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February 2018

It has been a busy term in Year 6, but we’ve had lots of fun!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Science has been really exciting this term as Miss Burns has been filming our lessons! We have been focussing on group work,  building trust within our groups and improving our reasoning vocabulary to help us debate ideas. We have been on a bug hunt, designed our own organisms for extreme environments and built protective structures for ‘woodpecker brains’! Have a look at our pictures.

In maths, we have explored algebra, ratio and measurement problems (tricky)!

We absolutely love our new text in English, ‘The Song From Somewhere Else’; it is very mysterious and we’ve enjoyed coming up with weird and wonderful predictions as to what will happen next. Our favourite lesson was when we listened to strange music and created abstract pictures, using pastels. We have also had lots of opportunities to show off our acting skills.

Have a good half-term!


Hollie has really enjoyed making pompoms in art, for our class Christmas tree.

Helena has loved planning our WW1 adverts – we just love performing! Filming them was particularly fun, they look very professional.


In English, we have been doing lots of drama, we performed scenes from ‘Stay Where You Are and Then Leave’. Rhys feels he made a sassy Granny Summerfield. Chloe thought that acting really helped her write a fantastic diary entry for the main character, Alfie.

We have included some photographs of our drama and a picture of Isaac’s homework (he has made Alfie’s house, which we all think is really impressive).

Elizabeth enjoyed the shadow experiment in science, “It was really fun to explore shadows ourselves!”

We would like to say congratulations to everyone in reception-we loved your play (very cute)!



Isaac really enjoyed doing ‘all that weird dance stuff’ (we have been learning the Charleston).

Nellie and Helena have loved learning about the Lusitania in our Topic lessons, and finding out lots of facts for their newspaper articles next week.

Eleanor thought the LED lights in science were really fun, we learnt how light is reflected, using mirrors.

We found sharing our experiences about the France/Buckden week with Year 5 great fun, we hope we’ve persuaded them to go/stay!

Today has been very cosy; we have enjoyed wearing our ‘onesies’, whilst supporting Children in Need.




We all have loved dissecting a pig’s eyeball.

“It was a gooey, icky, sticky, watery, gelatinous little eyeball!” described Rhys.

“The gooey black substance inside was like treacle,” exclaimed Helena.

Elizabeth really enjoyed her Big Write this week, writing an exciting story, set in the WW1 trenches (I also got my cast off, hooray).

Ruby loved decorating poppy biscuits and selling them to younger year groups.

Rhys liked performing drama on Friday afternoon, demonstrating the mail system of WW1.

We also loved dancing in P.E.; we have begun to learn the Charleston. Isaac also liked football this week, it was super fun!

Hollie enjoyed working with Miss Pope on world spinners.

All of Mendel class wish Miss Burns a happy birthday for tomorrow.




13th October 2017 – Year 6 study guides



Our favourite thing this week has been art, we have been very creative preparing our Christmas cards (you can purchase these shortly) and sketching soldiers. Hollie has really enjoyed drawing and labelling her WW1 soldier in Topic, whilst Eleanor and Helena have enjoyed feeling festive.

Nellie and Elizabeth have loved getting physical (cue the music) during Rugby and Gymnastics this week.

Rhys would like to express how much he has loved everyone returning from France- “It was very quiet when everyone was away,” declared George.

In English, Elana liked planning her persuasive leaflet with Jovanna.

Science was ‘electrifying’ on Wednesday, when we built our own traffic lights.

“This week was amazing, having everyone back to talk to!” exclaimed George.



‘Mendelaeus’ Week of Fun

This week, when half of Year 6 were in France, the rest of us had a very exciting time filled with a host of activities. Read our diary entries below to discover more (there are also lots of pictures to enjoy).

Monday 2nd October


Today I went blackberry picking with school; it was hard because all the best ones were at the back where we couldn’t get to, but great fun. Most of the class went off really quickly with Mrs Ryder, while me, Helena, Callum and Hollie stayed behind with Miss Burns to get as many as we could.

When we came back to school, we made apple and blackberry crumble by layering fruit and sugar, then sprinkling crumble on top.


It was such a fun day, I got stuck in brambles! Ellis and I mostly chatted (as well as picking blackberries).

Tuesday 3rd October


Dear friend,

I am having a great day so far, we did felting (which sounds strange, doesn’t it?) You basically have a huge piece of bubble wrap and place thin pieces of white wool on it, then spray with window cleaner.


After break, we carry on (groan…it’s hard work) but we listened to music (bonus!).


I came in and saw this man called Clive, he is a WW1 specialist (he knows everything). It was really interesting. I will see you tomorrow, ready for Ely!


Dear Diary,

Today it was a lovely day, very calm and relaxing, but interesting too. I really enjoying learning to felt poppies and abstract pictures, they turned out really well. During the rolling stage Miss Burns played music as we rolled for two minutes.

Wednesday 4th October


Dear Diary,

Today I had soooooo much fun going to Ely Cathedral. We had drama, singing, autograph signing and dance workshops. It was all set around an Indian theme. My favourite thing was Bollywood dancing; we got to try on some Indian clothes such as a sari or sparkly waistcoat. On the way back, Mrs Ryder let us watch a movie on the bus.


Thursday 5th October

Hollie Bail

Dear Diary,

Today we began by making a traditional trench cake. The ingredients sounded disgusting (vinegar) but it actually tasted delicious. After that, we went on a brilliant bug hunt-I caught a flat worm and loads of millipedes. We got to sketch them in detail by looking at them under magnifying glasses. After break, we did an army training camp; I found it so hard to get through the netting!


Boy, it’s been an exciting week-I need a nap! Today, Year 6 were very creative; they made natural paints out of berries and spices (our classroom smells ehhhh natural…). We then created sunset scenes and added WW1 silhouettes. To end our fabulous week we decided to treat ourselves to a chocolate fondue- a huge thank you to Ibraheem for bringing this in, and to Ellis for the massive bag of marshmallows.

chocolate y6

See you all next week!


This week was a week filled with poetry.  Elizabeth enjoyed planning and writing her WW1 poem. They were all absolutely brilliant and we especially liked Louise’s repetitive phrase, ‘Accept that I am gone’ and how she changed it subtly at the end to, ‘Accept that we are gone’. Louise was really pleased to be awarded Learner of the Week for her poem. On Friday, we decided to have a bit more fun with our poetry and everyone enjoyed performing silly poems for each other.

Ruby thoroughly enjoyed our walk around the village to sketch WW1 memorials. We added these to our silhouettes in our sketch book (“Yay!” squeaked Jovanna).

Our Sports Captains: Helena, Nellie, Joe and Louis, have enjoyed planning their first Interhouse, which will be tag rugby. Louis and Joe would like to remind everyone that this is taking place on the 19th October 2017-get excited.

We are feeling pumped about the upcoming week, when some of us will be travelling to France, and the rest of us will be doing all sorts of baking, trips (blackberry picking) and artwork.

Bon Voyage everyone!




22nd September 2017 – Church Schools Day


This week we have enjoyed writing our Edith Cavell biographies- we were really proud of them, our hard work was definitely worth it.

In maths we learnt how to find the mean, median and mode. Our favourite lesson was on Wednesday when we got to practice this with Smarties; Miss Burns let us eat them afterwards (yummy).

In Topic we looked at WW1 propaganda and loved designing our own posters to encourage people to join the men at the front.

Our House Captains really enjoyed collecting all of the house points and announcing the weekly winner in Celebration Assembly.

Ibraheem and Ruby enjoyed their first office job, helping our office ladies get leaflets ready for the church service on Monday.

Lots of hard work, but lots of giggles too! Have a wonderful weekend.