Nicola Povey

I originally did some of my training at Buckden and was very pleased when a job came up here. I trained on the 4 year BEd Primary course. I thoroughly enjoy teaching at Buckden and love the supportive working atmosphere as well as the appreciative children.

In my spare time I enjoy being crafty (but not in the bad sense of the word!) I enjoy making my own cards, painting and drawing. However currently I find it hard to have spare time as I am also planning my wedding, which is very exciting!

My fiancé and I recently moved nearer to Buckden and are enjoying this part of Cambridgeshire. We especially enjoy getting out of the house whether it is on foot or possibly on the bikes.

My favourite colour is Teal as I’m a bit in between blue and green. But I love all bright and vibrant ones as well.

I have a big love of animals and there was no question that my two guinea pigs would move in with us. Last year we also decided to get two kittens to join our family and they are real characters that keep us and the neighbours amused.

Kira and Kai

Kai and Kira

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