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Week Ending 30th June

On Monday, we watched the Year 5/6 play ‘Pantastic’, we thought is was “Awesome” and “Fantastic”. The songs were especially good.

In English, we have been looking at the story of The Trojan War and thinking about how we could write a newspaper report about it. We interviewed Paris, King Odysseus and Helen, to find out how they really felt, and used their quotes in our article.

We have been using our maths skills to solve lots of interesting puzzles and logic challenges. Mr B was very impressed with how quickly we were able to solve the majority of them, we even managed to do some of them quicker than him.

During PSHE we have learning about ‘Being Safe’. We have talked about what makes us worry or feel scared, how being scared or worried make us feel and what to do and who to talk to if we feel worried or scared. We made boxes with worries on them, and we were able to put a counter in so that we could see what was worrying us as a class.

Learner of the week for last week was Alfie Dudley, and for this week was Elijah Whittington. Well done both of you.

Week Ending 9th June

This week has involved a lot of science, and it has been fantastic. We have seen (and heard) screaming jelly babies, made volcanoes out of coca-cola, made a digestive system  that worked very well and Nemo taught us about gravity and helium. It has been amazing.  In class, we have experimented with shadows and light, and how the shadow changes as the object moves closer to or further from the light source.  We drew different shadows, including one of a lit match, what do you think this would look like? We presented our findings to Year 2 and Year 4, and they taught us how to explode food bags and all about bugs and insects.

During English, we have been practicing our editing skills using the following rules. Check:

  1. Punctuation
  2. Does it make sense?
  3. Spelling

During maths we have been learning about inverse operations, where adding is the inverse of subtracting, and how we can use this to check our answers. It was a little tricky at first, but we more confident with it now.

Our Honours Award winners at the end of last term were Rahma and Tyler D.  Well done both of you.

Week Ending 26th May

In maths we have been learning how to convert different measurements. We know that 1m = 100cm = 1000mm. We have also learn to convert to litres and millilitres, grams and kilograms, kilometres and metres.

We have been looking at Greek myths, and we have all created our own Greek monsters and heroes or heroines. We have planned our big write on a comic strip, talked about it in the sunshine and finally, after all of this preparation, we have written our own Greek myth.

This week we have been on our class school trip, we split the class into half, with one half going on the trip and the other doing Greek art activities, we then swapped so we were all able to do everything.

On the trips, we learnt how to find evidence by examining different artefacts. We looked at Greek statues in the Museum of Archaeology, where we discovered that we knew the names of many of them. Most of us liked Medusa, Hercules and Athena the best. We had a lovely lunch on the grass, before visiting the second museum, the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Here we looked at pottery and jewelry that archaeologists had found in our local area as well as some very interesting items from different countries around the world. We all liked the 14m totem pole. We also had a sneaky peak at the Romans and Mayans, which we will be learning about in Year 4.

Whilst some of the class went on the trip, the rest of us stayed and had an exciting day making Greek artefacts with Mrs Tarpey.  We designed a Greek pot, with patterns and then made it out of clay. We also made minotaur masks, using chalk and pastels. They all look amazing, and have finished off our wall display nicely.

We have set Mr Burfiend some homework for the half term, as he kept getting in a muddle counting backwards from 10.  We will have to test him when we return in June!

The Learners of the Week for last week were Sophie Tipping-Laird and Hannah Pye. The Learners of the Week for week ending 19th May, were Ava Harvey and Elodie Barnes. Well done everyone.

Hope you all have a lovely half term break.

12th May 2017 – Year 3 visit to Cambridge Museums

Week Ending 12th May

This week has been a challenging week, as we have had to be quiet every morning, so the Year 6’s could concentrate on their SATs.  We have done very well, and Mr Burfiend has been very pleased with us.

We have been looking at measuring during this week. Maths and PE have been combined for some of this week, we learnt how to throw the shot put, and then how to measure accurately how far the put was thrown.  We are very good at both of these skills.


