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Friday 2nd February

Matthew: I have really enjoyed writing our 500 word stories.  We were able to plan whatever story we wanted and on Friday we began to share our stories with the rest of the class.

Harvey: I’ve really enjoyed doing Science this week.  We were testing to see which materials are the best insulators and which would be best to use as the lining in a packed lunch box.

Harrison: I also really enjoyed doing our Science experiment today.

In fact, it seems that many of us really enjoyed our Science today!

Poppy:  I have enjoyed playing lots of games in Maths – it makes it much more fun 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Friday 19th January

Poppy:  I’ve liked doing our English – we made up our own warm-up exercise and wrote instructions how to play the game.  We also watched the 500 words live TV programme and Galileo class was mentioned!! We are famous!

Tilly: I enjoyed learning about the Battle of Hastings and now we are looking at the Domesday Book.

Harrison: I also enjoyed History – I have been making a Powerpoint about life in Medieval Britain.

William: I enjoyed playing hockey in PE.

We have also welcomed two new boys to our class this week – Dylan and Flynn 🙂

Friday 12th January

Another super busy week in Year 5!

We have started learning about life in a Medieval Village.  We are all researching and planning how we are going to build a model of our very own village.  We have lots of great ideas and can’t wait to get going.

We started looking at instructions in English.  It is really hard to do things if stages of the instructions are missing!  In Maths, we practised drawing shapes using co-ordinates and then we translated the shapes to different positions.

In Science, we investigated the different properties of materials.  We even got to wear some really cool scientist goggles!

Have a great weekend 🙂

Friday 5th January

Happy New Year!  Although we have only been back at school for three days, we have crammed loads in!

In Maths we have been learning about coordinates.  We have enjoyed finding out what the mystery shapes are by plotting the coordinates.

We planned a story about the Christmas that went wrong and we will be writing those up next week.

We are really excited about our new Topic – Medieval Life.  We started looking at the events that took place in 1066 today, and how that changed life in England at that time.

We finished the week making lots of mess in Science.  We explored the properties of solids and liquids – and even made a liquid that was also a solid!  It felt very weird!

Friday 15th December

Isaac:  I really enjoyed filming our news reports and working in a group with people who I wouldn’t always choose. I would choose them now because I thought we worked well together.

Daisy: We have spent lots of time practising singing the Christmas carols which we performed at Hardwick Dene and in church on Thursday evening.  We were given lots of yummy cakes after we had sung.

Harry O: We have all been feeling very festive today in our Christmas jumpers, and have enjoyed our Christmas Maths challenges.

Bethan:  We have now finished our Viking dance and are all ready to perform it.

We wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Friday 8th December

Tilly:  I enjoyed continuing to learn about fractions in Maths, especially the Christmas Fraction problem cards.

Bethan: I enjoyed English where we are writing a news report in groups.  I am working with Jess, Zhi-Cheng and Olivia.

Harry S: I enjoyed starting to learn the drumming to accompany our Viking dance.  We hope to perform at the PAC on 16th June 2018.  Be there!

Zhi-Cheng: I have enjoyed all the singing we have been doing to practise for our visit to Hardwick Dene next Tuesday.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday 1st December

Harvey: “I have really liked learning about fractions in Maths.”

Daisy: “We have been continuing with our sewing.  I really enjoyed it – we learnt how to do back stitch as well as running stitch.”

William enjoyed writing up his non-fiction text, especially finding information in different books.  “I am writing about Viking weapons.  They include shields, spears and swords.  I have learnt lots about weapons that I didn’t know before.”

Tilly has really enjoyed reading this week.  We are now allowed to sit on cushions, lie on the floor and even put our feet up!  We are also spending more time reading every day.

We are all so excited that it is finally December.  Everyone has written a nice comment about someone else in the class – each day, we will pick a card and read out the comment.  That person also gets to eat a chocolate from our Paw Patrol calendar!!

Friday 24th November

This week we began planning our Viking non-fiction text in English.  We researched the topics that we would like to write about.  Imogen is really excited about writing the text next week.

Daisy enjoyed singing Christmas carols – we are getting ready for all the different performances that we are doing, including singing at the Christmas light switch-on on Sunday 3rd December.

Jack has enjoyed learning about fractions in Maths.  Jack says he found it all too easy so Mrs Masters will have to make it much more challenging next week…..!

Jessica liked doing our parachute experiment.  We were all super scientists and we found out that the bigger the parachute, the slower it fell to the floor.  We were even able to explain this using the terms ‘air resistance’ and ‘gravity’.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday 17th November

It has been another super busy week in Galileo Class!

In Maths, we have been learning about Factor Bugs.  “If a number is a prime number, the bug will only have one pair of legs.  If a number is a square number, the bug will have an odd number of legs,” said Jack.

We have continued to enjoy Dance – “Today we got to show Mrs Masters our dance so far,” said Jess.  She was really impressed.

Archie really enjoyed our Onesie Day – “It was so comfy wearing our pyjamas and slippers!” he said.

