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12th May 2017 – Year 5-6 Sex Ed lessons
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28th April 2017  – Year 5 Safety Zone
3rd February 2017 – Year 5/6 Swimming

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15th June 2017

Welcome to our class blog. 

By Calum .M. and Callum .Y. ( the baby van goghs )

BREAKING NEWS: Van Gogh class have another thrilling week !

MONDAY: We all came into class ready for a new week. After assembly we practiced our pantabulous play called Pantastic. A.K.A Peter Pan!

After break and having a small bite to eat we had an amazing maths lesson where we learnt about how to use calendars well and time. E.G time tabling your days out .After lunch and playing outside for an hour we started singing and learning many songs for Pantastic. We also had Topic and we started our new theme of creation where we read a text that made us reflect on the world and then we shared our thoughts.


TUESDAY: On Tuesday 8 athletic boys and 8 athletic girls  ( Callum Y ,Calum M, Louis D, Joel I, Joe L, Ryan P, William C, Jake M, Ellen D, Nellie P, Rosie L, Ava D, Emily A, Helena D, Lucy M, and Georgia C ) all got selected to participate in athletics competition which included vortex, 75m sprint, standing long jump and 600m run where Emily came in 1st place . We still unfortunately haven’t heard about the results yet. WE ARE KEEN THOUGH! Meanwhile, back at school they were learning: English-indirect speech.  Maths-time  and   Play practice in the afternoon. Why did the chicken cross the road? Because he needed to finish it’s 600m run for the incubating charity! ( That’s right. We even learnt about incubating.)

WEDNESDAY: In English today we wrote direct sentences and then turned them into indirect sentences. We also completed time table in our table out on the field. During Science we learnt about the life cycle of a chicken however, if we were to write all of that out now then we would be stuck in a cycle of explanation. Afterwards, we got a chance to complete a life cycle of an animal of our choosing. We then learnt and went through more of our Pantastic play PANTASTIC.

THURSDAY: In another exciting lesson of English today, we completed a comprehension sheet on climate change with a supply teacher named Mrs Ratheb ! At the end of the lesson she gave out 5 housepoints to every child for their hard work .Soon after that we had P.E and this term we are practicing our gym stances and moves. Some are finding the hand and head stands impossible however with our AMAZING P.E teacher ,( Lizell ) we should be fine. Soon break came and then Maths where we were ordering small and large numbers. Talking about numbers, why was 6 scared of 7? Because 7 8 9! We practice our play once more after lunch.

FRIDAY: We have absolutely no idea what tomorrow awaits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry if you thought our jokes were too cheesy earlier on, but look on the bright side, get out some nachos.

Magna Carta Day
We all had a lovely day

1703-magna-carta-3           1703-magna-carta-2


Week beginning 6th February
Our Viking Prowheads have now come out of the Kiln and we love them, the glazes turned different colours in the kiln and are now really shiny, we love them. We hope you like the pictures.

1702-clay-2           1702-clay-1

1702-clay-3         1702-clay-4


We really enjoyed internet safety day, we learnt that photos can give people an impression, sometimes that impression can be bad. We also learnt that people can use pictures and change them which can sometimes lead to bad things happening. We created a presentation about all things we learnt on the day and presented these to the parents that joined us in the afternoon. We had a really great day.

On Friday a Knight will be joining us. He is bringing all his armour in and Miss Fozzard hopes that he will let us try different pieces of it on.

Week beginning 25th November
Thank you for all the parents that joined us for our Maths Learning Morning, we enjoyed teaching you the written methods we use for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We also enjoyed teaching you the bar model we use to help us with trickier calculations, like multiplying fractions by whole numbers. Aside from this, we have been learning represent data in a line graph, we have used journey times and distance away from the starting point to do this. It is really important to use the lines in our books to accurately plot the positions.

1612-van-gogh         1612-van-gogh-2

In English we wrote a story about an item in our pencil case wanting to quit, these stories were really funny, and we even included a letter within them.

We have been learning our Christmas Carols ready to perform on Sunday at the light switch on and at the carol concert on the 15th December. We are sounding rather fabulous!

Week beginning 21st November
We have a had a very busy few weeks, getting messy with clay, learning how to use Ordinance Survey maps, learning new Christmas Carols and learning about Crayons protesting against their owner. 

