5th May 2017 – Reception and KS1 visit to Shepreth
4th May 2017 – Year 1 Summer newsletter

Friday 23rd June 2017

Oliver: I enjoyed going to Shepreth Wildlife Park and seeing the animals. My best one was the tiger.

Georgia: I enjoyed doing fine motor skills. We did nature weaving.

James: I liked seeing all the different animals at Shepreth. My favourite was the tiger sleeping.

Benjamin: I liked seeing the meerkats

Charlotte: I loved going to Shepreth and enjoyed stroking the snake and watching the tiger sleep.

Eva: I liked going to Shepreth and seeing the wallabys and the bats.

Aimee: I liked Shepreth because it was nice.

Darcey: I liked doing English yesterday because I liked learning about the the suffixes est and er and prefix un.

Valarie: today I liked doing PE. I liked doing the running race

Friday 9th June 2017

Oliver: Today I enjoyed doing Spanish. We labelled parts of the face.

Jessie: I enjoyed the science assembly because it was funny and I liked the explosion.

Ruby: This week I enjoyed maths, doing the months of the year.

Leyla: This week I enjoyed making the paper helicopters and watching which one fell to the ground quickest and slowest.

Georgia: I liked doing English when we used the books for comprehension.

Greta: Wednesday I liked showing what we learnt from our science experiment.

Friday 19th May 2017

Oliver: I liked doing maths today because I liked doing the calculations form big maths.

Charlotte: This week I enjoyed making the doves out of paper doilies.

Leyla: This week I have enjoyed learning about time. We have learnt half past and o’clock.

Eva: I liked our walk to Buckden Towers. I liked looking at the plants that you can make out of clothing.

Melih: I liked taking pictures in RE.

Darcey: This week I liked doing phonics and

Jacob: I liked doing phonics with Miss Elliot and playing the buried treasure game.

Georgia: I liked doing English this week because I liked doing my setting for the Gruffalo

A Photo to show how our sunflowers are doing!

Also photos to show the children exploring the school looking for places that are peaceful, help them to be friendly and help them to forgive and be forgiven.

Friday 12th May 2017

The photos show the children doing a role play activity in English and listening to music from St Johns College choir in RE.

Georgia: I liked doing motor skills because I liked doing the Hamma beads design.

Charlotte: This week I have enjoyed making our non-fiction books with Miss Elliot.

Darcey: I liked doing science because we were learning about plants and we were writing about how we planted cress.

James: I liked doing English because I liked writing the instructions about how to plant cress. We had to write it in the correct order.

Jessie: I liked doing Big Maths Beat That this week.

Aimee: I liked doing RE because it is fun.

Friday 28th April 2017

Georgia: I liked doing motor skills because they are fun.

Ruby: I liked doing motor skills because they are exciting.

Charlotte: I enjoyed making pizza because it was really fun.

Darcey: I liked doing the big write because we were doing the Rapunzel story and I did it on my own.

Hibba: today I liked doing maths because I like doing the questions.

Friday 24th March 2017

We have had a great week in Gaudi class. Today we have been using a stop animation app with our rain forest backgrounds and will hopefully have the finished animations ready next week.

We have also been learning about the seasons and created a human graph to show how many children were born in each month of the year. human graph

Here is a little peak at one of the animations.

Friday 10th March 2017

Eden: I liked doing PE because I liked throwing the bean bags into the hoop.

Oliver: I liked English because I liked answering the questions about the film.

James: I enjoyed doing maths because we were counting in 5s 10s and 2s on a   100 square.

Charlotte: I enjoyed Science when we discussed what animals eat and if they are carnivores, omnivores or herbivores.

Welcome to the Gaudi class page.

24th February 2017 – ‘No Longer Needed Box’

Friday 10th February 2017

Imogen: Today I liked doing science because I liked learning about animal.

Leyla: This week I enjoyed doing motor skills with the hole punch because I have used one before and I liked sticking them on my animal.

Greta: I liked rolling the play dough into balls with my 3 fingers.

Jacob: Today I liked doing

Darcey: Yesterday I liked it when we jumped on words outside because we had to do the sound buttons.

Georgia: I liked doing motor skills because I liked doing the hole punching.

James: I liked internet safety day because there were two people on a computer and they went on an adventure and we learnt about being safe.

Valarie: I enjoyed doing cross county because I liked being part of the team.

Friday 3rd February 2017

Darcey: This week I liked doing motor skills when I coloured in a dragon. I like dragons because it was Chinese New Year.

Greta: I liked doing PE because I liked moving around on the benches and mats.

Friday 27th January 2017

This week in Science we conducted a senses experiment. We had some food to taste and describe. As you can see the lemon was a big hit! We also smelt varies things, used our hearing to listen to different sounds, used our sense of touch for feeling objects in a bag and finally our sight to spot Father Christmas and play Kim’s game.

Friday 20th January 2017

Oliver: I enjoyed doing English today because I liked answering the questions.

Hibba: I liked doing motor skills because it is fun.

Eden: I liked doing science because I liked writing about our 5 senses.

Charlotte: I liked science because we got to learn about body parts.

Greta: I liked PE because I liked rocking and rolling.

