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5th May 2017 – Reception and KS1 visit to Shepreth
4th May 2017 – Year 1 Summer newsletter
24th February 2017 – ‘No Longer Needed Box’

18th November 2016 – Christmas Nativity Lights Camel, Action

Welcome to Year 1, Monet class.


What a lovely beginning to our year we have had. We have been extremely busy with all our new learning and very excited to be year ones.

We have enjoyed our break and lunchtime, playing with friends, old and new.

In English we have been learning about lists and made a list of materials to make our own model train.

We have found out about lots of different types of materials in Science and explored what some objects are made out of.

We have been recapping our alphabet in Phonics ,with the focus sounds j,w,v and x. With the keywords I, go, no, the and to.


Talk homework: To talk about different types of transport and the materials they are made out of.

Daily reading

Spellings to go home on a Monday and tested on a Friday.

Mathletics – To be completed by Tuesdays please.

PE days are Wednesday and Fridays – Please ensure your child has their full PE kit in school everyday due to timetable changes and weather.

Please ensure clothing is clearly labeled and they have a water bottle everyday.

Kind regards

Monet class and Mrs Romaine : )




Mathletics homework this needs to be done on a weekly basis online. Your children have a log in stuck in their reading diaries.

Daily reading please sign in your childs reading diary when you have read at home.

Spellings this week are focusing on the y, z, zz, qu and keywords to, said

Talk homework Talk about your favourite books and your favourite part of the story.

In English we have been learning about instructions and we followed our very own instructions on how to make a yummy jam sandwich, which we ate for our snack. We have been practicing our handwriting every morning and it is looking fabulous!

In topic we have been learning about differences in old and new, trains, planes and automobiles.

In Spanish we have been learning key vocabulary that is used for greeting each other in Spain, such as Hola (Hello), Gracias (Thank you) and Hasta Luego (see you later).

Have  lovely safe weekend.

Monet class and Mrs Romaine : )




Talk homework -To talk about how cars have changed over time.



Daily reading

In English we have been learning about forming capital letters and learning about the story structure, the beginning, middle and the end.

In Science we have tested materials, finding out which materials would be suitable for making our own boat.

This week we have met in our buddy groups and we are very excited to make a new shield.

We met buddy in a NSPCC assembly and he taught us that everybody should feel safe.



Talk homework: To talk about what two numbers can make 10.

Daily reading

Spellings – These are differentiated in what focus sounds the children have been learning that week and two key words.

Mathletics – please ensure your child logs on weekly and completes the online Mathematics homework.

This week we have been very busy again and loved performing our Harvest poem, at the Harvest festival service in church on Monday.

In English we have written our first ‘big write’ stories and Mrs Romaine has loved reading them.

Please can you save any clean recycling that can be used in class to make a boat.

Monet class and Mrs Romaine : )______________________________________________________


In Science we have started to construct our boats, a big thank you to all of the children that have brought in resources. We hope they all float when we carry out our experiment.

In Mathematics we have begun to learn about subtraction, after finishing our first addition unit. We will be learning to subtract by crossing out objects, using numberbonds, counting back and making subtraction stories.


Daily reading

Talk homework – to talk about what high and low pitch is in music.

Mathletics – due Tuesday

Spellings –  these will be linked to the children’s target of learning to spell numbers zero to twenty.

Have a lovely weekend

Monet Class and Mrs Romaine



Talk homework – To talk about who the children feel their trusted adult would be if they needed help.

In English we have been learning about stories set in other cultures and we have been looking at the book Handa’s surprise. We have discussed the differences we have seen in the text, comparing them to where we live and tried some of the different fruits found in the story such as, mango and pineapple to write a description of them using lots of adjectives.

In Mathematics we have been continuing to learn about subtraction, using pictures to help us solve problems.

We are looking forward to testing our boats in Science next week to see if they float or sink, also testing if the materials we have chosen are good in water.

In Topic we have furthered our learning of transport, in looking at the transport artist G S Cooper, creating our very own interpretation of his work.

Monet class and Mrs Romaine : )



We have had a good start to our new half term.

Our new topics are:

Light and Dark in Science

Toys in Topic

In English we have been learning about writing a recount text and in Mathematics we have been learning about positional language (1st, 2nd, 3rd, next, in between, right and left).


Talk homework – Please bring in your favourite Non-fiction text to discuss the features of non-fiction texts.



Daily reading

Monet Class and Mrs Romaine




Talk homework – To bring in a toy (not a precious one or electrical) to go in our pretend Year one toyshop.




In our topic we have been drawing old and new toys and designing a poster to advertise our shop.

In Science we have been learning about light and dark and exploring chalks and pastels to create a firework picture, on black and white paper to compare the difference.

In Mathematics we have been learning addition, in counting on from ten and grouping ten to count on.

In English we have designed our own non-fiction front cover and have enjoyed learning about all of the non-fiction features.

Have a lovely weekend

Monet Class and Mrs Romaine : )________________________________________________________________


We have been very busy learning our songs for our school play. Everyone has their costume letter in their reading folders.

In English we have been learning about poetry and starting to add alliteration.

We have made our very own toy shop and we are very excited to use our maths skills and communication skills to make it a very good place to shop. We have made price tags for all of our toys and put up our advertising posters.

In Spanish we have started learning some of the alphabet.


Mathletics: Please complete by Tuesday


Please read daily

Talk homework – Talk about how we use technolgy at home.

Monet and Mrs Romaine : )



Homework –


Daily reading


Talk homework – Talk about what you are doing in our play.

We have been very busy getting ready for our Christmas play, please bring in your costume ASAP if you haven’t already. Thank you for those who have already brought them in.

