RE Day – 26th February – The Lord’s Prayer

26th February was our whole school RE day, on the theme of The Lord’s Prayer. There were lots of different activities in school and in St Mary’s church. These are some of the highlights:

Our Father, who art in heaven….

  • Some of us drew pictures of people who care for us, and others looked at our family tree.
  • We thought of God as creator and the wonder of the universe by trying to identify some mysterious close-up pictures of grains of sand, veins of a leaf, a dog’s nose…


Hallowed be thy name…

  • Some of us in KS2 were able to do some find out about the names for God used in the bible and the ideas and images used to describe God.
  • We also created prayer trees in school, adding leaves for people we wanted to pray for.
  • We made a wordle out of the words in the Lord’s Prayer

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…

  • world in our handsIn KS2 we had the chance to make pom-poms out of green and blue wool; these ‘worlds’ were fragile and difficult to make, and they took a long time so we had to be patient, and felt like a risk, especially the bit when the loops were cut and we took the cardboard rings off.
  • writing on the globeWe all wrote ideas for what God would want the world to be like on brown paper globes – peace, kindness, fun, love, friendship, helpfulness, ….
  • praying for the worldWe covered a huge world map with prayers written on sticky note prayers, praying for all the places and people in the world that most need prayer and help.
  • LLLLWe chose actions from Love Life Live Lent to do either during the RE day or when we got home.

Give us this day our daily bread…

  • Making cheesy people of GodEveryone cheesy people of Godmade  cheesy scones shaped like ‘The people of God’ – a reminder of the story of  the people of God spending forty years in the wilderness, and how God fed them each day with fresh ‘Manna’ from heaven.
  • raisin challengeWe all spend some time very slowly eating a raisin and spending that time thinking about all the ways that God blesses us each day.
  • We learned some different ways of saying grace, and thought about how lucky we are to have enough to eat and drink – we thought about children in other parts of the world who don’t have enough.

Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us….

  • sin binWe used the always popular ‘sin bin’ to name and shame the things we have done wrong – we wrote the things we were sorry about or that we think are wrong with the world, on pieces of paper and put them in the bin to show that we want to say goodbye to them for ever.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil…

  • DSC_0642We all got the chance to go into the ‘dark tent’ – we enjoyed the time alone and in the quiet and peace, but also a chance to think about our fears and worries.
  • Some of us made paper candles to think about light in dark places.


We had the opportunity to do artwork all the way through the day – we used pens and pastels to create pictures about bits of the Lord’s Prayer.

We loved going to church, and we loved having lots of different things to do – there were links with science, and chances to think about lots of things.
We also learned how to sign most of the Lord’s Prayer and we’d like to learn how to sign the last part too.

We really enjoyed making the cheesy people of God, and eating the raisins, and making the pom-poms.

It was good to link some of the Lord’s Prayer with Lent.

The whole day ended with collective worship in Church, which was led by the Collective Worship team.  Revd Ally challenged us to write our own prayers, and some of us read them during collective worship.

By popular request, here is the recipe for cheesy people of God, from Revd Ally:

Use half the amount of fat (butter or margarine) to the amount of self raising flour, and mix them together, rubbing them between your fingers til the texture is bread-crumby. Then add a generous amount of finely grated cheese – if you use mild cheddar you need more than if you use mature cheddar, but I reckon that if you use a pile of grated cheese that was about 2/3 the size of your original pile of flour, it will taste lovely. Mix the cheese in. Then add just enough water (hardly any at all!) to enable you to make it into a stiff dough. Then, sprinkle some flour on a clean surface so it doesn’t stick, and use a rolling pin (also with flour sprinkled on it) to roll the dough flat (ideally about 3mm thick, but it doesn’t really matter). Use a cookie cutter to cut out people shapes, and put them on a greased baking tray. Cook them in a pre-heated oven (gas mark 5-6 ish) for about 8 minutes or until they look done – they should be just turning golden, but not brown. Then let them cool down a bit, then eat them! They’re nicest when they’re still warm.

I did a batch using 200g SR flour, 100g spreadable butter, and 100g cheddar, and they were really nice. Using an 8cm person-shaped cookie cutter, these quantities easily made 30 ‘people’.

A different variation would be to omit the cheese and instead add ginger and caster sugar to make them into ginger biscuits. Everything else is the same in the recipe.

I’ve also made these using gluten-free self raising flour and dairy free margarine and with the ginger and sugar instead of the cheese – for people with wheat and dairy intolerance.

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