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Talk homework for this week is:

Talk to your adults when you are having a meal about the 5 different food groups.

All the children in Franklin class have worked super hard this week!

In maths we have been looking at ways of showing data. We made a class pictogram and bar chart showing jobs that the children wanted to do when they were older. Georgia said, “I liked doing maths because we got to build some bar charts.”

In English we have read The Tiger Who Came To Tea, and thought of some fantastic adjectives to describe the tiger. Isabella said, “I liked English because we did a big write about the ‘Tiger Who came to Tea’ and ‘Not Now Bernard’.”

In RE the children continued looking at the Creation Story from the bible. Charlotte W said, “I enjoyed painting a picture for the 6th day of creation in RE” and Ruby said, “This week I enjoyed RE because I liked making models.”

We have learnt about the different food groups and healthy eating in Science,  and the children designed a balanced meal on a plate. Ethan said, “I liked it when we learnt about balanced diets in Science.”

In one of our PE lessons the children practiced their catching skills, and also Valarie said, “I liked today when we played rugby in PE. We played rugby stuck in the mud.”

Another busy week in Franklin! Have a lovely weekend!





Talk homework for this week is: 

Talk to your adults about the three main things animals need to survive.

We have had a busy week in Franklin class!

In English we have continued reading Not now Bernard and written an alternate ending for our Big Write.

We have also been working really hard in maths to solve some tricky problems, and also ordering numbers that are getting gradually bigger! We have also been looking at how we can represent tens and units using dienes.

IMG_1465 (1)In topic we have been exploring the Polar Regions, and have compared the weather in Antarctica and Buckden. The children had a go at making their own weather forecasts and we all enjoyed watching them. A few children wanted to go on a class trip to Antarctica however we later decided it would be a bit too cold!

Everyone in Franklin class has been trying really hard this week, and are well and truly settled in.

Have a great weekend!