SPRING into action!!!!

Desperately need to prepare the school grounds. Weeding, clearing, getting ready for growing. If you can possibly help out at all please contact Mrs Wright. You are welcome to come in the day and bring children, obviously they will still be under your supervision, but we are desperate for help. I can’t do it on my own. We want to be able to utilise every aspect of our school as soon as the weather allows. Help is especially needed to wake up the nature reseve, plant some bulbs and put out learning resources. Tea and biscuits available.

We really need to put the school grounds to sleep.   Lots of things are overgrown and need spucing.  It’s a bit much for me by myself.   If you fancy  helping us to tidy up the school grounds by doing some weeding, cutting, pruning ready for winter, please contact Mrs Wright.  All help will be greatly appreciated.  Free tea and biscuits if we have any.


If you have any more Morrisons ‘lets grow’ vouchers kicking around at home can you please please send them in to school.  We are going to cash them in for growing related things ready for spring but desperately need a few more.

Thanks in advance.

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