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1st May 2015 – MX Band travel arrangements

Friday 1st May

English: We have begun to look at the story Oliver Twist which has enabled us to look at the difference between past and present tense. We are all really enjoying the story and feel very sorry for Oliver having to live in the workhouse.

Maths: All of our maths this week has involved problem solving. We have been thinking about what different vocabulary means and using thinking about a range of strategies to solve a range of problems.

Science: We learnt about the water cycle. We used this song to help us remember some of the vocabulary.

Topic: This week we have been using an atlas to test our geographical skills and knowledge and located different parts of the United Kingdom.


17th April 2015 – MX Band event at Wood Green

Friday 17th April

This week in school we have all been thinking and learning about e-safety. We have looked at different methods of communication and how to communicate safely, especially when using the internet. To show all of our understanding of e-safety we have made board games for other children to play that will teach them some key facts about e-safety and communicating online.


Friday 6th March

English – We have been continuing to look at playscripts during our English lessons, identifying the key features and writing our own brief scene of Little Red Riding Hood.

Maths – We are all now pros using a protractor! We can all measure angles and have worked hard this week learning how to use a protractor to help us draw an angle.

Measuring angles

Measuring angles

Measuring angles

Topic – During topic lessons we have looked at a world atlas to help us name all of the different countries that make up South America. We have also begun to look at what life is like living in Rio de Janeiro.

Talk homework: Next week we are introducing 24 hour clocks in maths. Please could you discuss the difference between a 12 and 24 hour clock and look at examples of both of these.


Friday 6th February

English- We have been writing our own pages of an information book on the Mayans. We are working in groups and each person has to create a page and then they will all be put together to create our own information books.

Maths- We have been learning about symmetry and we have been looking at the reflection of squares.

Science- We have been looking at pitch by looking at bird sounds and investigating pitch using plastic bottles and water.

R.E- We have been looking at famous leaders within the church and learning about the role of a vicar.

Spanish- We have been looking at zoo animals and MISS PINCHES TAUGHT IT! YESS!

French- In French we learnt about pets (chiens which is a dog).

ICT- In ICT we have been continuing to use hopscotch to further our understanding of algorithms.

Music- In music we have leant a new type of rhythm for a new song and added 2 new notes (so that we now know 5).

Topic – We were cooking this week. We made fajitas and guacamole from scratch, weighing, chopping and cooking all of the elements ourselves.


Chopping onions

Chopping onions

Chopping peppers

Chopping peppers

Cooking the filling

Cooking the filling

Wrapping our fajitas

Wrapping our fajitas

We think that someone was enjoying his fajita!!

We think that someone was enjoying his fajita!!

Talk homework: Next week we are going to be writing our 500 word stories during our big write so this weekend begin to discuss possible storylines and characters in as much detail as possible. We will be writing our stories on Thursday.

Blogged by: Ava and Stella


Friday 30th January

English: We did a big write on Thursday and Friday. We wrote our own version of Cinderella set in a different culture. We also learnt about writing in the first and third person.

Maths: This week we have been collecting data and learning how to represent this data in a line graph.

Science: In science we are doing sound and we tested how loud our instruments are that we made last week. We also estimated how loud certain things are using decibels.

Music: In music we practised our ‘Hot Ska Fun’ song but had lots of trouble getting on!

Topic: In topic we looked at Mayan food. “I wouldn’t mind being a Mayan for the day,“ said Adele and Rosie.

French: In French we did the days of the week and the months of the year.

Talk homework: Next week we are going to be looking at information texts in English. Over the weekend please look at and discuss an information book. Look at the features of an information text, contents page, index glossary etc. Also pick a specific page from the book and look carefully at and discuss the layout, including the size of the text, if any colour is used or the placing of photographs on the page.

Blogged by: Adele and Rosie

23rd January 2015 – Jerboas Spring Term Newsletter

Friday 12th December

English: In English we have been looking at persuasive writing. We wrote letters to Mrs Heather, Miss Bigg and her team, Mrs Anderson and our parents.

Maths: In maths we have been sorting data. We have been looking at Venn diagrams and carol diagrams to sort our data, they are fun.

Science: In science we have been learning about conductors and insulators. A conductor lets electricity pass through it but insulators won’t let electricity run through them. We tested a variety of materials and where surprised by some of our results.

Music: In music we have been practising our performance for Thursday 18TH December 2014. We can’t wait! We will be doing this performance with the year 3’s as well.

Theme: We have painted our volcanoes, they look very good. Also we have been finding facts about famous volcanoes that are very far away.

French: In French we have been looking at our age. We have also been looking at our numbers to 31!

Blogged by: Lucy Mayes

Last week we made our own film trailers for an upcoming film. See links below.

