23rd June 2017

Talk Homework- Talk about family gatherings in your house. Do you have any traditions? Do you visit any places of worship?

We’ve been to the zoo, zoo, zoo!!!!

What a brilliant, if a little hot, day we had. We got to hold stick insects and cockroaches and saw so many interesting species including a big group of meerkats who were very similar to our class. Cheeky, busy and very funny.

We used our visit to inspire us to write our own versions of ‘Dear Zoo’. We are looking forward to sharing these with the new Reception children during transition week.

In maths we have been working on number bonds to 10 and using number lines and ten frames to help us visualise this.

Izzy has loved creating a puppet theatre to add to our beach role play and has been putting on Punch and Judy shows with her friends. Finn enjoyed our RE lesson where we have talked more about friendship and drawn lovely pictures of our friends with adjectives to describe their qualities.

16th June 2017

This week has been all about the History of seaside holidays. The children have learnt many facts about what it used to be like including that you could get arrested in Victorian just for looking at someone who was swimming in the sea! We decided holidays now have much fewer rules and are a lot more fun.

In maths we have been looking at 2D flat shapes and learning more about 3D solid shapes. We got a little confused initially over a Mexican and a hexagon and a cylinder and a cucumber but have sorted this out now.

We have also been considering what makes friendship so important and special as part of our RE studies. The children chose to write to their best friends saying thank you and explaining why they were such wonderful people.

Today we enjoyed making sugar free gelato and then sharing it with the whole school for part of healthy eating week. We all got to taste many other yummy healthy food from all around the world. The Argentinian sandwich filler was particularly spicy. It was very impressive how all children were brave enough to try new things. If your child particularly enjoyed something they may have bought home the recipe.

9th June 2017

This week we have turned our outdoor classroom into a beach. We have a paddling pool, beach hut, travel agents and sand. We have all been building boats as part of our science project. Some of them were successful but the cardboard ones were great to begin with until they got very soggy and sank.

In maths we have been counting in multiples of 2, 5 and 10. Lots of us are now very confident in this.

We all loved the special science assemblies. Seeing so many experiments was incredible.

19th May 2017


We read a wonderful story called ‘Super Worm’ . After this story we read lots of non fiction books and used google to find out facts about Worms. We all created brilliant posters. We also have set up a wormery having searched for worms on the field.

In maths we have been finding out about number bonds to 10. Some children even managed to solve bonds to 20! We have also used the minibeasts to create and solve number problems like 2 ants were in a hole, 2 more came, how many now?

For RE we have been comparing the Christian and Hindu creation story. It was surprising how many things were the same.



5th May 2017

Talk Homework- What is recycling? How do you recycle in your homes?

We have loved the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle this week. We used it to learn about the life cycle of the butterfly. The children read the book and made there own life cycle records. Also the children made amazing versions of the hungry caterpillar story during their independent learning time. We used the story to solve maths problems too like working out how many things the caterpillar ate at the weekend.

In RE we read the story of Adam and Eve. The children have been considering all the wonderful things that God has created.

During nature schools we visited the pond and dipped for creatures and did some wonderful observational drawings of the area.


4th May 2017 – Reception Summer Term Newsletter

21st April 2017

Finn says ‘birds’ is what we have been learning all about this week. We used the internet and non fiction books to find out about our favourite bird and wrote about them.

We had a wonderful Easter celebration at the church with Rev Jes on Tuesday. The children really enjoyed singing ‘Risen’.

In our nature area we searched out bugs. We found lots.

Grace has enjoyed counting in 2’s using scratch garden’s 2 song on you tube. All week we found halves of things and William did this very well with some playdough shapes.

21st April 2017  – Paxton Pits final details
1703 – Visit to Paxton Pits

31st March 2017

Happy Easter!!!

This week we really enjoyed watching the Year 3 and 4 show. It made us laugh a lot. We have completed lots of Easter activities including retelling the Easter Story, making patterns and looking at symmetry with Easter Eggs, making bunny baskets and off course hunting for bunny eggs. The children shared them out very fairly amongst their groups, counting very well. We have also created Top Trump cards for our super heroes testing out our speed, strength and throwing skills.

