Today we have had some inspirational writing going on and lots of the children have asked me if they can take some of the pictures home to carry on writing stories about the characters. I decided that if they wanted to, they could use these images at home to write to their hearts’ content. So here they are, some heroes, villains, settings, magical objects and mythical creatures to inspire them all.

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I am a Ventrue.

I am a Ventrue.

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29th April 2015 – Key Stage 1 visit to Shepreth Wildlife Park
23rd January – Year 2 Spring Term Newsletter
25th November – Year 1/2 Christmas Play – The Star’s Journey
September 2014 – Huskies Autumn newsletter
September 2014 – Year 1 Autumn Term Curriculum Overview

Huskies Autumn

IMG_ IMG_4 IMG_1525 IMG_1527 IMG_4138 IMG_4139 Here are our lovely drawings and paintings, and just when you think they can’t work ANY harder, here are pictures on the last day of term where four boys CHOSE to do grammar and punctuation rather than colour in Easter cards. 🙂

Friday 27th March 2015

Huskies and Tigers have been working extremely hard over this half term looking at nocturnal animals. I’m sure you have been bored to tears by how much they can tell you about them but we are so pleased by how much they seem to be able to remember about them! We have been writing information texts and the children have been using subheadings to categorise their information. They have been thinking about the different features of an information text such as, titles, subheadings, factual writing and pictures with captions and labels. We have produced some amazing information texts and some were so good that we turned them into a class booklet. This closely linked to science and food chains. The children produced their own food chains and really understood what an apex predator is and the producer and consumer in a food chain.

In our maths we have been looking at measuring and it has been so much fun! We have measured and made bat boxes for the nocturnal bats to live in; they look fantastic, lots of bright colours so the bats certainly won’t miss them! We have also made angel delight which was great fun! The children all independently measured 300ml of milk and made a great mess on the tables…only joking they were so tidy! We then all sat and ate our lovely angel delight…some children found out that they weren’t fans, despite how good it smelled.

In our art we have looked at some African art and produced some incredible pieces of work which are displayed in out corridor and have been complimented on more than one occasion by special visitors to the school. We have also made massive nocturnal animals to display in our classroom and they look brilliant!

We have been looking closely at the Easter story in R.E. and have attended our Easter service in Buckden Church. A few of the children acted out a section of the Easter story to the rest of the school and said a prayer. They have worked super hard this half term and we are all extremely proud of them. We are pleased that Mrs. Taylor is back as we have all missed her a great deal!

Everyone in year2 would like to wish you a restful and peaceful Easter break and we look forward to seeing you in the Summer term where we hope it will be a lot warmer! 🙂

23rd January 2015

This week we have started to learn about Dick King-Smith and his books. Zac remembers that he was a soldier and a farmer, and Harry E also knows that he was a Primary School teacher before he became an author. Harry O found a blurb which told us that he was born in 1922 and died in 2011. The first book we have looked at is The Sheep Pig, which was made into the film Babe. Next week we are going to look at more books by him. Eloise and Jess found more books by him in the library and Charlie has found a copy of the Sheep Pig to read at home.
Daisy has enjoyed learning about fractions in Maths. We have looked at halves, quarters and thirds of both shapes and numbers. Jack knows that when we are dividing shapes into fractions the parts have to be equal and fair.
In Science we have been looking at materials with Mrs Jaynes, Jessica had fake fur to look at, and we learned new scientific words like rigid, opaque and transparent to describe their properties.


Mrs Anderson has been teaching us how to write the date in Spanish, today’s date is: viernes, 23 de enero, and we love singing our songs about months and days of the week.

