Residential Visits

During their time at Buckden Church of England Academy pupils have two opportunities to go on a residential visit.

Year 4
Our Year 4 children have the opportunity of going on a residential visit to the Hilltop Outdoor Centre, Sheringham, Norfolk. Hilltop is an independent outdoor education centre with many years experience of working with school groups.  The site is based in Sheringham, North Norfolk.

During this visit, the children will take part in curriculum based activities on the River Glaven and coast as well as taking part in various activities including teamwork, communication and problem solving. Structured activities will be organised for the evenings. All food is prepared and cooked on site with fresh ingredients – the school will be involved in selecting our menus for the week.  All food allergies/intolerances can be catered for.  The children will be staying in purpose built accommodation in small bedrooms.

For more information about Hilltop please go to

Year 6
Our Year 6 children have the opportunity to visit Criel-sur-Mer, Normandy, France.  The children will be travel on a coach, which will stay with them for the whole week, and cross the English Channel via Eurotunnel.  They will stay in a traditional French chateau in a French coastal village.  The accommodation is in small bedrooms and three meals a day will be provided.    All evening entertainment/activities are also provided.  The chateau, which has a gated entrance and perimeter fencing, is a safe and secure site.

The chateau is a perfect base from which to explore the region and give the children experience of life in France. They will visit the historic towns of Rouen and Dieppe,  the World War 1.  They will also take part in tasting the delicacies of French cuisine as well as some team building activities on site.   The visit will enable the children to practise their French language skills and will also compliment the work being done in the classroom.

Please go to and go to centres: Chateau de Chantereine for more information about the area we will be staying in.



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