faces. They all look so different showing what amazing creativity the children all have.

In maths, we have learnt all about time. The children explored stop watches, clocks, calendars, diaries, egg timers and more. Then we read the story ‘Kipper’s Year’ and sequenced the months and talked about seasons, birthdays and special occasions throughout the year.

Additionally, we created detailed paintings of our favourite fairy tales and enjoyed our nature school session making instruments from the natural items around us.

Please could you continue to ensure that you read regularly with your child at home, ideally 5 times a week but a minimum of 3 times. It really does make a huge difference to the progress made by the children at this early stage in their reading.

5th January 2018

Talk Homework- What materials are used to build houses?

Happy New Year!!!

This week we have read 3 versions of Jack and the Beanstalk. We had excellent fun acting the story out and even had a visit from the giant although we think it may have been Mrs Woodward as she wasn’t very tall!!!

In maths we have been learning about teen numbers.


8th December 2017

Talk Homework: What is Hanukah?

Jack B: I liked playing in Santas grotto,I was an elf helping Santa.

Iris: I liked maths and making fingerprints in RE and playing with my friends.

Betsy: I liked making the pictures with the angels and the Christmas tree.

Keira: We made queens crown because we learnt qu

Freya: I liked doing numbers.  We have been using bar models.




1st December 2017

Talk Homework: What does Advent mean?

Baptism Week!

This week all the children took part in planning a Baptism service for our baby doll. They put forward name suggestions, made invitations and wrote prayers. If they wanted to be chosen as wither a parent or a Godparent they also performed speeches to explain why they would be good at these roles. Ida and Cain were chosen as parents and Max and Ellie as Godparents. We then went to church where Rev Jes performed the ceremony. Remy asked wonderful questions about God too.

We have also been starting to add 2 digits using lego to help us.

In phonics we have learnt v and w.


24th November 2017

Talk Homework: What is a Baptism?

Thanksgiving Week

This week we have learnt all about the American and Canadian celebration of Thanksgiving. Aiden bought in a deer skin drum which his dad had made. We learnt about the story with the Pilgrims arriving on the Mayflower ship to the shores of the USA. The Native Americans helped them to settle showing them how to hunt, cook and find shelter. To say thank you the Pilgrims held a thank you meal for the Native Americans. From this day on, American’s celebrate Thanksgiving every 3rd Thursday in November. We watched the New York Parade and made mini books to retell the story.

In maths we have been learning all about weighing. We used the balance scales to identify which objects were heavier/lighter. Next we tried weighing objects using cubes to balance the scales. Today we all followed a recipe to make salt dough weighing out the ingredients.

In phonics we have revised the sounds to date and used them to write captions for pictures.

As part of our PSHE we have learnt the PANTS rule from the NSPCC. We watched a great video called Pantasaurus who helped us to understand that we must keep what is under our pants private.

Of course we have also been rehearsing our nativity a lot! Not long now!!!


17th November 2017

Talk Homework: Look around your environment to find numbers. Can you recognise them?

This week has been all about Remembrance Day. We visited the church and listened to Year 6 read some fantastic poems they had written. When we got back we did lots of craft activities based upon poppies.  Olly remembered that it was to commemorate all those who have fought in the wars. Ellie really enjoyed making a medal.

We have started rehearsing our Nativity play.

Riley has remembered talking about Anti Bullying Week.



17th November 2017 – Recepetion Nativity Play – Born in a Barn


10th November 2017

Talk Homework: How and why do we commemorate Remembrance Day?

This week has been all about Bonfire Night. We have learnt all about Guy Fawkes and his plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament. The children then built a large bonfire and made a guy. Using masks we have retold the story.

In phonics we have learnt the double letter sounds ss, ff and ll. We read and made words which ended in these sounds.

In maths we have been shape searching. We are very good at recognising and naming 2D shapes and are starting to be more confident with 3D shapes. With number we have been sequencing digits to 10 and beyond by playing lots of different outdoor games.


3rd November 2017

Talk Homework: How do you celebrate bonfire night? What traditions are there? Why do we celebrate this?

This week we have been learning all about Diwali. We have all made beautiful clay and playdough Diva pots. Also we created a Rangoli pattern and Mendhi hand designs. We acted out the story of Rama and Sita.

Riley has enjoyed counting backwards this week from 10-0 and Benny liked making Diwali paper lanterns.

We have also turned our role play areas into a party zone and a fancy dress shop!

In phonics we have learnt r, h, b and f. Only one more sound to go and we have learnt all the Phase 2 sounds.



20th October 2017

Can you believe the first half term has already past us! So much learning has been done and all of your children have been simply incredible. This week we have talked a lot about how to stay fit and healthy. Today we cooked a delicious vegetable soup after we had read the book ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’. As you can see it went down very well!



We have also been using 10 frames and part part whole models in maths and have learnt ck, e and u.

Have a magical half term.

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13th October 2017

Talk Homework- How do you keep healthy? What do you eat that is good for you? How do you keep fit?

This week we have learnt 3 new sounds, o, c and k. We all got to turn the classroom lights on and off for o and we danced to Spanish music with castanets for c and k.

In our independent learning time we have been making box models of our homes and today we worked together to make a massive model village of Buckden. We included the shops, library, roads, pubs and of course the school. It was a great team project.

Most of us know most of our address now too and we are looking forward to getting the letters we posted today.

In maths we have learnt the number 10 and done a lot of activities based upon patterns. Have a look at some of our amazing photos…


6th October 2017

Talk Homework- What is your address? Can you bring in a stamped addressed envelope and a photograph of your house.

Riley remembers that this week we learnt m, d and g. We made plates with our favourite meal on and played drums and looked at the sink making gurgling sounds.

Iris loved having baby Bethany visit with Miss Hearth. We got to ask lots of questions about how she is growing up and learning new things. We then sequenced ages of people.

Ellie enjoyed measuring the heights of her friends.

In maths we have learnt more about the numbers 7, 8 and 9.




29th September 2017

Talk Homework: Why were you given your name? Talk about your family tree.

Aiden enjoyed making a paper aeroplane today when we learnt the letter n. We flew them around making nnnnn sounds.

Iris recalls that we have learnt the numbers 5 and 6. We found our hands and feet helped with 5.

Daisy -Dawn remembers on Monday we made cakes and blew out candles to learn the letter p.

When we learnt i we all made inky mice that say iii.

On top of all this we have had our first visit to church this week and you were all so generous. Thank you for your donations. In RE we talked about thanking God for all that he has made. Hunter said a lovely prayer.

22nd September 2017

Talk Homework- Who is the tallest in your family? Who is shorter? Can you measure?

We have learnt some sounds this week. Today we learnt t and played games of tennis, we printed apples for a and made spiral snakes and spaghetti s letters. We can now segment sound and blend the words as , at, sat.

In maths we have learnt 0,1,2 and 3 and how they fit in the number sequence.

We also read the wonderful stories of ‘Funny Bones’ and this inspired some art work and speech bubble writing.


Talk Homework- Talk about parts of your body. What is under your skin?

Ella has been playing with lots of playdough.

Riley liked playing on the ipads.

Jack has played on the pirate ship.

Max has enjoyed the caterpillar.

We have all settled in very well. What a magical start!