In English, we have been looking at Greek myths, writing summaries and comparing them.  We have looked at Theseus and the Minotaur, Pandora’s Box, Perseus and the Gorgon and The Golden Touch.  We have really enjoyed looking at and talking about these myths.

This term, we have started a new topic in both History and Science.

In History we have been finding out about Ancient Greece, we are looking at what life may have been like during that time.  We have learnt many of the god’s names. We have spent time researching on the i-pads, in preparation for writing a fact file next week.

During Science, we are starting to look at forces and magnets. We have been exploring how forces are affected by the surface that they are on, by pulling a trainer and a t-shirt on different surfaces (a smooth table and the carpet). We used a Newton Meter to measure the difference.

Learners of the week for the last two weeks have been Jodie Flynn and Grace Sweeney. Well done both of you.

Week Ending 4th May

4th May 2017 – Kandinsky

Week Ending 21st April

Welcome back, we hope you all had a lovely Easter break.

We have had a very exciting start to the summer term, in Geography we have been learning about compass directions and how to read a compass.  We spent a sunny lesson on the field making our own treasure trails using the compass. We have also been looking at the weather around England, researching what the weather may be like in different parts of the country and preparing our own weather reports.

During maths, we have started to learn the eight times table. We have learnt a special rhyme to help us remember 8×8.  We are already able to answer multiplication and division questions using our new skills.

Science this week, we have been looking at plants, and finding out how the stem transports water from the roots up into the flower and leaves. We were able to see where the water goes by putting some celery in red food colouring.

Week Ending 31st March

Here are some pictures of the year 3/4 play


Week Ending 17th March

We have had an exciting week as we started our experiments in science, investigating what plants need to survive and grow.  We have some plants that have everything we think they need (soil, water, light and air) and then a selection of plants where one of those basic needs has been removed. We have been quite inventive with our ideas on how to investigate what would happen when one of the plants needs has been removed. We have plants in dark cupboards, air tight containers, being supported by stones rather than soil, suspended upside down so the leaves get water rather than the roots, and others being fed fizzy water or coca-cola. It shall be interesting to find out the results match our predictions at the end of the experiments.

Play practice has been progressing well, and we have been using the stage in the hall to ensure we know all of our stage directions.

We have been discussing the Easter Story in preparation for next weeks Big Write, and we have enjoyed making a cartoon strip to help us remember the journey Jesus took.

Our Learner of the Week for last week was Ella.  Well done.

Week Ending 10th March

Maths has been very exciting this week, we have been practising word problems. We have solved problems using addition and subtraction, written our own word problems which involved a lots of thinking, and we are now feeling very confident with tackling these type of questions.

We have been learning about plants during science, and what they need to survive and grow.  We all agreed that they need water, air, sunlight and soil as their basic needs to survive.  Following an exciting assembly with Rev Jes about plants and what the effect of coca-cola might be on them, we decided to plan our own investigations to see what happened if one of the plants had one of their basic needs taken away. We shall be completing these experiments in groups next week.

We have continued to look at playscripts during english, and we are going to write a big write in the form of a playscript to add an extra scene into the story that we are reading in class.  We need to think about the stage directions as well as the lines that our characters will be saying. Play practise is progressing very well, keep learning the songs.

Our Learner of the Week for last week, was Ashleigh Cook. Well done Ashleigh.

Week Ending 3rd March

This week we have been investigating equivalent fractions during our maths lessons. We have used diagrams to prove whether different fractions were equivalent to each other or not.  We are now able to show whether 3/5 = 4/6, do you know if it does?

We have been looking at play scrips in our English lessons, converting some of the text from our class reading book (The Firework-Maker’s Daughter) into a play-script.  We have also been into the hall to practice our Year 3/4 play, for the first time. Mr Burfiend is already impressed with how well we know the songs, and we still have plenty of time to improve them even more.

Last half term, we wrote to a number of authors. This week we received our first reply, from Nick Arnold to Tino, which was very exciting.

