Language Enrichment

01 Oct 14

Thank you to everyone for their huge efforts on European Day of Languages. It was lovely to see everyone dressed up in the various costumes from around Europe. The children started the day in assembly sharing the countries they had chosen with the rest of the school.  We continued our learning throughout the day  completing various activities, including factfiles, flags, traditional costumes and interesting facts.

At lunch we were treated to four different European menus: German, Spanish, Italian and of course our French menu as designed by Joseph Moulson. Thank you so much to Mrs Bigg and her team for a huge effort as always.

In the latter part of the afternoon we shared all we had learnt with our partner class.

I had a great time going round each individual class to talk about what they had learnt and to take lots of piccies.


EDL 084

EDL 102IMG_2429

29th September 2014 – Linguascope website
European Languages Day – Friday 26th September.

We all came to school in dress from European countries

1409 - European Day 1

1409 - European Day 2

1409 - European Day 3

Trying European Foods at dinner time

1409 - Dinner 1


1409 - Dinner 4  1409 - Dinner 3

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