Thanks to all those who joined us for our Super Hero dance and learning journey sharing. We hope you enjoyed it.

17th March 2017

Time has been a hot topic this week with us exploring days of the week, stop watches, clocks, calendars and more. In phonics we have started learning about consonant clusters.

We used the mud kitchen to make more super hero potions and have loved looking at non fiction books including a visit to the KS2 library.

Not forgetting Science day today when you all looked amazing. We tried so many experiments out including magic painting, building spaghetti structures and making gloop.

10th March 2017

Rhyme Time!

We have been rhyming words all this week. We made our own poem about some of the children’s super hero characters including Super Mia is super fast, She never ever is last!

Our maths has been learning about subtraction and counting back. The children have playing lots of games to help learn how to do this practically and many have also started to write subtraction number sentences. We have also been using 10 frames to help with our counting and calculations.

To celebrate heroes in the community, Mrs Jolly visited us to talk about being a nursery nurse. She showed us the sizes of the premature babies she looks after. We also did lots of activities about how to keep healthy and how to wash our hands to prevent germ spreading.

Our super hero dance is coming along very well and we now have a chorus sequence of moves.

In nature schools we continued learning about spring time and made colour rainbows.

3rd March 2017

Super Daisy Week!!!


It is unbelievable how much we have achieved this week. Using the story of Super Daisy as inspiration we have written brilliant onomatopoeia words and made our own comic strips. In maths we have had lots of activities which involved estimation and counting.

World Book day was celebrated by sharing our own favourite stories with Van Gough class. The children loved this and so much chat was had about authors, stories and illustrations.

In our class assembly we have been taking on Lent challenges suggested by the diocese of Ely. We have been learning about how important water is and had a water carrying challenge to appreciate how hard it is if you don’t have a tap to get water from.

In nature schools we looked for signs of spring and created some beautiful observational drawings. We have also made potions and labelled them with what they do to you, explored magnets and made Mondrian inspired paintings.

3rd February 2017

This week has been all about The Three Little Pigs. We have read the story and acted it out with a wonderful wolf costume. Everyone has written a speech bubble for either the wolf or the pigs using excellent phonics skills and key word spellings. Some children carried out an investigation to see which items blow away and which won’t. We used the scales to weigh and compare straw, sticks and bricks and discovered that the heavier the item the less likely it is to blow away.

The story also inspired some art work. Have a look above.

In phonics we learnt oa and or. We missed a sound this week as we had the school nurse visit but shall catch up next week. In RE we have learnt about traditions in Hindu wedding ceremonies and we have talked about falling out and making friends in our circle time. This prompted a lot of badge making for friends to say thanks.


20th January 2017

Talk Homework- Using the story of Three Billy Goats Gruff, talk about first, second, third.

We have been working hard at measuring this week. We have compared the sizes of things and linked it to the story of Goldilocks. The children have measured ribbons using standard and non standard measures and got very excited when they found the very long ribbon and used a metre stick.

We have learnt ai, ee and ng in phonics and have been putting all our phonics skills to great use writing sorry letters, character descriptions and mini story books.

During nature school, we pretended to be dragons and played a game called ‘Dragon’s Lair’.


13th January 2017

Talk Homework- Use the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears to talk about small medium and big.

Today was very exciting because of the snow. We took our daily flapper session which strengthen our arms and shoulders outside so we could catch as many snowflakes as possible with the flappers. It was great fun.

All week we have continued reading different versions of the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. It has been amazing to hear how the stories are all so similar yet have small differences. The children have acted out the story, made puppet pal shows, sequenced and written character words to describe Jack. We even had a go at writing a letter as though we were the giant. We got crafty and made threaded harps and beanstalk collages. We also had a newspaper beanstalk challenge working in small groups to try and create the tallest beanstalk in 20 minutes. Outdoors we made an obstacle course to represent the beanstalk right the way from the fence to the castle.