Friday 28th November

English: This week we started our new topic: advertisements and watched a few film trailers including Paddington and The Book of Life. Talk for writing this week: Please talk about persuasive language. Identify words in adverts that help to persuade.

Maths: In maths we have been looking at equivalent fractions and fractions of amounts.

Music: We have been learning to play our instruments more fluently and learned three notes since we started three weeks ago.

Theme: In theme we have started to make are paper-mache volcanoes

Spanish: In Spanish we have finished off the food section. Cerezas which is cereals in Spanish.

French: In French we have looked at are numbers 1 to 31

Blogged by: Ben and Archie


Talk for writing. To enhance pupils writing and to widen their knowledge a talk for writing activity will be posted in the blog. This may take the form of a question or statement to discuss with family or friends at home.

This week we are beginning to look at adverts during English. Please find time to look at a range of adverts in newspapers and magazines and also watch advertisements aired during tv programmes and discuss these with your child. This will allow them to enhance their understanding and come to lessons with more ideas to discuss.

Friday 14th November

English: We have been carrying on with newspaper reports. This week we became journalists and began to gather research about an incident that occurred, ready to write our reports next week. Today in English we did guided reading and handwriting.

Maths: We are still collecting data HORRAY! We have also learnt how to use the inverse calculation as a method of checking our answers.

Science: We have changed our topic! Our topic is now electricity. We have made are own light bulbs light up with an electrical circuit. We were paired to the people we sat next to and allowed time to investigate a simple circuit. The following day we wrote a set of instructions for our circuit in Big Write.

Making our own circuit

Making our own circuit

Music: We have now got our own instruments and some of us have brought them home already!!! Everyone was able to play our first note during the lesson.



Putting our clarinets together for the first time - the reed tastes yucky!

Putting our clarinets together for the first time – the reed tastes yucky!

Blogged by: JAMES + SOPHIE

Friday 7th November

Science: We have started our new topic of electricity and been thinking about dangers of electricity. We designed posters (Jacob)

Music: The excitement is over. Everyone has now been given their instruments in music. This week’s lesson was about how to put the instruments together and how to look after them (James). Please can all of the permission slips be returned before next Thursday to ensure that everyone can take their instruments home next week.

Theme: We have been introduced to our new topic of volcanoes. We looked at the different layers of the earth and found out some interesting facts (Harrison)

Maths: We have been very busy collecting data this week. We have collected it and represented it in a variety of different ways (Joel)



Today during PE James lost his tooth playing rugby!!

Friday 23rd October

English: In English we have been making our very own fact file about the Romans, they were very good. Georgia’s opinion: The roman fact file was super because we got to learn new things!

Maths: In maths we have been using numberlines to work out subtraction calculations by ourselves. We have also have been doing number bonds to 100, we now know them!!!!

Learning our number bonds to 100

Learning our number bonds to 100


Learning number bonds to 100

Learning number bonds to 100

We all enjoyed learning our number bonds to 100

We all enjoyed learning our number bonds to 100

Music: In music we have been playing the percussion section, including body percussion. In the afternoon we made our choice on which instrument we wanted, we made our 1st,2nd and 3rd choices .

Learning to stay in time and at a set rhythm

Learning to stay in time and at a set rhythm

Trying out percussion

Trying out percussion


This week's very enthusiastic book review!

This weeks very enthusiastic book review!

HAVE A GOOOOOD HALF TERM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KEEP SAFE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogged by: LUCY and HANA


Friday 17th October

English: In English we have been working on newspaper articles. Recently we have been writing our own newspaper articles about Boudicca’s revolt during Roman times.

Maths: In maths we have started to learn about lines and shapes. We know that there are 5 different types of lines.

Shape problem solving. How many triangles can you find?

Shape problem solving. How many triangles can you find?

Science: In Science we have been investigating teeth. Our investigation was about how much enamel is worn away by drinking fizzy drinks, juices and vinegar. We put 6 eggs into different containers, we then put 6 fizzy drinks into the containers for a week and examined the results and drew them in our books and coloured them.

Egg left in blackcurrant squash

Egg left in blackcurrant squash

Egg left in milk

Egg left in milk

Egg left in orange juice

Egg left in orange juice

Egg left in vinegar

Egg left in vinegar

Hospital visit: We went to the hospital. We explored different departments in the hospital; the pharmacy, A and E, surgery preparation areas, Holly Ward and the chapel. We saw a balanced diet plate which told you to eat all the right things in your diet, learnt about germs and cleaning our hands thoroughly and saw a range of equipment used to support different injuries.

Miss Tibbett getting a plaster cast

Miss Tibbett getting a plaster cast

Blogged by: Evan and Ciaran


Friday 10th October

English: In English we have become poets this week. We have been writing our own acrostic poems and developing our vocabulary using a thesaurus. Some of our poems will be read out in church at the Harvest Festival service on Monday.

