SEND (Special Educational Needs)

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Update          October 2014

Information included in this Newsletter:

  • The Revised SEN Code of Practice
  • Education, Health and Care Plans
  • The Local Offer
  • Who can help with SEND Matters? 

You may have heard in the news recently about the reforms which have been made to the SEN Code of practice. This is the ‘ALL CHANGE’ document which tells schools and other places of education what their legal duties are in supporting children and young people with Special Educational Needs.

This update explains some of those changes and how they will affect children and their parents at our school.

As SENDCo it is my role to ensure that our school is following the SEND regulations as well as establishing consistency of practice across the school. I liaise with personnel in external agencies and other schools to support and advise on SEND matters.

I do hope that you find this information informative and helpful.

If there is something which you would like more information about then please drop into our school office and leave a message for the SENDCo ~ if it is something that all parents would benefit from advice on I will try to include the information in the next newsletter.

Rebecca Bliss

SENDCo Buckden CE Primary School


The Revised SEN Code of Practice 0 –25
The main aims of the changes which have been made are to ensure that:

  • Children’s SEN are picked up early and support is put in place quickly;
  • Staff have the knowledge, skills and understanding to provide the right support for children who have SEN or are disabled;
  • Parents know what they can reasonably expect their local school, college, LA and  local services to provide, without having to fight for it;
  • Aspirations for children and young people are raised through an increased focus on life o ut com es, in cludin g employment;
  • For more complex needs, an integrated assessment and a single Education, Health and Care Plan are in place from birth to 25; and
  • T here is greater control for parents and young people over the services they and their family use.
  • The New Code of Practice came into force on 1st September 2014.

Education, Health and Care Plans
All local authorities working with their partners must publish in one place information about the services they expect to be available in their area for children and young people aged 0-25 who have special educational needs and /or disabilities (SEND). This is known as the Local Offer.

Statements of Special Educational Needs (SSEN) are being replaced by Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP).

Where pupils already have a SSEN these will continue to run as they are. The county has published a timetable for moving these over to EHCP’s in the next 4 years. If your child currently has a statement you will receive a letter in the near future explaining when in the next few years their statement will be changing to an EHCP.

All new requests for assessment will be carried out using the new county paperwork for requesting an EHCP assessment.

If it is decided that your child needs this kind of sup p or t, it will b e discussed with you and all decisions will be made by everyone supporting your child.

The Local Offer
The local offer is a ‘front door’ to information from education, health and social care about the provision that is available for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and their families.

Cambridgeshire’s Local Offer can be found at: nfo/20136/special_educational_need s_and_disabilities

Who can help with SEND matters?
If you are concerned about your child, you should in the first instance speak to their class teacher. The Class Teacher will then liase with the SENDCO and the Parents to ensure the child’s needs are being met. However, the SENDCO can also be on hand to offer advice and support to Parents directly. My details are listed below should you need to contact me directly.

Rebecca Bliss
01480 810241


We are determined to meet the educational needs of all of our pupils. The school caters for the needs of all pupils with special educational needs and disabilities with or without statements.  All teachers plan, set and mark work which is appropriate and relevant to the individual needs of the pupils. The Special Needs Co-ordinator is responsible for overseeing assessment and provision.

Pupils with special educational needs are encouraged to become increasingly independent and take responsibility with the school.  Inclusion at Buckden is about providing equality of excellence for all in order to promote the highest possible progress and achievement.  It also ensures that we recognise and celebrate the differences that exist amongst us, that we treat all people fairly and that we strive to eliminate discrimination wherever it exists.

We aim to include and engage all pupils and to prepare them for full participation in a diverse society. The aims and values of our school are designed to ensure that we meet the needs of all, taking account of gender, ethnicity, culture, religion, language, disability, age and social circumstances.

Please open the document to understand the timescales when suppoarting children with additional needs.
March 2014 – SEN Timetable for children with Additonal Needs


Please find below our SEND Parental Handbook

SEN Information Report 2015-2016

SEND Policy 2015

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