In maths we have been counting and sequencing digits to 20 including completing incomplete number lines. We have also introduced our learn its 1+1, 2+2, 3+3.

Indoor PE has been making circles in our movements with everyone creating and performing a sequence of 5 movements.

On top of all that we have learnt the digraphs sh, ch,  and th.


6th January 2017


Despite it only being a 3 day week we seem to have achieved an awful lot. We all shared our excitement about Christmas gifts, outings and family time then created a lovely picture with labels.

In phonics we have started learning the digraphs and began with qu.

Our new theme for the half term is Once Upon a Time… and this week we have read ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We are using puppets and costumes to act out the story. We have also used PuppetPals app on the ipads to start creating our own fairy stories. Jack has been our main focus, thinking about his characteristics.

In PE we made wide and narrow shapes both on and off of the apparatus.

We have also been whizz kids in maths, having read the story ‘ How many beans make five’ we made calculations to total 5 then because we were so good went on to make 10.img_1330

9th December 2016

Talk Homework- Can you retell the nativity story?

Wow, what a performance we put on. ‘Christmas With the Aliens’ was incredible. We are all so proud of ourselves. What with all the acting we haven’t had as much time to read, do key words and learn new phonic sounds this week but we will continue next week.

We have all sewed this week and have done very well with this intricate task. We have also all written those all important letters to Santa and learnt about the numbers 19 and 20.

For a special treat we got to visit St Mary’s church to baptise baby Jesus with Rev Jes. The children watched as the cross was marked on his head with water. They also asked very thoughtful questions about God, Jesus and the church.

2nd December 2016

John has enjoyed writing cards for Christmas in the post office this week. We changed our role play area into a Santa’s Grotto. Grace won the competition to make a star for on top of our tree.

Felix enjoyed searching for hibernating animals.

Cayden liked learning j and making jelly, Finn liked learning w and using streamers in the wind.

Charley-Mae remembered we had learnt 16,17 and 18.

25th November 2016

Talk Homework- What is a Baptism? How is it celebrated?

Road safety has been a focus this week in our class. The children have created some wonderful posters, some of which are hanging in our outdoor classroom. We used or zebra crossing, bikes and road signs to act out how to stay safe by roads. Indoors, we made road tracks with small world pieces and demonstrated what we had learnt about holding hands to cross at a crossing, looking left and right. We also completed a traffic survey which tested our counting and recording skills.

We have learnt the numbers 13, 14 and 15 too this week. We are really enjoyed the ‘numbers in their teens they start with a 10’ rap.

On Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving. We made cookies, read the story and made paper craft Turkeys. Watching the Macys Parade was so colourful. It was great to hear all about the feast Americans have with their families on this day. It reminded us that Christmas is on its way. With this in mind, we also lit our first advent candle in our class wreath. It represents hope and we discussed our hopes.

11th November – Reception Nativity Play

18th November 2016

Talk Homework- Please learn your play lines and practice reading them nice and loudly.

Today was Children In Need day. The class all looked amazing in their spotty clothing. We loved our biscuits too. We used shapes to decorate pictures of Pudsey Bear.

On Monday we visited the church for a wonderful Remembrance Day event. We loved hearing the Warhorse song.

Cayden has remembered that we learnt the digits 11 and 12.

In phonics we have been playing lots games with our Phase 2 sounds including bingo, noughts and crosses and writing captions for pictures.

We have spent a lot of time rehearsing something special and top secret.

11th November 2016

Talk Homework- We are going to be creating a post office role play area. What items should do we need to put in it and how can we play with it? Any donations welcomed!

This week we have revised d, r and e in phonics sessions and also started writing captions. In maths we have been counting backwards and finding 1 fewer than a given number. We made rockets and counted them down to lift off!

We created a wonderful whole class fireworks dance to the 1812 overture. When you come in to visit for our next show and share session we will show you the video of it.

In Spanish we learnt verde- green. Jose our Spanish puppet is very impressed with how we are remembering all the colours.