We had great fun sharing our personal favourite books for World Book Day, and recommended books to our friends.  Hopefully everyone will have found a new author or book that they would like to read.

During geography we have been using atlases to find out the difference between the British Isles and the United Kingdom. Do you know how to explain the difference? We have also looked at countries and counties, and mountain ranges, rivers, islands, bodies of water and cities within the United Kingdom and British Isles.

Our Learner of the Week, for last week, was Grace Sweeney. Well done.

Week Ending 10th February

This week we have learnt poems at home, and then performed them to the class.  This was very exciting as we were using them as auditions for the year 3 / 4 play. Many of them were funny, and there were a few that had been made up.  We were particularly impressed with Izzy, who did a roly poly at the start of her poem.

During maths we have started to learn about division using number lines, and are all practising our new skills.  We are quite confident with this already, and we have only had three lessons.

Our globes are looking fantastic now. We have stuck on the continents and they are nearly all ready for us to use to explore the world.

We are all sad to be saying good bye to Miss Blunt and Miss Hayton.  We have really enjoyed having them in our class, especially when they used chocolate to teach us all about fractions.  We may need to do some more work on chocolate fractions.  Good luck and we hope to see you again.

Learner of the week for last week is Elodie Moss. Well done.

Week Ending 3rd February

We have been looking at pieces of performance poetry this week, and performing  the poem `Walking with my Iguana`. We are able to use our voices in many different ways to bring our poems to life.

We have been investigating measuring mass, volume and capacity this week during maths.  It has been quite messy, particularly the water pouring. We have estimated weights and capacities of items and then measured them accurately, finding the difference between the two measurements.

During RE we have created our own Saints and written a short story about them. We have been very imaginative, and Miss Hayton was very impressed with our work.

Learner of the week for last week was Olivia Dobos, well done.

Week Ending 27th January

Following our maths quiz at the beginning of the week, we have spent quite a lot of time practising the different methods that we know for calculations.  We are very good at arithmetics, but we do need to practise being more careful and checking our answers.

During our Big Write we have written our 500 word story.  We all have great imaginations so we have concentrated on ensuring we have a good setting description (using imaginative adjectives and similes), used our senses to make the story more realistic and included a variety of punctuation.

We have also got very messy this week, as we have finally finished our papier mache globes, which should mean that we are not coming home covered in PVA any more.

Last week we were the winners of the attendance bear, which caused a little amusement as a number of the children were in London for the Young Voices O2 concert when it was announced.

Learners of the week for the last two weeks have been Harry Negus and Charlotte Davis. Well done both of you.

Week Ending 13th January

During English this week, we have been preparing to write our adventure story by looking at a picture of a mysterious door and thinking of lots of adjectives that we can use to describe it.  We have also been working on similes and used these during our comprehension about an orange tent that was flapping like a bird. Our adventure stories should be very exciting.

We have been learning about fractions, and we know that they have a numerator at the top (which tells us how many pieces you are looking at) and a denominator at the bottom of the fraction (which tells us how many equal groups we are splitting items into). We are all very good at finding a fraction of a whole.

Science has been interesting, as we have been finding out the names of bones in our bodies, this is very tricky as there are a lot of them, but we know how to label most of them, including the back bone, pelvis, collar bone, cranium and the rib cage.

We are looking forward to seeing who will be the first Learner of the Week in 2017.

Week Ending 6th January

Welcome back and Happy New Year. Firstly, we would like to welcome Miss Blunt and Miss Hayden, who are joining Kandinsky class for a placement this half term.

We have already made an eager start to the year. During maths we have been learning how to work out the perimeter of a shape, and we are already finding that we are experts at the calculations.

During Science we have been learning about the human skeleton. We know that there are 206 bones in an adult skeleton, and that children have more.  We had great fun drawing round someone and trying to add in all of the bones in the right places.

Music lessons have also began, and we shall be learning how to play the recorder as a class. We have already mastered A and B notes.