In English we have been reading the book ‘The Day The Crayons Quit’, we loved reading why they weren’t happy and no longer wanted to climb out of the box and be used. We wrote a letter from the perspective of one of the crayons, persuading our owner to stop using us for a while. They were really fun to write, and funny to listen to.

In Maths we have been learning about prime numbers, cubed numbers, factors and multiples. Miss Fozzard has been impressed at how quickly we  have learnt these new concepts and have been able to give advice to those who need help with them. 

In Science we have been learning about Air Resistance and Water Resistance. We now know why people  that race on bikes or in swimming pools make their clothing more streamlined, as this helps them go faster. We know that the larger the surface area of an object the slower it will go, this is good sometimes, like when you go Skydiving!!


Week beginning 10th October
Fractions, decimals and percentages: when Miss Fozzard announced we were learning about that in maths this week the room went silent. Very quickly we discovered that it wasn’t as scary as we first thought it was.

We have started using the phrase, I can and I will instead of I can’t. For all of us in the classroom this is really helping our learning.

Well done for learning all your poems so well! We have watched Michael Rosen perform some of his poem: I’m Tired and Chocolate Cake were the ones that we really loved. We wrote our own version of I’m Tired but replaced tire with hungry, friendly or happy. We then performed the poems to the rest of the class. The expression and creative performance that we gave made Miss Fozzard really pleased.

Have you ever heard of Danegeld? This is what the Vikings were given by King Ethelred the Unready to stop them attacking Britain. We learnt about it from a poem. It turns out that it didn’t really keep the Vikings out at all; they kept coming back for more and more money, which meant people had to pay more taxes, Ethelred wasn’t a very popular Anglo Saxon King!

Week beginning 3rd October
 Did you know that archaeologists dig the ground to learn stuff about history? We watched a video all about archaeology and learnt that if you dig far enough down, you can learn about how people through history lived. We looked at artefacts that were found from Coppergate in York. We learnt what the items were made out of, what they were used for and what it tells about the Vikings. We know they were great craftsmen, just by the items that we looked at.

We learnt how to find the area and perimeter of compound shapes, Miss Fozzard was really pleased to see that we could use the perimeter to find the area of the shape or use the area to find the perimeter. We also find the length of the different sides of the shapes from the information already provided.

In science, we set up an experiment to test evaporation. Some of us tested whether light, heat or the amount of salt affects the rate of evaporation. We will be looking at our results on Monday, as we have to leave them for a long enough amount of time to ensure that we can see a difference.

Week beginning 26th September 2016
We have had a fun week of learning, that has involved us completing two science experiments, a circuit training session to raise money for the NSPCC and more cake eating so that we can help raise money towards Macmillan Cancer Support.

In Science we have learnt how sieving and filtering can be used to separate materials and how some solids dissolve in water and that others don’t. We learnt key terms for dissolving, some of which are insoluble, soluble and a solute.

During our maths lessons, we have been learning to add fractions, we moved on quickly to adding fractions with different denominators, but Miss Fozzard was impressed at how quickly we got the hang of it. She was also pleased, that some of us were simplifying the added fraction total and were changing improper fractions into mixed numbers, without even being asked to do it!

Did you know that the only reason we know about what the Viking Invasions were like it because the Anglos Saxon Monks wrote about it? In England, during that period of time, no one else in England could write. We have been reading their accounts of the invasions that took place and think that they are a biased source as we only have one point of view. We read a great source during Guided Reading, that only talked about the Vikings as ‘Wolves’ or ‘Scot Scarers’ and we had to explain why the author chose to use that word. We explained that the Vikings were so fierce, just like a wolf could be.


Week beginning 12th September 2016
We have had a fun week learning all about Viking invasions, what they stole and understanding why they came to Britain. We looked at different artifacts that were used for invading and settling.

In science we have been testing electrical conductivity, we learnt that if it didn’t conduct electricity the special word for this is insulator.

In maths, we have been helping Bake Off contestants accurately measure the amount of liquid they would need for their recipes and helped them to convert between milliliters and litres.

We enjoyed writing our creation of the world stories, we included the audience by asking them questions and adding our opinions by using brackets

Week beginning