Maths: In Maths we have looked co-ordinates and shapes/triangles. We now know the difference between equilateral, right angle, isosceles and scalene triangles.


This problem will not beat me!!



Working collaboratively

Science: We have looked at what happens to your teeth when they rot. We put 1 egg in each container filled with coke, milk, water, blackcurrant juice, orange juice and vinegar! It STANK!!!

Theme: We looked at roman numerals and we looked at Boudicca who led a Celtic army to defeat the Romans. We also know that Boudicca and her daughters were strapped to a pole and beaten. Boudicca drank poison.

Music: We looked at flute, trombones and euphoniums . We never give up and kept trying.

I WILL play a note!

I WILL play a note!

Natural brass player

Natural brass player


Other news: We had our first session of colours in French this week. We learnt red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, pink and black. We watched a video of Jonah and the whale and made our own Origami Whales! Thank you for reading!

This weeks book review by Joel

This weeks book review by Joel

Blogged by: Emily and Lottie.

Reviewing the week

Reviewing the week


Friday 3rd October

English: In English we have been learning about news paper articles, identifying the features and writing our own headlines. Next week we are writing are going to be writing our own parts of articles.

Finding headlines

Finding headlines


Maths: In maths we have been learning about Roman numerals and putting them into are own calculations. We have also been measuring length and capacity and converting the measurements.

ICT: In ICT we have been on a program called Espresso coding. It shows us how to pop bubbles and fly helicopters.

Creating a program to control the helicopter

Creating a program to control the helicopter

French: In French we have learnt how to greet people and say our name. We also learnt how to say how are you?

Music: In music we have been learning how to play the cornet and clarinet again this week. What a noise it made!!

ART: In art we have been looking at different tones. We have also done are Christmas cards.

Mixing tones

Mixing tones

Blue tones

Blue tones

Mrs Jaynes: Adele wrote an amazing big write that was shared with the whole class. Well done Adele.

Blogged by: Joel Isaac and William Coram

Important blogging time!

Important blogging time!


September 2014 – Jerboas Autumn newsletter
September 2014 – Autumn Term Curriculum Overview

Friday 26th September

Another week has flown by in the Jerboas class, ending with the culmination of European languages week. We have spent time this week learning some interesting facts about Switzerland. Everyone looks a little different today though and lots of excitement was had sharing costumes, customs and cultures.

English – We have completed our first big writes this week, writing our own stories set in imaginary worlds. Mrs Jaynes has lots of reading to do over the weekend!

Maths – We have been problem solving this week. First we used our addition skills and understanding of addition to have a go at magic squares. These were challenging but we persevered. This website gives examples of what we have been learning ( We have also linked our maths with topic this week and been investigating roman numerals. We have identified key letters and used these to translate numbers from and into roman numerals, linking to our homework.

Science – Science was both fun and a little disgusting this week. We have been learning about the digestive system and what happens to food once we have eaten it


Music – We finally got the chance to play the instruments and WOW what a noise!! This week half of the class got to try out playing the clarinet whilst the other half tried the cornet. We definitely have some budding musicians in the class and some who may have changed their mind on which instrument they would like to learn. We can’t wait for next week when we will try the opposite instruments.

Learning times tables is a key element for pupils and aids with a range of different concepts within maths. Here are a few website suggestions



Monday 22nd September 2014

English – We have been looking at a range of stories that are set in imaginary worlds. This week we are going to write our own stories and Mrs Jaynes is very much looking forward to reading these (Joel)

Topic – We are all very excited about our topic ‘Shake, Rattle and Romans.’ We are concentrating on The Romans to begin with and have looked at timelines to begin to understand when the Roman invasion took place (Harrison)

Science- We have been learning about the different types of teeth. We know that an adult has incisors, canines, pre-molars and molars (Stella)

PSHE – During this time we are thinking about our bodies and keeping healthy. We are beginning by learning about drugs and medicine (Will)

Music – Last week we had our first music lesson. All of the children enjoyed being introduced to the range of instruments available to play. Over the coming weeks everyone will get the opportunity to try playing each of the instruments, getting a feel for holding it and how to play each one. Each child will be given an instrument before October half term that can be taken home to enhance the practise of new notes learnt. I’m sure that everyone is looking forward to this already.

Computing – This year we are going to be learning about how computer programs work. During these computing lessons we will be learning how to create our own programs (Rosie)

What a fantastic first few weeks we have had as Jerboas. Everyone has settled back into school well and I am looking forward to the year ahead (Mrs Jaynes)

1409 – Jerboas visit to Hinchingbrooke Hospital





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