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12th June 2015 –  Year 5/6 production of Aladdin
1st May 2015 – MX Band travel arrangements
24th April 2015 – Year 5 Safety Zone visit
17th April 2015 – MX Band event at Wood Green
23rd January 2015 – Foxes Spring Term Class Newsletter
29th September 2014 – Year 5 – Viking Day
September 2014 – Foxes Class Newsletter

We learnt how to stay safe at the St Neots Safety Zone and had a lot of fun too! Here are some photos of the day; you can find out more in our regular Friday blog update.

IMG_0429 IMG_0432 IMG_0436

Friday 24th April

We have been learning about formal letter writing. We wrote a persuasive letter to Facebook explaining that we feel that the age limit should be raised to 16 and over instead of being 13

We have learnt to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 and 100,000 including rounding to the nearest whole number. Today we solved problems in groups, Mrs Jaynes joined us to help.

We have learnt about the life cycle of a flowering plant. It is amazing that small can seed can produce such beautiful flowers. Did you know most flowers produce many seeds?

In topic we have been learning about the Tudors. So far we have learnt about Henry VII winning the Battle of Bosworth which put an end to the War of the Roses, he married Elizabeth of York so that he could rule over all of England.

We learnt about Henry VIII 6 wives, there is a rhyme to remember what happened to them all; divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, died.

Here is a link to the clip that we watched to learn about his wives;

Friday 17th April

E-safety in Foxes

We have debated whether you should be 13 or over to have a Facebook account, all year 5 and year 6 argued this point together in the hall. It was interesting to hear different peoples points of views, some of which we hadn’t considered ourselves.

We watched a Newsround Clip that showed us how to stay safe online. This focussed upon chatrooms; from this we know not to lie about our age, agree to meet someone that we don’t know and not to leave your password, personal details or computer open for someone to use against you.

We made leaflets to share with people how to stay safe when using the internet, this covers all we have learnt about e-safety this week.


 Friday 30th January 2015


We have been learning about Robin Hood and what he did for the poor people. We have been learning how to create arguments for and against stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. For talk homework please debate this with your children, ensuring that they give both sides of the argument.



We have learnt about multiples, prime numbers, factors, square numbers and cube numbers. What a lot we have fitted in to one week.


We learnt about the Dalai Lama, he is a Tibetan Monk. We learnt about all the good things that he did for other people.


In topic we learnt about the different clothes that the people in a Medieval Castle wore. We made sure that we learnt about all the clothes that the different people in the Feudal System wore.


Friday 23rd January 2015

What a busy week…..


In English we have been learning about using apostrophes for contraction. This is when you shorten a word by taking a letter out and replacing it with an apostrophe, for example were not becomes weren’t and is not become isn’t.

We have also been learning about indirect and direct speech which we often find in newspapers. We wrote a newspaper article about King Arthur.


We have been learning how to find the perimeter and area of 2d shapes. To find the perimeter you have to measure each side and then add them all up and that will give you the perimeter. To find the area you have to find multiply the length and the width. We had to find the perimeter and area of a Medieval Castle, the plan we used was a compound 2d shape.


We learnt about the Knights Code of Chivalry, this is the rules that Knights had to live by. We also learnt about the Feudal System from a Medieval Castle, it told us that there are more poor people working in the castle than there are rich people living in it. We all agreed we would like to be a King, Queen, Lord or Lady instead of a chaplain or peasant!!



Friday 5th December

This week, we went to watch the Reception Christmas Play (SO CUTE!) We also welcomed Miss Rees and Mr Frett into our classroom. They will be with us until February half term!


In English we have been making leaflets to persuade people to come over to Great Britain. To plan our leaflets, we surfed the web and researched different examples to help our writing.


On Friday, we learnt that the Three Wise Men in the Nativity Story were called The Three Magi. We wrote persuasive writing about whether we believed that they were magic or not. Some people thought they were magical because they could predict the future.


At the start of the week, we learnt about symmetrical lines so we could make our gingerbread snowflakes. First of all, we designed our snowflakes on paper and then, we used icing and cake decorations to make them. We then placed them on the school’s Christmas tree. Later on in the week, we learnt about angles and how to use a protractor. We know that there are acute, obtuse, right angles and reflex angles.


We have been playing football and learning different skills like: passing, dribbling, tackling, goal keeping, attacking and throw-ins.


