Evelyn Glennie, the world famous percussionist, describes music as ‘our daily medicine which aids far better communication with others and ourselves’.  As the children progress through Buckden CE School they have many opportunities to experience this for themselves through singing, composing, listening, performing and appraising. 

 Our music curriculum often links with the theme for the term giving children a different way to respond to what they have learnt.  We have a range of tuned and untuned percussion instruments which the children explore in whole class and small group lessons.  Making recordings of the children’s compositions gives them the opportunity to comment on their own work and the work of others. 

 The school offers individual and small group instrumental lessons through the Cambridgeshire Music Agency and independent peripatetic teachers.  There is the opportunity to learn the violin, guitar, drum kit, piano, clarinet, flute or saxophone.  Parents pay for these lessons termly and there is often the opportunity to borrow an instrument from the school.

Buckden is a singing school with plenty of opportunities for children to take part in singing, drawing on a very wide repertoire.  A weekly whole school singing assembly gives regular opportunity for learning new songs with many children leading actions and parts. 

There are also two singing clubs which are held after school.  The Sing Song Club is for children in Key Stage 1 whilst Buckden Voices is open to any child in Key Stage 2.  Children from these clubs have performed at a number of events both in and out of school.



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