Tigers and Huskies

16th January 2015

Happy New Year! The year has got off to a wobbly start without Mrs Taylor, and we are missing her terribly. We can’t wait till Monday when she will be back to school and ready to teach all of us again 🙂

These two weeks have been crazy and busy, we have been working like busy bees getting lots done! In our English lessons we have been looking at the use of paragraphs in our writing. We know that you need to start a new paragraph when you change the subject and start talking about something else. Huskies and Tigers have been practicing using paragraphs by writing fantasy stories. We have been making sure we are  using capital letters and full stops and also lots and lots of adjectives and descriptive language. We have broken our stories down into a beginning, middle and end and taken our time to write at length and in detail. Miss Harding is SO pleased with how amazing they are! 🙂

We have been improving in our maths in leaps and bounds these two weeks, it has been noticed by all of the adults who have worked with us just how much we have improved. We have been looking at money and how to count different amounts. We have also been thinking about all of the different ways we can make different amounts of money and use different coins. Huskies and Tigers even had their own shops to practice giving change and to make sure we are getting the correct amount of money back.

We were VERY shocked by our spellings this week and some of us got very upset; however, Miss Harding explained that we don’t need to worry because we have never seen these words before and it was just a practice. These words will be coming up in our SATS so the earlier we start practicing them, the better we will become at spelling them. 🙂

In Topic we have been looking at Guru Nanak and the story of him visiting a city which was full of sin and bad behaviour. Needless to say, the city didn’t want to be visited by him because they were embarrassed by their behaviour. Guru Nanak explained that there would always be room in the city for love and goodness.

We also looked at Isambard Brunel the engineer. We found out how he built a tunnel through Box Hill and bridges over rivers to make a railway which ran from London to Bristol. People were very scared of riding this train because they thought their heads would boil, but once they rode it, they loved it.

In science we have been heating and cooling and Miss Harding thought that putting an egg in the microwave and heating it up would get her a chicken. We conducted an experiment to see what would happen to different materials such as;  egg, butter, water and chocolate when they were heated and cooled and our predictions were rather amusing :/ But now, we can tell you what actually happens!

We have been working like troopers, Mrs Milne, Mrs Brightman, Miss Kelly and Miss Harding are delighted with us these past two weeks! We are very proud of ourselves! 🙂 Have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday! Enjoy Mathletics online 🙂

Huskies and Tigers.

21st November 2014

Well without giving away too much, Huskies have just started making their masks for the Christmas School Play. I’m sure you will have noticed this by all of the mod rock on their clothes! What another great idea from Miss Harding to have clay on a Friday! 🙂

We have been writing persuasive letters to Mrs Anderson to let us go to the zoo…hopefully! We included lots of persuasive language and good reasons as to why she should let us go. We also remembered our cursive script, capital letters and full stops and our spellings because Mrs Anderson is going to be reading them! Huskies included a tally chart and a bar chart after they voted for their preferred zoo.We have also been looking at the use of imperative verbs (bossy verbs) to write instruction texts.

On Monday and Tuesday we had special visitors and we were on our best behavior, they were very impressed with how well we were learning and how fabulous our work was.

We have also been getting our singing voices out, and practicing our play, which we are sure you will be looking forward to see!

For our science, we have been planting bulbs with Mrs Milne and we can’t wait to see if they grow or not.

Our favorite part of the week was learning about killer whales in captivity, by watching a documentary about Tilikum. Tilikum is  a whale that is trapped in a tank and made to do shows every day. He has no friends or family to spend time with and he is very bored and lonely. We learned that every pod of whales has their own very special language and they use this to talk to each other. This means that when whales are captured and put together from different pods, they cant understand each other. 😦

We have decided as a class, that we don’t agree with animals in captivity. The only time this is allowed is when they are endangered and people are trying to help them breed to carry on a species.


In Spanish we have been learning to say our breakfast foods and drinks, we are getting quite good at it! Emilia is teaching us a little bit of Polish every now and again! We have had a super hard week and we are all ready for a long weekend of relaxation! 🙂IMG_2151 IMG_2152

14th November 2014

Huskies have been very busy over the past few weeks! We have been learning about The Water Cycle in science and making our own in bags. First you need to get a plastic bag and draw the sea and maybe some clouds on it. Then fill it with water, close it and stick it to the window where the sun will heat it up. Watch as it rains inside your Water Cycle.

We have also been looking at food chains and habitats in science, we can tell you that every food chain begins with a producer which is always a plant. We can tell you what a consumer is and what an apex predator is.