We also read the story of Moses in the Bulrushes and made musical instruments in our nature school session.

Today has been all about commemorating Remembrance Day. We had a two minute silence together and watched a lovely video on cbbc about poppies. The children enjoyed playing in their own marching bands and check out our amazing poppy inspired art below. Mrs Dunford also bought in some fabulous artefacts from her family including a war medal, photos of her grandparents in uniform and a letter which was nearly 100 years old!

4th November 2016

Talk homework-How do fireworks move to put into a dance next week?

This week we celebrated Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes. We have learnt the history of the celebration and built our own bonfire and made a guy.

We used pumpkins to practice hammering and screwing. This has really improved our fine motor control.

Mia remembers that we have used Fi Fi the frog to hop on one on the number line. We even wrote +1 calculations.

Harvey remembered that we learnt l and licked lollies and learnt double sounds at the end of words ss, ll and ff.


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21st October 2016

A whole half term done already!!! This week we learnt h, b and f in our phonics lesson. We have also been working hard to sound and blend words in our reading.

In maths we have learnt the vocabulary of size. We compared heights and weights of dinosaurs and made a bank of size vocab. We also measured out a T-Rex on the playground.

Today we had a Diwali day. We danced, created and heard the story of Rama and Sita. It was great to learn about another culture.

14th October 2016

We have learnt u, e and r this week. The children are beginning to put the sounds together well in their reading blending carefully.

On Tuesday we had a surprise visit from a T-Rex, triceratops and a velociraptor. The children all made Wanted posters to warn the school of the invasion. Fortunately Mr Chris found them and sent them away so we were all safe again. Our posters had saved the day and we are super heroes.

We have learnt number 10 this week and also been number hunting around the school.

7th October 2016

Talk Homework- How big is a T-Rex?

This week we have begun our topic of Dinosaurs. We have converted the playhouse into a Dinosaur Museum and have been palaeontologists finding bones in the sand pit to piece together. We have explored colour mixing green and made lovely dinosaur skeletons with cotton buds.

In maths we have learnt 8 and 9. We are starting to sequence digits too.

In phonics we have learnt g o c and k. Several children have started to write simple words which is just so exciting.

23rd September 2016

Talk Homework- Your child will be bringing home a paper bag with their photo on it. Please could you help them to put in it things which represent them. Several children have already started putting in drawings of their favourite things. Please just be aware that whatever you put in is not guaranteed to return so nothing too special thanks.

What a brilliant week it has been. The children are now well into learning how to read. This week we learnt p, i and n. We all did our first big write too writing what ‘I can…’ do. Louis shared that he can suck up noodles!

In maths we have learnt the numbers 4 and 5. We wrote the digits and know that number 5 has a straight back, a fat tummy and a hat on his head.

In gymnastics this week Stanley astounded us with some amazing poise and control. During nature school Rhys found the most amazing helicopter seed and Mia, Grace and Charley-Mae have created the most beautiful paintings of their families.

16th September 2016

Well, we have started our phonics lessons this week. We have learnt sS, aA and tT. We made snakes for s, hunted for ants for a and played tennis for t. We even learnt how to sound and blend sat and at. Additionally we have started to learn the key words I and can.

Mia was very proud of the collage picture she has made of her face.

Kai and Emily have enjoyed learning the value of and how to write 1, 2 and 3. Check out our number 3’s below!

The best part of today was going out in our welly boots and puddlesuits to splash in the puddles with Miss Hearth. If you haven’t already bought your child’s in please do so so they don’t miss out on this fun.

Talk Homework- What have you enjoyed most after your first few days in school?

This week we have been making lots of friends. All the children asked and answered questions about themselves to get to know each other. We created a friendship web to see what we all have in common.

Everyone has painted a beautiful picture of themselves and written their name. We will put a photo of the display on here next week.

We have also looked at numbers to 5, counting and matching with the correct digit.

Amazingly we all settled so well we even went into an assembly with Mrs Jaynes. We were so well behaved.

What a brilliant start!!!