We strongly believe in the development of the whole child and whilst we strive for excellent academic results we also provide an extensive enriched curriculum that allows the opportunities for our children to excel in many areas, some of which are not always offered in primary school.

Residentail Trips play a key role in the development of the child and we use these to offer experience beyond the classroom

Please click on the links below to see what we are doing in Music, Language and Sport to enrich the experience that all our children have at the school

Music Enrichment

Language Enrichment

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Art Enrichment

French trip 2016 3rd October – 10th October

Monday – We travelled to France on a little coach with our driver Steve and Mrs Forshaw and Mrs Heather. We enjoyed the experience of going on the Channel Tunnel trains and then we travelled for about an hour to a small village to Le Chocolaterie de Beussent. We learnt about how they grow the cocoa beans in Ecuador and how they roast them at 135 degrees before they crush them in a machine, that is 85 years old. We then went into the factory part where we were shown: how they cast the chocolate and how they make different chocolates. Then the best bit – we got to taste both some dark chocolate and some milk chocolate! The shop was amazing and we all parted with some of our euros, supposedly for gifts, the question is, how many will actually get home?

Tuesday – Today has been another packed day. We travelled to Rouen, which is a beautiful city. There we saw the amazing cathedral which was constructed over several centuries and even though it was bombed in WW2 it managed to remain wholly intact, until damaged parts were repaired. Inside the cathedral we were treated to some amazing stain glass windows, some of which were donated by the English, all about Joan of Arc. We learnt about how Joan had been a courageous young women who had, after many battles, been accused of herecy and burned at the stake, here in Rouen. We walked along the cobbled streets and learned about corbelling in architecture and how it was used to avoid taxes. We also visited a bone yard and learnt about how the people of Rouen coped with the many dead bodies in the times of bubonic plague.

After lunch we went to a shopping area with a variety of shops. We really liked a shop called Glup, which sold a wide variety of sweets, we won’t say who purchased the most! After this we returned to the Chateau and had some free time and then off to dinner and finished off the day with some fencing.

Wednesday – Today



15th September 2015 – West Runton 2016

2nd October 2015 -France 2016

Photographs from our 2016 tripShopping photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 6 photo 7 photo 8 photo 9 photo 10 photo 11 photo 12 photo 13 photo 14 photo 15

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