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What an exciting week this has been with our Key Stage Trip to Shepreth Wildlife Park!
We had a fantastic time and a very interesting talk about different species and habitats in the Discovery Centre. Many of the children were hands on, volunteering to hold a giant stick insect , a hissing cockroach and finally a corn snake. Their faces were an absolute picture.

English – We have been researching and creating some wonderful booklets about the animals we encountered . The children have discovered some amazing  facts which I am sure they will love sharing with you.

Maths- Our focus this week has been naming and identifying different 3D shapes. The children have looked at their different properties ; discussing the number of edges , vertices and faces. We have also explored flat and curved surfaces. Please look on the Mathletics Site for further activities.

We are all looking forward to Sports Day next Friday. Pleasure ensure your child has the appropriate clothing and a sun hat.


Another busy week! In English we have been sharing ‘Why the Whales Came’ by Michael Morpurgo.  A beautiful tale set on the Isles of Scilly.  We all enjoyed looking at a Map of the Isles of Scilly and discussing the different Geographical features.Our focus in our Literacy sessions has been writing character descriptions and instructions

We have continued to explore Volume in our Maths sessions. Comparing different containers and measuring in litres and millilitres.

As part of Healthy Eating week Warhol Class designed and made the most delicious Fruit Kebabs. The children also enjoyed trying some of the other delicious snacks made by the other Year groups.

Warhol Class are very excited about the Key Stage Trip on Tuesday. It will be a great day. Photos to follow in next weeks update.


This week we have been celebrating everything Scientific.
Warhol Class conducted an experiment called THE EXPLODING LUNCH BOX.
This involved mixing vinegar and soda powder in a lunch bag which caused a chemical reaction. The gas that was formed caused the lunch bag to explode.
The children then created a poster which they presented to other groups in the school.
We were fortunate to have a visit from the Science Royal Institute , who delivered a fantastic explosive food display for us.

In English we have been writing about a short film called The Catch. Experimenting with using different adjectives and punctuation. The children have produced some fantastic writing. Keep this up.

Our focus in maths has been Volume and Capacity . This has involved measuring in litres and millilitres and comparing the capacity of different containers.
Enjoy exploring some of the Mathletics activities which support this work.

Warhol Class has enjoyed reading George’ Marvelous Medicine by Roald Dahl.
Perhaps you may enjoy creating your own potions at home.








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Friday 21st October

English – We have been learning about compound words this week. We played a game of dominoes in small groups, where we had to match 2 words together to make a compound word.

Maths – In maths we have been looking at division calculations. We are beginning to understand that we must share numbers equally so that it is fair! Some of us got in a bit of a jumble recording division calculations but now we all know that the biggest number comes first (the opposite of multiplication).

Topic – We started to look at the different animals that live in the Polar Regions. We have started to research a range of animals and will be writing our own fact files after half term.

After half term we will be changing our PE days. Currently we do outdoor PE on a Wednesday and indoor PE on a Thursday. We will now be doing indoor PE on Mondays and outdoor PE will still be on a Wednesday.

Friday 14th October

English – In English all of our lessons have been based around life in a rock pool. We have been trying to use adjectives to make describing the setting as exciting as possible and we have also described 3 characters; Bertrum the Butterfish, Andrew the Anemone and Sally the Starfish. Next week we will be using everything that we have been learning to write our own stories set in a rock pool.

Maths – We have been learning our 5 and 10 times tables. We have then used what we have learnt to help us match calculations to picture arrays. Learning our times tables is also helping us to score more when we do our ‘Big Maths Beat That’ quizzes.

RE – On  Monday afternoon we went to the church. We have been learning about artefacts and what is inside a church so we wanted to see if we could find these things at St Marys Church. Unfortunately we got soaked on the way there but that didn’t ruin our learning for the afternoon.

Science – In science we had to make predictions using what we already know. We were blindfolded and had to guess the flavour of fruit juice that we were given.

PE – In our gymnastics lessons we have been thinking about points of contact and creating shapes with our bodies that we can hold still (without wobbling).



Friday 7th October

English – We have continued to learn about instructions this week. We had great fun on Wednesday morning making our own pizzas and making notes about what we did to help us on Thursday, as we had to write our own set of instructions for ‘How to make a pizza.’

Maths – On Monday we were learning how to add 3 numbers together – and hopefully we’ll remember to look for a pair that makes 10 before we add the other numbers. For the rest of the week we have been learning our 2 and 5 times tables this week. Today we played a game called ‘Hit the button’ which will help us learn our tables quickly.



Friday 30th September

English – This week we have started to look at a range of different instructions. First we went out onto the field and were thinking about how to give instructions and making sure that they were clear to understand. Then we evaluated a range of instructions and had to cut and stick one set so that it was in the correct order.

Maths – This week we have all worked really hard on our subtraction. Some of our lessons have been a little tricky but all of us have tried our best and can use one of the following methods. dscn3025dscn3026dscn3027

Science – We used the food diaries that we made last weekend to help us to sort food into 5 different groups. The groups are; milk and dairy, fats and sugars, fruit and vegetables, protein and carbohydrates.

Friday 23rd September

English – This week we have been looking at acrostic poems and writing some of our own about harvest. We shared ideas in groups and together we wrote our own.

Maths – In maths this week we have begun learning more strategies to help us with subtraction. We also went back and looked at our addition methods again to make sure that we know what we are doing.

Art – We have created some fabulous artwork this week which is now being displayed in St Mary’s Church. We drew some detailed sketches of fruit and vegetables and then used a mixture of watercolour paints and pastels to ensure that our final pieces were as life like as possible.

Topic – We have continued to look at weather reports this week during topic. We now understand the different symbols that are used and have written our own weather reports for Buckden.

Friday 16th September

English – This week we have been reading and listening to the story of ‘The tiger who came to tea.’ Today for our big write we became authors and wrote our own version of the story. We had to change the ending and use our imaginations to make them interesting. Also this week we have learnt the difference between common nouns and proper nouns.

Maths – In maths we have been adding and also using our knowledge of tens and ones to help us. We have all tried really hard this week, even when it has been a little tricky.

Topic – This afternoon we watched a couple of weather reports from this morning, looking at what information they give and how they do it. Then we worked together in groups to create our own weather forecasts for Buckden and Antarctica today.

Science – We looked at what humans need in order to survive. We now know that humans need; oxygen, water and food.

Friday 9th September

English – We have been reading the story ‘Not now Bernard!’ and we have been different characters from the story.

Maths – We have been investigating tens and units (or ones) and showing how much we know about different numbers. We also compared numbers using ‘Charlie the crocodile’

Topic – Today we have been using maps and atlases to find the Arctic, Antarctica or Great Britain