Happy New Year!

We have made Origami butterflies, frogs and cranes. We were given a set of instructions and had to follow them by ourselves, we found this really hard but it was also great fun. Following instructions will help us with our tests and when we go to secondary school.

Lily has really enjoyed learning about how to solve algebra style questions.

‘At first I found this really tricky but now I have got the hang of it and I really enjoy it.’

Agatha has loved writing our free verse poems because they are exciting and loves the fact that there are no rules to stick by and that you just have to make it as exciting for the reader as possible.

Keira has loved the skills sessions we have in an afternoon. ‘Yesterday got to go with Miss Burns to help me with rounding, they are really helping me with things that I wasn’t sure about.’

Calum has enjoyed creating Anti-Bullying Posters. We are creating them because they relate to the text that we are reading, they are fun to make and relate back to our learning in Englosh.



Amelia enjoyed Lily and Calum’s quiz on Wednesday afternoon, it really helped her to consolidate her learning throughout the week.

Agatha liked learning about the Charleston in PE, we watched different videos and were able to make up different dance moves to put in to our own Year 6 Charleston dance.

Lily enjoyed learning about 3D shapes, she really enjoyed finding the faces, edges and vertices of different 3D shapes and matching these to their nets. Keira also enjoyed maths liked using resources to create the nets to match the 3D shapes.

Tia liked creating our propaganda posters after the sinking of the Lusitiania.

Megan learnt lots about the Lusitania, 4 of them are:

  1. A millionaire lost his life during the sinking.
  2. 128 Americans lost their lives.
  3.  It sank on the 7th May 1915.
  4. It was torpedoed at 7:33 by a German U-Boat.



Kirsty enjoyed learning how to find missing angles, we learnt that there are 180° in a straight line, in a triangle there the angles add up to 180°, and around a point they add up to 360°. Agatha liked exploring the different ways to find the missing angles using all our arithmetic knowledge.

Noah loved English (because I got Learner of Week in my writing), we were writing a setting description in the trenches during WW1, we got into character and imagined what it would have been like in the trenches. Keira loved being able to share the descriptions so that we could pinch each others ideas to improve our writing.

Ellen adored creating the leaflet front covers for the France trip, it was fun to draw everything that we did so we can share it with the year 5’s to persuade them to go to France.

Ellis, Sam, Callum and Calum played at a football tournament, they thoroughly enjoyed it because you got to play many matches against different schools. Overall we came 3rd. Well Done Buckden!!

13th October 2017 – Year 6 study guides


We have been learning about Tag Rugby in PE with Miss Lizell, Callum enjoyed playing the game and was pleased that he scored a try.

Tia loved our gymnastics lessons, she liked going on the high horses and travelling in different ways. Katy enjoyed it too and practicing her leap frogging skills over the horses, as well as the jumping off them in different ways.

Keira liked learning about the soldiers of WW1’s kit, we compared British, German and French soldiers uniform. She said that she would have preferred the British uniform as it had more protection and were camouflaged into the surroundings.

Megan enjoyed English because began to write an introduction about Buckden School and was proud of the language that she used in her paragraph. Agatha liked writing the persuasive text too. Sam enjoyed spending time in the France and Buckden teams getting ready to produce our persuasive leaflets for next years year 6.

Ellen enjoyed finding the greatest fraction, she particularly enjoyed solving the fraction fluency questions in yesterday’s lesson.



22nd September 2017 – Church Schools Day


Louis really enjoyed writing our Biography’ on Edith Cavell because we researched planned it for a long time and I found out many interesting facts about her. Callum Young achieved Learner of the Week because he write such a fantastic one!

Keira liked learning about how to find the mean, median, mode and range of a set of data, we loved using smarties for an investigation.

Megan enjoyed the Cafe Quiz, as we get to do loads of questions based on SPAG, maths and reading.

Calum, Ellen, Amelia, Katie and Callum have enjoyed their first week as Sports Captains, and the House Captains have enjoyed collecting the housepoints across the school, and announcing the results in assembly.


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