Mrs Michele Simpson

My name is Michele Simpson and I have been working at Buckden School for 10 years.  I am a qualified Teaching Assistant working in Year 1 and a Key Worker.  I also help at lunchtimes and offer training to those who would like to be play leaders.  My role during the school day is to work alongside the class teacher, and to adapt lessons to the needs of individual children and small groups.  I also run several Intervention Groups which are phonics based.  One of the Intervention Groups, ELS (Early Literacy Support) offers six children further help and support in a fun and enjoyable way.  I have great pleasure from seeing children progress in their learning.  I am also employed as an Extended Schools Co-ordinator for after schools clubs and this role is to make sure all children who attend after school clubs are delivered to their parents safely at the end of the clubs. 

During my time at Buckden I have completed the following training : First Aid Course, Team Teach, which is positive handling strategies,  Behaviour Management and an ICT course.  In the Summer Term I run a multi-skills club for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children which involves practising basic sports skills.

I am a fun and approachable operson and enjoy being part of a great team at Buckden School.

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