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Friday 13th October

Bethan has really enjoyed Maths this week.  “We have been finding out the area of lots of different shapes and it was really fun.”

We have been very busy making our Christmas cards.  Imogen said “I have had lots of fun making our Christmas cards.”  They will all be sent home for our parents to see, next Monday.

“In English, I have really enjoyed listening to Michael Rosen’s poems and writing our own poems.” said Zac. “We even got to taste some new fruits in English!” exclaimed Jack.

“I enjoyed acting out the story of the Geocentric vs Heliocentric models of the Solar System” said Harry S.

We are all getting excited about Inter-House Tag Rugby next week.

Friday 6th October

In Maths, we have continued to learn about perimeter – “I have really enjoyed learning in Maths this week,” said Poppy.  Jack told us that his favourite lesson was when we spent some focused time improving and finishing our persuasive leaflets.

On Wednesday, we went to Ely Cathedral.  We learnt how to Bollywood Dance and we all had great fun.  Even the teachers joined in!

“In English, I really loved it when Mrs Masters read ‘The Outing’ by Michael Rosen and used all our names in the poem.  It was so funny!” exclaimed Jessica.

This week, we presented our assembly about fairness and Mrs Masters said we were all superstars.  Everyone took part and we ran the whole assembly for 15 minutes without any adult’s help.  We were really proud of ourselves.

Friday 29th September

In Maths, we have been learning about perimeter.

“I really enjoyed being able to investigate how perimeter changes when the shape changes” said Daisy.

We started a new way of learning our spellings.  On three mornings every week, we spend 15 minutes ‘playing’ with our spellings.  We all have different spellings to learn.

“I liked practising my spellings writing in my left hand!” said Sam; “I liked writing my spellings in code” exclaimed Harvey; “I enjoyed adding letters to my words one at a time” said Zhi.

Year 5 were asked to bring in cakes to eat at the McMillan Coffee Afternoon – we hope you enjoyed them!

22nd September 2017 – Church Schools Day

Friday 22nd September

Galileo Class have been working really hard since the beginning of term.  We are all very excited about being in Year 5!

At the start of Year 5, we all did a Big Write about the story of Thor’s Missing Hammer.

“I was really proud of myself because I wrote a whole page” said Olivia.

In Topic, we have been learning about where the Vikings settled.  We have made maps of Buckden and been out in the village today checking our maps.

“I really enjoyed walking around Buckden” said Bethan.

In Maths, we have been learning about measurements and we have been practising converting from one unit to another.  Today, we made cookies.  We measured all the ingredients, baked the cookies and then tasted them!  Our judges thought Sam, Harry O, Isaac, Matt and Jessica made the best cookies.

“It was nice to bake things with my friends and hear that other people enjoyed the cookies” said Isaac.

In Science, we are learning about the Solar System.

“I enjoyed finding out facts about all the planets” said Zhi Cheng.

That’s all for this week!