We teach both history and geography through our creative curriculum in which we link as many subjects as we can through a generic ‘theme’.  The skills we endeavour to give the children are:
Geography: to use maps, atlases, globes, compasses and thermometers; to extend children’s interest, knowledge and understanding of people and places both near and far; to carry out investigations both locally and at a distance; to think deeply about the environment in which they live and the scarce resources that the Earth provides and upon which all life depends.
History: to find out about the past by looking at evidence, researching and considering informed opinions using original sources; to bring history to life and to instil a desire to find out about our predecessors; to understand that history means everything that has happened in the past, and also our actual record of what has happened .

To help deliver both areas, we organise a number of visits to sites of interest, encourage special events within school and have a wide range of historical artefacts.  We are proud of the rich history that the village holds and use this to good effect in school.


History and Geography Policy 2015

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