In music, we have been practising three different pieces. We look forward to performing some of these at the Church for you.


Lillie, Rory, Kieran and Lewis.
1412 - Callum    1412 - Working   1412 - Alex


Friday 28th November

We have learnt about persuasive writing. We read different snippets from the holiday brochures learning about the different persuasive language that they use to interest a reader. We tried to persuade our partners to paint their parent’s car pink, have a bath in a tub of baked beans and to walk to school backwards. We learnt that a lot must go into the adverts to get people to be persuaded to buy the goods on offer.

We have been learning about mixed numbers and improper fractions. An improper fraction might look like this 10/8 or 16/5. We have learnt how to convert improper fractions into mixed numbers.

In theme we have learnt about modern settlements, we have looked closely at a variety of different maps that give us different information about areas. We learnt that a Key tells us what the symbols on a map mean

We learnt why the shepherds visited Jesus when he was born and why this is important to the story. We wrote a poem about the qualities of what make a good shepherd. 

Pro Kick Challenge
We had to kick a ball as hard as we could into a giant inflatable goal. On the back of the goal it had a speedometer that measured how fast the ball you kicked was going. Jake was fastest boy, he kicked the ball at 42 mph and Floss kicked the ball at 33 mph, she was the fastest girl.

‘Pro Kick helps schools all around the world to get more sports equipment for other children less fortunate about ourselves’

‘The pro kick challenge was amazing, we all cheered our classmates so they could get their best score.’


Friday 21st November

Talk Homework

Discuss with someone at home why coming to England from Scandinavia was good for Vikings.


We have been learning about instructions. We know that it is important to have a title telling your reader what they are going to make, we also think it is a good idea to have a picture so they know what it should look like when they have finished it. The steps should be in a lot of detail and be really precise.


We have been learning about ratio and proportion. We know how to simplify proportion and how to scale up ratio’s. 


We have been learning about Judaism and making comparisons between Judaism and Christianity. Did you know that during Passover, you can’t eat anything that rises, such as bread, rice, pasta and corn.


We joined Bears for Science this week, we planned a fair test to test which different shapes of paper dropped faster or slower. This helped us learn about how surface area effects air resistance.

Partner Class

We visited our Year 2 Partner Class, The Tigers,  and helped them with their head masks for their play.


Friday 14th November

Talk Homework

Discuss with someone at home what features make an Instruction text good.


We have been preparing scripts for filming monologues. We talked about our awful journey in a Viking Longship to find a new settlement. We included tension, flashbacks and good expression.


We have been learning how to find fractions of numbers. Today we were given word problems that were about finding fractions of quantities.


We have listened to nearly everybody’s presentations, we love that they have all been uniquely prepared and presented.


In football we learnt how to pass, dribble and tackle. We played games using these new skills.


Friday 7th November

Talk Homework
Discuss with someone at home what your journey was like to the island.
We pretended to be sailing on a Viking Longship, we had to pretend that we had brought our weapons and our belongings. We pretended to row the ship. We were looking for a new settlement; we knew we were looking for a good farming area, fresh water and good soil. We wrote about the land that we discovered, using plenty of description.
We have been learning the chunking method for division. This involves knowing our times table facts really well and subtracting. At first we found this really tricky but we are really good at it.
We learnt the French words for different shops you find in your local towns. The Post Office is called La Poste and the Butcher is La Boucherie.


Thursday 23rd October


In English we have been learning to take notes about Viking’s lives, their homes, food, weapons and jewellery. We are going to use our notes to make an information page and then turn this into an information book about Vikings.


Math’s has been all about 2 and 3 dimensional shapes. First we looked at creating nets for shapes. We experimented to see if the nets worked. Then we created the 3D shapes using polydron shapes. Kieran made a Octahedron and Scarlett made a Dodecahedron, very impressive. Then we examined 2D shapes to see how many lines of symmetry they had.

Foxes 3                            Foxes 4


In art we have been painting pictures for an Art exhibition. We were able to choose a bird to paint, artist, Peter Partington showed us how to do this quickly and accurately.

Foxes 1                              Foxes 2

By Scarlett and Kieran


Friday 17th October

Viking Day
A viking came to school!!!

She was called Mildreth, we learnt about shields, weapons, clothing, where they attacked and where they came from. At the end of the school day we re-enacted the Battle of Maldon – the Kings that fought were Olaf, Tostig and Brythnoth.

