Meet the staff

Below is a  list of the staff at Buckden Church of England Academy:-


Headteacher : Miss A Anderson

Michelle H
Deputy Headteacher
: Mrs M Heather

Assistant Headteacher : Miss L Conlong

Rebecca Bliss

SENDCo : Mrs R Bliss

Mel Anderson
Mrs M Anderson

Chris Burfiend

Mr C Burfiend
Mrs N Butcher
Miss R Burns

Laura Fozzard
Miss L Fozzard
Mrs E Masters
Miss B Meadows
Mr J Palmer
Miss R Pope

Kate Purser
Mrs K Purser
Mrs S Romaine
Mrs S Tarpey
Miss C Wetzel

Kate Woodward
Mrs K Woodward


Sports Coach/ B.O.S.S. Manager

Lizell Heather
Miss Lizell

B.O.S.S. Playleaders
Mrs A Dobbie
Mrs Lisa Hawkins
Mrs Yvonne Holl
Mrs Cynthia Hope
Mrs Sue Humphries

Teaching Assistants:

Karen Brightman

Mrs K Brightman
Mrs K Collins

Michelle D
Mrs M Dunford
Mrs R Forshaw
Mrs M Gill

Yvonne Holl
Mrs Y Holl

Michelle K

Ms M Kelly
Ms A Lyness
Mrs Carolyn Mayes
Mrs K Pyke-Milne
Jane Ryder
Mrs J Ryder

Sue Smith
Mrs S Smith

Admin Staff
School Business Manager : Mrs H Triance
School Administrator: Mrs Carol  Mayes
School Receptionist / Resources Administrator :
Mrs J Marsh

ICT support : Mr M Horsman

Kitchen Manager: Mrs M Bigg
Catering Staff: Mrs T Atkins, Mrs A  Dobbie, Mrs S Humphrey, Mrs D Stewart

Midday Coordinator: Mrs Sue Smith
Midday Supervisors: Mrs J Bond, Mrs C Cheung, Mrs K Collins,
Mrs Cummerson,  Mrs E Hartley, Ms M Kelly, Mrs J Marsh,
Mrs K Solyvev
Site Manager: Mr C Skelton
Cleaning Staff: Mr C Burton, Mrs K Burton, Mrs K Soloyev


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