More Able, Gifted and Talented

As part of the aims of our school, we strive to promote the development of each individual and foster their talents.  We recognise that there are some children who may have additional needs because of their abilities and maintain a register of these children as they move through the school.  More able children are those who have high ability in one or more subjects in the statutory curriculum – children displaying exceptional abilities in these subjects are classed as gifted.  Talented children are those who have exceptional abilities in art and design, music, PE or performing arts such as dance or drama.  (Excellence in Cities Guidance)

It is primarily the class teacher’s responsibility to ensure that the curriculum is planned to ensure that the more able children do continue to be challenged through enrichment and extension.  However, we

do provide additional small group enrichment opportunities for our gifted and talented children and also encourage them to partake in extra-curricular events and opportunities.

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