In English we have written our own shape poems and they were all fantastic.

In PSCHE we have been learning about the importance of friendship.

Monet class and Mrs Romaine



We have been very busy with our learning this week. In English this week we have been looking at the story of Little Red Riding Hood and alternate versions. we have done this through watching clips of the film Hoodwinked, where the children have been detectives trying to piece together the clues to work out who the Goody Bandit is. Isabella in particular has enjoyed this

Grace has enjoyed learning all about tens and ones in Maths, looking at two digit numbers and comparing them by using Place Value.

In our topic work this week we have continued learning about rain forests. Emma said that she really enjoyed learning about macaws and painting her own Scarlet Macaw.


Mathletics: Please complete by Tuesday

Please read daily

Talk Homework: Discuss what the five senses are, when we use them, how and why.

Monet and Mr Palmer


In English this week, we have finished looking at the film ‘Hoodwinked’ and the children have started to write this as a story. We have also looked at ‘un’ words and what effect this prefix has.

During our PE lessons we have been learning how to Charleston which has been complicated but great fun, Terry and Summer in particular enjoyed this. Adam however preferred learning about Rugby in their outdoor PE lessons with LIzell.

We have started looking at subtraction in our Maths lessons this week as well as finishing off learning about the different ways to represent numbers up to 40.


Mathletics: Please complete by Tuesday

Please read daily

Talk Homework: To retell your favourite traditional tale.

Monet and Mr Palmer

3rd March 2017

This week the children have continued their topic of ‘The Rainforest’ and in English we have created poems based on rainforest animals, we have then turned this into a song by amalgamating some of the children work to the tune of row your boat.

In Maths we have been looking at written problems for addition and subtraction. We have learned about the word ‘difference’ in maths and we have also looked at number bonds using the bar model.

We have had our final week learning ‘the cup song’ and have worked really hard the last couple of weeks to try and get this even better.

Mr Palmer and Monet Class

10th March 2017

In Monet class this week

In English, we have started looking at writing letters and what goes into them, the children have heard the story ‘If I ran the rainforest’ by Dr Zuess and using that we looked at the different layers in the rainforest and discovered who lives there, including humans. As a class we have decided to write them a letter and the children have thought about the sorts of questions they could ask them.

We have started looking at multiplication, in Maths, by finding equal groups. The children discovered the difference between rows and columns and how they can use these to help them work out simple questions.

In computing the children have started a project where they will be learning about stop start animation. They have used the iPad to create their own backdrop through different use of colours and types of media.

Monet Class and Mr Palmer


 21st April 2017

This has been a wonderful start to the Summer Term all the children have come back ready to learn. To start the week off in Maths we have been looking at Fractions focusing of halves and quarters of shapes. the children have found this very interesting and have loved exploring them in different shapes.

In English the children are really excited to be reading Rapunzel where they will eventually be writing the story themselves. So far we have looked at the characters and sequenced the story.

To start the term off in Science we have all planted our own sunflower seeds and have been watering them waiting for them to grow where we then use them to look at the parts of flower.

Monet Class and Mr Palmer

28th April 2017
The children have found this week very exciting.

In English, we have finished looking at the story of Rapunzel and the children have written their own versions of the story and most of them have some very lovely descriptions.

In Maths we continued looking at fractions but this week we have looked more at finding fractions of numbers.

We started this week with our new topic of ‘Beautiful Buckden’ and we kicked this off by looking at different kinds of maps and identifying features of creating our own maps of our classrooms.


Monet Class and Mr Palmer

19th May 2017

This week in Monet Class the children have demonstrated a great enthusiasm to our learning.

In Maths we have been learning to tell the time to the hour and half our which has been great fun and I’m so proud at how quickly they have picked it up. We have also been looking at the terms; before, next and after. what they mean and also sequencing events into an order and using these words.

In English we have started looking at ‘The Gruffalo’. We have created our own monster and story from this using lots of fantastic adjectives.

We had a wonderful Topic lesson based around ‘Beautiful Buckden.’ We found our way to Buckden Towers using compasses and maps to help guide us. Once there we explored the knot garden and learned lots of interesting facts about the history of Buckden and the significance of the Towers themselves.

Monet Class and Mr Palmer

9th June 2017

What a wonderful week back we have had in Monet Class this week

In English we have started looking at poems and learned and performed one.

In Maths we have been finishing off looking at time. we have done this by looking at calendars, seeing how they work and what information they give us.

But the big high point of this week has been the Science. On Tuesday and Wednesday was the schools Science days. IN Money class we made different sized paper helicopters and tested to see which length allow the helicopter to stay in the air the longest. The children found this great fun and brilliant learning experience. They had to be like Scientists and conduct record and present all their findings. It was an amazing couple of days.

Monet Class and Mr Palmer

23rd June 2017

This has been a very long week for Monet class.


In English we have planned and written a diary entry all about our Key Stage Trip to Shepreth Wildlife park.


In Maths we have looked at volume and capacity. We have looked at  what the words mean and what vocabulary we use when describing them. We have learned a lot even if Mr Palmer distracted us by accidentally spilling lots.

In Science we are so excited to see our Sunflowers grow. They are taller than us now and some are nearly as tall as Mr Palmer, One of them we can even see yellow petals coming out. We measured them using string then found lots of different ways of measuring them like using socks.

But the most enjoyable part of the week was our trip to Shepreth Wildlife Park. It was an incredibly sunny day which meant lots of the animals were sleeping but we were able to see the meerkats and the tiger that was sleeping right next to the glass. We really enjoyed learning about the different types of animals in the rainforest and seeing how they felt and how much they weighed.Monet class and Mr Palmer