In Art, we have all now finished our clay figureheads and Sam really enjoyed starting our embroidery.  Some of us found it very difficult to thread the needle but we were very determined and managed to do it….eventually!

Friday 10th November

In Art, we began to use clay to make our Viking Longship figureheads.  We all chose a scary animal – “I chose an eagle,” said Bethan.

Jessica enjoyed our Dance lesson – “We are starting to learn lots of different moves.  The girls have to go on their knees and pretend to shoot the boys with an arrow….”

In English, we have all created amazing ‘World’s Worst Teachers’.  Olivia said “I enjoyed making up the name for my teacher and getting all the creative ideas out of my head.”

Zac said “We are all working hard to get our Times Tables diplomas.”  “Times tables are so important and if parents could help the children at home, that would be AMAZING!!!” said Mrs Masters 🙂

Jaxson enjoyed eating our Remembrance Biscuits at break time today.  They were made by Year 6.  He also enjoyed Science where we measured the mass and weight of different objects.

Friday 3rd November

In English, we have been thinking about our ‘World’s Worst Teachers’.  We went into all the classes and watched the other teachers teach.  “We spotted some interesting traits in our teachers,” said Jaxson.

Poppy liked doing the African drumming in Music because it was fun and quite interesting.  Daisy enjoyed dance because it was really fun because we did lots of Viking actions.

In Topic, we have been learning about Viking longships.  Matthew enjoyed drawing and decorating a picture of a Viking longship.  We are also planning to sew a picture of a Viking longship.

“I loved reading,” said Zac. “I wish we could read all the time!”

Sam shared that he has enjoyed break-time this week….

That’s all for now!

Friday 20th October

It’s the end of another super busy week in Galileo Class.  In Maths, we have been solving shape puzzles using Pentominoes (shapes made up of 5 squares).  Some of us have decided to take our shapes home because we still haven’t managed to solve all the puzzles!

In English, we continued to look at Poetry.  We have had lots of fun listening to Michael Rosen reading his own poems and we then designed a poster to encourage people to come and watch him perform.

In Science, we tried to launch rockets using water and a chemical that makes lots of carbon dioxide gas.  It wasn’t as successful as we hoped, but it was still lots of fun.

Have a wonderful half-term holiday.  Stay safe and have fun!

Friday 13th October

Bethan has really enjoyed Maths this week.  “We have been finding out the area of lots of different shapes and it was really fun.”

We have been very busy making our Christmas cards.  Imogen said “I have had lots of fun making our Christmas cards.”  They will all be sent home for our parents to see, next Monday.

“In English, I have really enjoyed listening to Michael Rosen’s poems and writing our own poems.” said Zac. “We even got to taste some new fruits in English!” exclaimed Jack.

“I enjoyed acting out the story of the Geocentric vs Heliocentric models of the Solar System” said Harry S.

We are all getting excited about Inter-House Tag Rugby next week.

Friday 6th October

In Maths, we have continued to learn about perimeter – “I have really enjoyed learning in Maths this week,” said Poppy.  Jack told us that his favourite lesson was when we spent some focused time improving and finishing our persuasive leaflets.

On Wednesday, we went to Ely Cathedral.  We learnt how to Bollywood Dance and we all had great fun.  Even the teachers joined in!

“In English, I really loved it when Mrs Masters read ‘The Outing’ by Michael Rosen and used all our names in the poem.  It was so funny!” exclaimed Jessica.

This week, we presented our assembly about fairness and Mrs Masters said we were all superstars.  Everyone took part and we ran the whole assembly for 15 minutes without any adult’s help.  We were really proud of ourselves.

Friday 29th September

In Maths, we have been learning about perimeter.

“I really enjoyed being able to investigate how perimeter changes when the shape changes” said Daisy.

We started a new way of learning our spellings.  On three mornings every week, we spend 15 minutes ‘playing’ with our spellings.  We all have different spellings to learn.

“I liked practising my spellings writing in my left hand!” said Sam; “I liked writing my spellings in code” exclaimed Harvey; “I enjoyed adding letters to my words one at a time” said Zhi.

Year 5 were asked to bring in cakes to eat at the McMillan Coffee Afternoon – we hope you enjoyed them!

22nd September 2017 – Church Schools Day

Friday 22nd September

Galileo Class have been working really hard since the beginning of term.  We are all very excited about being in Year 5!

At the start of Year 5, we all did a Big Write about the story of Thor’s Missing Hammer.

“I was really proud of myself because I wrote a whole page” said Olivia.

In Topic, we have been learning about where the Vikings settled.  We have made maps of Buckden and been out in the village today checking our maps.

“I really enjoyed walking around Buckden” said Bethan.

In Maths, we have been learning about measurements and we have been practising converting from one unit to another.  Today, we made cookies.  We measured all the ingredients, baked the cookies and then tasted them!  Our judges thought Sam, Harry O, Isaac, Matt and Jessica made the best cookies.

“It was nice to bake things with my friends and hear that other people enjoyed the cookies” said Isaac.

In Science, we are learning about the Solar System.

“I enjoyed finding out facts about all the planets” said Zhi Cheng.

That’s all for this week!