Leyla: This week I liked doing motor skills because when I did the spirals I loved colouring and then cutting them.

Darcey: This week I have enjoyed doing motor skills when we had to sort the beans, peas and pegs using tweezers.

Benji: I liked doing all of the things I did today and I like motor skills and I would like to do motor skills every day.


Friday 13th January 2017

Oliver: I liked doing English today when we answered questions about a story.

Charlotte: I enjoyed Science today. I liked drawing and colouring a bizarre beast.

Benji: I liked learning about scratch junior with Mrs Anderson in computing. We had to control characters and make it look different.

Leyla: This week I have enjoyed doing motor skills. I made snowflakes by reading instructions, folding paper and cutting it.

Darcey: I’ve enjoyed doing motor skills where we had to be careful to put only a little bit of paint on our Q-tips and paint with dots.

Melih: I liked drawing pictures of animals.

Greta: I liked phonics where we learnt about Goldilocks and the three bears and we acted it out.

James: I loved doing measuring. We used rulers and measured in centimetres and millimetres.


Friday 16th December 2016

Eden: I liked doing some Christmas colouring.

Liliana: I Liked writing our Christmas stories, mine was about a snowman.

Melih: I liked drawing pictures of the Three Wise Men.

Greta: I liked writing my Christmas story, mine was about a Christmas tree.

James: I liked doing my shepherds dance in the play and I enjoyed it when my mum took a photo of me, it was nice of her to do that.

Darcey: I liked dancing in our play. I was an angel.

Aimee: I liked doing maths measuring.

Friday 9th December 2016

Liliana: I liked hearing children saying their poems that they wrote at home.

Leyla: I enjoyed doing motor skills today. I did colouring.

Greta: I liked measuring. We measured the table with pencils and then we did it with cubes.

Melih: I liked doing the Christmas tree calendar.

Darcey: I liked it when we did phonics. I liked learning about the split digraph ‘a-e’

Benji: I liked fine motor skills, ripping paper.

James: I liked doing the poems with Mrs Anderson in poetry. I also liked measuring the tables because it was such fun.

Hibba: Today I liked motor skills because it was fun doing the peg boards.

Charlotte: I liked writing the sentences about how I felt when I gave and received gifts.

Friday 25th November 2016

Charlotte: I liked learning about the sunflower in comprehension.

Valarie: I enjoyed answering the questions about the sunflower.

Benji: I liked doing big maths beat that. I can’t wait until I can get all of them right!

Eden: I liked doing the drawing about computing.

William: I liked playing on the computer simulation of flying a hot air balloon.


Darcey: I liked doing alliteration in poetry this week.

James: I liked rhyming the words in the sentences with Mrs Anderson.

Melih: I liked counting numbers to 10.

Imogen: I liked making days of the week fortune tellers.

Friday 18th November 2016

Greta: I have enjoyed counting on in maths.

Aimee: I liked colouring a picture of Pudsey.

Benji: I enjoyed drawing a picture of my favourite technology.

Liliana: I liked seeing GenR8 this morning who talked to us about Saints.

Leyla: I enjoyed doing sewing in fine motor skills.

James: I liked drawing my picture of my tablet and thinking about what technology I have at home.

Charlotte: I liked learning about foxes in comprehension.

Jessie: I liked doing the walk this week.

18th November 2016 – Christmas Nativity Lights Camel, Action

Friday 11th November 2016

We have had a great week in Gaudi class. The ELS groups have been busy learning about instructions and today they made some jam sandwiches.


We also had a lot of fun using the computers and IPads at the computer suite. We were writing about the technology that we discovered in the school and practiced our skills typing and using a mouse.


Friday 4th November 2016

Eva: I liked doing maths in my maths books. I liked doing the jumps to count on.

Ruby: I liked singing this week, they were really fun songs.

We have also been practicing our fine motor skills to help strengthen our hands and improve our handwriting. We had several different activities including peg boards, sewing, colouring and ripping paper to make a collage.

In computing we went for a walk around the school to spot all the technology that we use.

Friday 7th October 2016

Leyla: I liked learning the ‘ur’ sound in phonics.

Charlotte: I liked buddy groups because you get to experience different things.

Darcey: I’ve liked us doing maths. I liked doing taking away.

Valarie: I have liked doing phonics and playing the phonic games.

Benji: I liked doing all of the maths and the Big maths Beat That and I like working in the maths books.

Melih: I have liked working hard in phonics with Miss Kelly.

James: I liked doing science because I like learning about transport.

Friday 30th September 2016

James: I loved doing English when we wrote a story.

Eden:I liked writing my story.

Aimee: I liked playing with water in Science.

Darcey: I liked when we did science when we were learning about fabric.

William: I liked colouring in this week.

Friday 23rd September 2016

Darcey: I have enjoyed making jam sandwiches because we were learning about instructions.

Jacob: I have liked playing with my sister.

Leyla: Today I liked doing the art. We were doing it ready for Harvest festival.

Ruby: I enjoyed writing about ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’.

Benjamin: I liked drawing pictures for Harvest.

Greta: I liked doing art for Harvest. I liked drawing the vegetables the most.

Hibba: I liked doing maths especially Big Maths Beat That. I beat my best score!

Melih: I liked my book.