Week Ending 2nd December

During English this week, we have continued with our preparation for writing to different authors. First, we planned our letters, then we made sure they were laid out correctly, finally we wrote our letter during the Big Write. We still need to edit our letters before we write them up with super neat handwriting, and then they will be ready to send.

We have learnt two different ways of multiplying numbers this week, the Smile Method and also the Grid Method. We thought that we were very good at both methods, but we are not so sure about our parents who came for a maths lesson.We recommend that all of our parents keep practising.

History was fantastic, we have been learning about Stonehenge, how the stones were moved all the way from Wales and how it was built. The people who built it must have been very strong as they pulled the stones  to the south of England on logs. We worked out the stones weighed more than 4,000 children. We are still are not sure why it was built, we think this may remain a mystery.

Our Learner of the Week, for last week, was Matilda.

Week Ending 25th November

This week in maths we have been using column addition to solve word problems, we are all becoming experts.  We were introduced to a new method called Bar Model, which we are using to solve addition and subtraction problems.

We have had an exciting week in English as we are preparing to write a letter to an author of our choice.  We have thought of many questions, and have been doing some research to make sure that our questions are interesting and can give us some new information.

Design and Technology has been interesting, but a little tricky. We are sewing a soft toy from the Stone Age.  We have had lots of needles that needed to be re-threaded.

For the Bar Model activity only, we are allowed to use a calculator if we need to this week for our Mathletics, as we are concentrating on the process of solving problems, rather than the answers.

Our Learner of the Week, for last week, was Mila.

Week Ending 18th November

In Maths we are doing column subtraction and some of us are learning to do it with hundreds, and maybe even thousands! Can you work out 714 – 569? (We can.)

In English we’ve been looking at different authors, especially Julia Donaldson. Most of them rhyme and lots of them have animals – some of us like this and some of us don’t. Her most common illustrator is Axel Scheffler. Lots of us like The Gruffalo.

In Science we learned about how soil is formed. We read a story about Roger the Rock and how he turned into Simon soil.

Our Learner of the Week last week was Oliver.

Week Ending 11th November

Following last weeks Maths, we have been learning how to draw and correctly label bar charts from information given to us in a table.  We have to remember to give our bar chart a title and the x- and y-axis both need labels too. It is important to have the same size spaces between the  bars on the chart and to number the y-axis accurately.

We have been reviewing books this week, and some of our favourite books are ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’, ‘Rhyming Rabbit‘ and ‘Captain Underpants‘.  We are able to recommend an interesting book to our friends now.

Science has been interesting and a little bit smelly! We cut 15 hard boiled eggs in half, so that we could investigate what the inside of the world looks like.  The yolk represented the inner and outer core, the albumen (white bit!) was the mantle and the shell was the crust. We discovered that the core and the mantle are really, really hot, and the core is made of metal. We were a little surprised about this.

Our learner of the week, for last week, was Ashleigh.

Week Ending 4th November

We started the week with our Stone Age day, it was amazing.  We dressed up as Stone Age people, we learnt about the timeline from Ice Age to the Iron Age.  Mr Burfiend and Mrs Mayes were interested to learn that there was a Copper Age too. We drew round houses, we hunted woolly mammoths and deer on the field with our sticks, spears and bows and arrows. We also used rocks to grind wheat into flour, for a Stone Age Bake Off. Some of us may need to practice our Stone Age skills if we want to eat!


During half term Jimmy Bear went to Stonehenge, and he sent us a letter about his adventure.  We have been looking at how to write a formal thank you letter, there are lots of important steps that we need to use to ensure that we set out our letter properly and have a polite ending.


Maths has been tricky, we have been learning about tables and pictographs. Handling data is not always as easy as you may think, although we were very good at making a table to show the different colours of skittles.

It is our turn this week to talk about our class artist, Wassily Kandinsky, during celebration assembly. We discovered that he painted pictures to show what he thought music would look like. He also played the piano and the cello.

31st October 2016 – Year 3 Stone Age Day

Week Ending 21st October

During maths this week we have been learning about 3D shapes. We can identify their faces, edges and vertex or vertices and had fun playing the guessing the shape game against our table.

