School Parliament

The School Parliament represents the views and ideas of all the pupils at Buckden. It is made up of a group of children selected from each class.  The class is asked to vote for two pupils, one girl and one boy, to stand as their School Parliament representatives at the start of the school year.   They attend the School Parliament meetings held once every two weeks on a Wednesday afternoon.  During the meeting they are given an agenda which has been developed by the Year 5 or 6 representatives, in conjunction with the staff leader.  The items on the agenda can originate from the pupils themselves, staff leaders or even the Headteacher or Governors.  Ideas and suggestions are put forward by the children themselves and decisions are then made and shared with their classes. Some of our achievements from last year include;

  • Developing our new playfort by meeting with FOBS and using an online planning tool.
  •  A Friendship Bench has been installed and painted.
  • Help with training the new CHIP (Childline in Partnership) team.

Members of the School Parliament are:-

Year 1    Isabella,  James,  Charlotte,  James

Year 2     Violet,  George,  Beatrix,  Sebastian

Year 3     Charlotte,  Tyler

Year 4      Evie,  Sam,  Kylie,  Charlie

Year 5     Katy,  Noah,  Elizabeth,  Callum

Year 6    Tabitha,  Emily

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