Before we went home from school, Mildreth fired arrows, they went even further than the second goalpost!!

We hope you enjoy the pictures.

Vikings 1            Viking 2    Viking 3

We learnt about family trees, we did our own so we understood how they worked. Then we looked at Alfred the Great’s Family Tree. We discoverd that Canute became King but when we looked carefully at the family tree we realised that Canute didn’t belong in the blood line and was only part of the family because he married Ethelreds wife, Emma. 

An artist came into school, he was called Peter Partington. He taught us how to draw birds as he is an expert. We drew an Owl, Penguin, Chicken, Sparrow, Golden Eagle and a Red kite. We are going to be creating a picture to go in the Great Exhibition.


 Friday 10th October


We have loved researching about Viking Longships. Did you know that 60 Oarsmen were needed to row the Viking war ships?

We found out that they sat on their boxes of belongings as they rowed to their destination. We also found out what and how they were made, they even used horse hair in the gaps to make it waterproof.



In maths we have been learning about inverse operations – this means the opposite calculations. We know the opposite of adding is subtracting and the opposite of multiplying is dividing.

We have also learnt to use effective written methods to solve addition and subtraction calculations, some of us are learning written methods for multiplication and division.


Class Collective Worship

We made Oragami Whales because we were learning about Jonah and the Whale. He had to send a message to Ninevah to tell the King that his people had to start behaving of God would flood the land.



For the past few weeks in PE we have been learning Tag Rugby. We have learnt loads of different skills so we can play in a match. We have learnt to pass (which is backwards), what to do when we get tagged and to ensure you don’t tag people when they don’t have the ball!



Friday 3rd October


In English we were writing a story all about the characters that we created. Issy’s story as about a character called Mia who went on an adventure to a friendly island. On this island she met her mum that she hadn’t seen for 15 years. Bea’s story was all about a character called Felicity. She travelled through a time portal to an island that looked like all the joy and fun had been sucked out of it and all the nasty bit’s had been left. After all her adventures on the island she woke to find it had all been a dream.


Math’s was all about finding the average. We did this by working out the Mean, Mode, Median and Range of data.

First of all we collected our data which was all about hit singles from the Beatles and Rolling Stones. Then we worked out the Mean, Mode, Median and Range.


In science we learnt all about filtering. We mixed mud with water and stirred them together then we poured the dirty water through hessian into a container. We then looked to see how clean the water was, it was still dirty! We tried the same experiment with different filters including, thin cloth, thick cloth, filter paper and felt. We discovered that the worst filter was the hessian and the best was filter paper.


By Bea and Issy.


Friday 26th September


This week in maths we have been learning all about how to collect data. We collected the data in a tally chart then we put the information on to a line graph. Some of us collected data based on our favourite ice cream flavours, chocolate was the winner! Some of us even did most liked chicken breeds, feathered feet was the most popular.


In English we have been learning all about how to make our own character. We created our own gods, we described their looks and their personalities. Emily’s is called Abby the goddess of music, she has golden hair, eyes like blue diamonds, and she plays the harp. Jake’s is called Bolkey, he has gleaming orange eyes, and hair as spikey as a hedgehogs back. He has a sword of fire.

European Day

In European Day we have been learning all about different countries. Foxes have been learning about Greece. Did you know there are 11.2 million people in Greece? Did you know the capital city of Greece is called Athens? Did you know that the Olympic games were first held in Olympia in Greece?

Every ones costume is based on a European country like Greece. Miss Fozzard wore a Greek costume, others wore French, Irish, Spanish and German costumes.

Thank you for reading our class blog.

Written by Emily and Jake.


Friday 19th September


We have been learning about objects that we take to school. We learnt the Spanish for pen, pencil, rubber, ruler, book, pencil sharpener and dictionary. We had fun practising the words by playing picture games.


In maths we have been learning all about measurements, we practised measuring volume by pouring water into measuring cylinders and reading how many millilitres there were. The table got very wet but we really enjoyed doing this.


We have been having a very exciting time in English learning all about the Viking story Thor. We all wrote about Thor in our Big Write, some of us wrote about Thor dressed as a bride to trick the giant Thrim into returning his hammer, we all thought it was hilarious. Some of us wrote about Loki, Thor’s half brother, who turned into a raven to try and find Thor’s hammer.

 Written by Callum Cook, Alex Dunford, Chloe Halls


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