We have discovered that we are very good at performing poems. We can perform Roald Dahl’s ‘The Crocodile’ from Dirty Beasts, in many different ways. We practiced using our voices to change our volume, speed and emphasizing  some of the words. Some of us were quite scary!

As well as being excellent performers, we are also amazing composers.  In small groups, we composed bars of music by clapping different rhythms  using tea, coffee, lemonade and coca-cola as the beats.

Last weeks Learner of the Week was Tino Payne.

Hope everyone has a great half-term. Remember to dress up from the Stone Age for our Stone Age Day, on Monday 31st October.

Week Ending 14th October 2016

We have had an exciting, but challenging week in maths learning how to put time in to different orders from shortest to longest, this was quite tricky because Mr Burfiend asked us to sort out 100 seconds, 2 minutes, 1 hour and 40 seconds. We also learnt a poem in Maths to help us…

30 days have September, April, June and November. All the rest have 31 excepting February alone, which has 28 days clear and 29 each leap year.

Music was fantastic, as we clapped pulses and made rhythms.  We had to go outside for this lesson as it would have been too noisy in the class!

Our Learner of the Week for last week was Harry Negus.

Week Ending 7th October 2016

This week in English we have been finding out about non-fiction texts.  We have researched and planned our own non-fiction text about the Stone Age, for our Big Write.

During Maths we have been learning about shapes and how to describe them.  We played a Yes/No game with our partners to guess the shape.  We managed to guess Mr Burfiend’s shape in eight questions.

The best lesson this week was Science, where we made sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks out of chocolate. Making metamorphic rocks was the most fun, as we used our hands as the pressure from the earth above and the heat from the centre of the earth to change the chocolate rock into a metamorphic rock.  We even got to eat the metamorphic rock!

Our learner of the week last week was, Nate Woodmore.

Week Ending 30th September

We started of our week by going to the Harvest Festival service in church, where we read our class poem to the rest of the school. We would like to share it with you, we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Our Adventure of the Harvest Tale

The seeds are scattered on the ground
The wind is blowing all around

The scarecrow frightens the birds away
They’re all gone, everything’s OK

Crops are growing very high,
And they’re growing day and night.

The wheat is swaying slick like a snake
Then is cut and ready to bake

The scrummy wheat is safely cut
The tractor takes it to its hut

I like to use the golden wheat
To make myself a sugary treat

It will soon be ready to bake
A yummy, yummy chocolate cake

Cut into slices and put in a bowl
Gobbled and swallowed and eaten up whole

Covered with cream and custard too
And I made it just for you
Now the harvest party is through.

Earlier in the week we returned to the Stone Age for our Topic, and acted out a story about a cave woman called Oomoo, we used this to help us plan our Big Write.

During maths this week, we have been learning mathematical words to use to describe shapes. We now know what horizontal, vertical, diagonal, parallel and perpendicular lines are and have found lots around the school. We discovered that a better way of describing a corner of a shape is to call it an angle, and are working hard to identify acute, obtuse and right angles.

Science has been really exciting, we have investigated different rocks to see which was the hardest, by trying to scratch the surface with a plastic rod, a metal knitting needle and a penny.

Our learner of the week last week, was Izzy Fullam.

Week Ending 23rd September

We have had a busy start to the year. We have organised our classroom and named our tables Sedimentary, Igneous, Metamorphic, Erosion and Fossil.  We chose these names as we are learning about rocks during our science lessons.

We have had an exciting time in English, looking at setting descriptions and improving our sentences to make them the best we can. We have used these skills to write our own class poem for Harvest Festival next week. We can’t wait. Mila, Kyle and Ella said that English has been fun, enjoyable and that the poem is excellent.

Mr Burfiend introduced us to column addition in maths, and we have discovered that we are all pretty good at it. We are able to add tricky numbers together, where we have to include carrying in  our calculations too.

Our learner of the week last week, was Kyle.