In our maths we have been looking at different types of diagrams, including Venn, Carroll and Tally Charts. We used these charts to find out what Huskies liked most. We found out that the most popular football team is Liverpool and that Huskies liked dogs more than cats.

We were very lucky to have Mr. Waring come in to talk to us all about ’67p’ the comet which is currently very close to earth. He told us that they have landed a space probe onto the comet to see what the comet is made of. Scientists believe it is made out of rocks, dust and water. We are trying to find out if the water from the comet is the same as the water on our planet. If it’s the same as our water, then we will know where we got the water from on our planet.

In our English we have been looking at traditional tales including, Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Huskies have been twisting the tales so they are not so traditional anymore. We have had evil Goldilocks, and good wolves, as well as good Bears and evil Little Red Riding Hood. It has been a lot of fun.

Mrs Taylor was kind enough to buy us all some bulbs to plant for Christmas and we spent some time this week planting them together.

Our talk for learning homework this week is, discussing which measurements we use when we measure different things. Centimeters are used when we measure small things and miles are used when we measure distances.

Next week we will be embarking on our paper mache mission to create our own masks for the Christmas play, and because of this we are sending out a plea to parents and carers for any newspapers you have lying around.

Have a lovely weekend from all of us in Huskies! 🙂 ,w u s q k j h g dFor some strange reason it wont let me upload these any other way around, Miss Harding and technology…not a good mix!

3rd October 2014

Wow we have had a HUGE push with maths this week and we have been working like troopers! All week long we have been looking at the four operations which we use in our maths. Huskies have been using a variety of maths resources to help them work out different number sentences including, division, multiplication, addition and subtraction.

This week in English we have started looking at information texts and thinking about the different features of one. Huskies can recognise subheadings, titles, captions and understand that only facts are used in information texts.

Friday was another amazing and exciting day, the school was full of helpers and fun maths activities! In the afternoon lots of our parents came in to help us with our maths problems. We had different activities such as, word problems, target games, time bingo and maths board games.

Next week our timetable has changed, please find attached the new timetable. 🙂

26th September 2014

This week has been so much fun! We have been learning about Europe and the different countries within Europe.

This week in Maths we have been looking at time and we are beginning to understand the important difference between the minute hand and the hour hand, we have also been counting around the clock in fives. The clocks that the children brought in were absolutely fantastic and we have been using these to help us tell the time.

In English Huskies have been spending our time writing about Italy, our chosen country for the week and writing a newspaper article to inform other people about our country.

On Friday we had a fantastic day wandering around in amazing costumes from all over the world, and I was particularly impressed with Emilia for being the only person in the whole school to wear a Polish costume. We spent the day learning about Italy and everything that happened in Pompeii, as well as looking at the Colosseum and how brutal the Roman’s were. We then shared all of this with Bears class and even gave them a little quiz.

DSCN1091 DSCN1092 DSCN1093 DSCN1094 DSCN1095 DSCN1096 DSCN1097 DSCN1098 DSCN1099

19th September 2014

Welcome back! Huskies have been so busy over the past couple of weeks that we haven’t even had time to write a blog! Last week in Maths we were looking at greater than and less than and thinking about which number the crocodile would rather eat for breakfast. For English we started to think about character description, as well as describing the setting of a story. We spent two weeks thinking about our adjectives and using thesauruses to help us plan a really interesting story for Big Write. We have started looking at why Churches are important for Christians in R.E. and learning about Noah’s Ark in Music.

This week Huskies were learning how to use their number squares to add and subtract big numbers by jumping up and down the rows for adding and subtracting tens, and then moving left and right to add and subtract units. Towards the end of the week we looked at some simple word problems and how we turn these into number sentences. Huskies have shown their creative side in Art this week, by producing fantastic stormy skies ready for the silhouettes of boats to be put over the top of next week.

We were very pleased to win the attendance bear last week…but this week we weren’t so lucky! We are also aiming to earn Tidy Tigger…but that looks like it’s a long way off!

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