Residential Visits

Residential Visits for 2014/2015
Wherever possible we try to provide pupils with opportunities to enrich and extend their learning through visits out of school and bringing visitors into school. We try to arrange visits in connection with the topics children are studying or invite experts or performers into our school. At Buckden we recognise the enormous benefits and value of children taking part in residential trips. At present, the following residential trips are offered:
Year 4Kingswood Centre, West Runton. Norfolk
A visit to a centre for three day, two nights enabling the
children to experience outdoor activities.
Year 6Kingswood Centre, Criel-sur-Mer, Normandy France
A residential visit staying in a chateau in Northern France run by the Kingswood group.  The chateau is the perfect base from which to explore the region.  Whislt in France we will visit the World War 1 battlefields, the Nausicca Centre in Bologne, the town of Rouen and a cheese and chocolate making facility.  We will also be taking part in some activities on site.
Each of the residential visits has a focus to enrich the children’s educational developement and the children who participate in the visits come home with many memories, as well as newly found skills.

Details for the visit for 2014 and 2014/2015 are below.
Please click on the appropriate link:

Year 4 Residential Visit to West Runton Norfolk – May 2015

25th November 2014 – Residential visit to France 2015

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