Staff Responsibilities

Many of the staff at Buckden School have additional responsibilites apart from their classroom responsibilities.

Every teacher who is fully trained is responsible for a specific subject area.  The responsibility of the subject co-ordinator involves ensuring the resources needed for teaching their subject are available.  The teachers may also attend courses linked with the teaching of their subject to be kept up to date with the latest learning resources and strategies.  They also conduct staff training to pass on the latest curriculum updates and strategies for teaching their subject.

Listed are the specific responsibilities each member of staff is focused on:

Miss A Anderson 
Senior Leadership Team
Child Protection
Gifted, Talented and More Able Co-ordinator

Mrs M Heather
Deputy Headteacher
Senior Leadership Team
NQT Induction Tutor
Trainee Teachers Induction Tutor
Collective Worship Co-ordinator

Miss L Conlong
Assistant Headteacher
Senior Leadership Team

Mrs H Triance
School Business Manager
Senior Leadership Team
Administrative Team Leader

Mrs M Anderson
Modern and Foreign Languages Co-ordinator

Mrs R Bliss
Senior Leadership Team

Mr C Burfiend
Maths Co-ordinator

Miss R Burns
Science co-ordinator (Key Stage 2)

Mrs N Butcher
Religious Education Co-ordinator

Miss L Fozzard
Key Stage 2 Team Leader
English Co-ordinator

Mrs E Masters
Music Co-ordinator

Miss B Meadows

Mr J Palmer
Arts & DT Co-ordinator

Mrs K Purser
PE Co-ordinator

Mrs S Romaine
CLLD (Communiation, Language, Literacy Development)

Mrs S Tarpey
Key Stage 1 Team Leader
Science Co-ordinator

Miss C Wetzel
ICT Co-ordinator

Mrs K Woodward
Early Years Co-ordinator
PSHE Co-ordinator
School Parliament Supervisor

Mrs J Marsh
School Receptionist
School Resources Manager

Mrs C Mayes
School Administrator
Educational Visits Co-ordinator
Support Staff Governor

Miss Lizell
Sports Coach
PE Co-ordinator
PPA cover
B.O.S.S. Out of School Club Manager

Mrs S Smith
Teaching Assistant
Midday Supervisor Co-ordinator

Mrs K Collins
Teaching Assistant
First Aid Supervisor
Sensory Circuits Supervisor


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