Kate Woodward

With both my parents being teachers I guess I followed in the family career path. I gained my BA Hons in Primary Education at Northampton University and went on to teach for 3 years at a school in Bedfordshire. During a wonderful holiday to Australia myself and my now husband made the decision to emigrate to Australia. A year later we were living in Brisbane along with our dog who also made the journey. Initially I worked in childcare whilst studying for a second degree which was required to teach in Queensland. I then got a position teaching in an international school. Very different especially when a snake invaded my playground duty and using the golf course for our PE lessons! Home sickness kicked in when our first child was born and after 5 years we returned back to the rainy but familiar UK. Having a second child I found myself lucky enough to job share in a reception class for 3 years whilst raising my children. As my two moved into preschool and then school returning to work full time was a priority. I started at Buckden as the Early Years Coordinator and CLLD coordinator in 2011. I have really enjoyed getting to know the children and colleagues, it is a really lovely environment to be in.

My interests include going to the gym, being a Crazy Skater at St Neots Leisure Centre, spending time with my magical family and going on holidays.

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