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15th June 2017 – Year 6 to Grafham
26th May 2017 – Year 6 Breadmaking
12th May 2017 – Year 5-6 Sex Ed lessons
4th May 2017  – Hockney Summer Term Newsletter
3rd May 2017 – Year 6 SAT
3rd February 2017 – Year 5/6 Swimming
20th January 2017 – Year 5/6 Study Guides

Friday 9th June
This week has been very exciting at Buckden School as it has all revolved around Science. In Hockney, we looked at DNA in strawberries. We mushed up Strawberries and put them into a little cup. We then poured some alcohol and salt into the cup , we then picked out the DNA. We demonstrated our experiments to other classes in the school . We also saw what the other classes had been doing on Science Day.  On Monday in DT we made some plain bread and added in our own ingredients. We then tasted it, all of them were all really tasty . We have been practicing our play ‘Pantastic’ with year 5.  We have learnt the songs and are now practicing the dancing and acting.  Its really good fun!  PE has been exciting as we have been doing different types of rounders with the help of Lizell and Mrs Purser.  We designed some maths board games and did a presentation to the class of our prototype. The games seemed like they would be fun to play and would make learning more enjoyable.

Friday 17th March
This week in English Year 6 have been asked to write a letter to parents about the dangers of parking in unsafe places.  We then continued with looking at our discussion topic of animal testing and we held a debate where we had to be in role as either a scientist, animal rights protestor, animal welfare officer or a teenager who had survived meningitis.  In maths we have been looking at ratio and proportion and we also converting units of measurement.  On Friday we enjoyed our themed science dress-up day and we designed and carried out an investigation which involved finding out which warm up exercise was most effective at raising our heart rate.

Written by Rosie and Lottie

Friday 3rd March
This week in Maths we have been learning Algebra. In English we are writing poems about the Christian and Scientists view of Evolution and Creation of the world.  We have written poems which are going to be used in a song.  In science we have been learning about how a woodpeckers brain is protected. An intresting fact: Did you know woodpeckers drum there heads 22 times in a second?  In D.T we are learning about peppered moths and how factories made the trees go black and all the peppered moths have been eaten and the black moth population increased.  Thank you for reading our Year 6 blog.

Written by Jamie and Chloe

Friday 24th February
We have had a really busy week in Year 6. On Monday we started doing a new Maths topic. We were presenting data from our survey, (which was about internet safety), in pie charts.  On Tuesday we had a visit from Lizzie Henderson. She is a scientist but she is also a Christian. We had a debate with her about whether Science or God created the world.  We are now doing some work to make a song about the same debate.

In gym we were busy learning how to do a bridge , head stands and cartwheels.  With Miss Lizell we are learning Netball and the rules we follow to play the game.  In science we did an egg experiment with Miss Burns – we had to cover our egg with materials but it still had to be light.  We did this experiment because it shows how a woodpecker has adapted to keep it’s brain safe when it bangs.

The winners were Ava, Louis and Evan.

Written by Cleo and Joel

Friday 10th February
This week Hockney class have taken part in two Interhouse competitions which were Cross Country and a Quiz. The house and sports captains arranged the events, in the quiz KS2 were split into their houses and had to compete against each other. Hugh won the quiz with Aragon, Hardwick and Lincoln following close behind with only a few points to spare!  We are still awaiting the results from the cross country event.

In English we have been planning and writing up our hotel brochures for the Galapagos islands. In Maths we have been leaning about vertically and  adjacent angles in which we have all grasped now (after a lot of practising).

In Science Miss Thompson has been teaching us about fossils and evolution which carries us on to saying goodbye to her- we will all miss her very much. On Thursday we had a visit from Mrs Jaynes and her baby Jack (who was sooooooooo cute!!!!!!). Today we said our goodbyes to Miss Conlong who is going to have her baby on Monday.

Happy Half Term from all of the Year 6’s

Written by Lucy and Hana

Friday 3rd February 2017
This week in English we have written the final draft of our 500 word stories.  We have also carried out research on holiday accommodation in the Galapagos Islands and are currently planning our own holiday brochure to persuade people to travel there.  In Science we have been thinking about how animals are adapted to their environment; we have designed our own aliens who could survive in desert conditions.  Sadly, due to the inconvenient weather, we have only managed to have one P.E. lesson this week, but Mrs Purser says she will make up for this next week!  In Maths we have finished our work on percentages and have moved on to looking at angles on a straight line, within quadrilaterals and around a point.

Written by Frederick and Harrison

Friday 27th January 2017
This week, Hockney Class have been working hard on their 500 word stories.  We have read a range of stories written by children from last years competition, and spent time thinking about how we can create our own interesting characters and settings. 

In Maths we have completed some Assessments and spent time going through our papers to see just how much we have learnt, and how much more confident we are becoming in a test environment.  Mrs Masters and Mrs Purser are very pleased with the progress we are making.  We have also talked about our SATs week in May and would like our parents to watch the link below:

2017 Key Stage 2 tests from Michael Tidd’s Tweet